2000 Honda Odyssey EX for sale

That’s right, you can now own a part of Burns family history. Our 2000 Honda Odyssey EX is up on the chopping block. I just spent way too long making a craigslist post and accompyining pictures page to give you any more details that that. You can check out the details HERE and view pictures HERE.

First one who is willing to pay full asking price, we’ll throw in a free year’s subscription to The Daily Burns.

(yes, I know it is already free… that’s what makes it funny.)

2 thoughts on “2000 Honda Odyssey EX for sale

  1. Just fyi to everyone, while i’ll miss a few features in the van (mostly the remote control doors), the avalon is way more fun to drive! it’s so….’zippy’. & the kids fit fine & can get in & out easy. so it’s not a major ‘sacrifice’ on my part.

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