Coffee Recantation

Ok… I must officially recant my former statements about World Cup. I was wrong (mostly). The parts about annoying music and scantly clad women still hold true, yet World Cup has won my patronage for several reasons:

1. They often offer a selection of organically grown coffee. While I used to to like my coffee doused with a heatly dose of chemicals and pestacides, I have recently decided that these chemicals, which were designed to kill anamials of one persuation or another, might indeed be bad for me.

2. $1 coffee. That’s right. Simply bring your own cup and it is only a buck. Now that is hard to beat.

3. Music isn’t always annoying. In fact, it is usually good when I go in… I’d say 90% of the time. That’s an A (but barely).

4. No smoke. Just a preference at 7:30 in the morning.

All that said, I officially recant my public defemation of World Cup. I openly encourage its patronage and invite you to join me in a pestacide free, $1 cup of coffee.

remember that time?

once when i was in 6th grade, my younger sister (in the 3rd grade) and i were playing a game. in school she was learning the names of all 50 states, so i was quizzing her. she had to guess which state i was thinking of that started with the letter “A”. After having gone through all the “A” states she could think of, exasperated, she gave in, “what state is it?” With a big proud, “i’m so smart” smile i replied, “ArKansas”

That is the day I discovered that “Arkensaw” and “Ar-Kansas” are actually one in the same. Believe it or not I placed in the top ten in the school-wide spelling bee that year (i like to think it was 3rd place, but my memory might be trying to make me smarter than i was). Must not have had names of states in the contest.

so my sisters do still like to bring that one up on occasion. always a good laugh. almost as good as my “meat story”.

won’t be able to skip the final

i wish i had all the big words to stuff in all the holes to fix those leaks. i have words, but rarely the right ones in retrospect. so i should probably not use those words. usually i do anyway.

big opinions with little facts.

i like to be spiritual and think that He will use my wrong words in the right way. i’d prefer Him to use the right words in the right way…that’d probably be better in the long run. well…if i didn’t get concieted of course, which would probably be the case. and so the class continues. i sure would like to go ahead and finish this particular course…i wonder if that’s possible?