11 days and counting

Only 11 days till my due date…which means ANY DAY NOW. Que Emoncianante. In other news I’ve been reading Augustine’s Confessions. I’ve really been enjoying it. It’s not quite a “i think about it all day long and can’t wait till I have a second to read” kind of book, but I have read, and wanted to read, it every evening for the past week or two. For a book written by a guy who was born over a thousand years ago, it’s really quite good in that “fun to read” kind of way. Guess that would be due to the translator as well. Anyhow, I definitely recommend it. There was one line in one of the first few chapters where his mother was trying to convince some super smart priest to talk to Augustine (to try to convince him to believe), where the priest (who did not think a debate would help the state of Augustine’s soul) said to her (I don’t have the book in front of me, so this is Jenn’s paraphrase), “Leave me, surely the son of these tears will not be lost”. I tear up even thinking about it. That one got me. One of the big recurring themes in the book is how his mother continuously prayed for her son’s salvation. Didn’t come till he was like 32 or 33, but it did eventually come. Go mom.

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