2 thoughts on “1:37

  1. In the past four years, we’ve probably had 3-4 hurricane days where it really just rained heavily – nothing we don’t usually experience in a FL summer. I think they (the meteorologists, etc.) are afraid the one time they say, well, this doesn’t look too bad, the whole city will be hit with something horrendous, like we got in August 2004 with Hurricane Charley. Winter Park looked like a war zone. Our house lost two trees in the front yard – just snapped them like twigs.

  2. Hey has it been real bad your way? We had winds up to 58mph and some gushes at 70, but other than a couple of trees at a neighbors house losing it’s frawns (it’s a palm) and a garbage can next door blowing down not much of anything happened here. We have a few areas with some flooding, but even the rain didn’t seem to be too bad. Of course it’s still raining off and on. It started raining here at about 2 this morning. We did put up our storm shutters just in case only because we didn’t want to risk having to pay to replace a window. Oh well, better to be safe than sorry I guess.