I probably don’t know you

the other day I went to walk through a puddle and fell in waist-deep,
and I heard of a boy who dove in head first just to find out it wasn’t so steep.

it’s so hard to tell how deep it can be
but it takes so long to wade in slow, making sure I really see what I see.

I don’t want to stop to see whether it’s shiny from oil or from sun,
guess that’s another downside to our microwave generation.

Brugo… More like BruNOgo

Ease of use: 1 Cockpot
Heat retention: 1 Cockpot
Doing all it saidit could do: 1 Crockpot
Style: 3 Crockpots
Overall Coffee Experience: 1 Used, Greasy, Nasty, Crockpot

Price: $24 with shipping (ground)

crockpot Scale:
4 = Like a perfect potroast
3 = The roast isn’t bad, but need a little salt
2 = Looks like the dog will be eating well tonight
1 = How can you ruin a potroast?

Let me begin by recommending that you visit www.brugomug.com to learn a little more about the mug I am reviewing. For me, after visiting the site I was prepared to pay any amount of money necessary to have the revoloutionary new mug. Below is a recounting of my experience and an explination for my rating of the mug (see above).

Here is the gist… this mug is supposed to deliver the perfect sip of coffee. However, the problems with this mug are so many that I honestly, I can’t go into all the details. The short end of things is that the mug does not retain heat well, it leaks (even when in the lock position), the ‘sip’ that is provided in the ‘tip and sip’ feature is an amazingly small sip, the shipping on the mug is only available as ground and takes 2-3 weeks, and the help department is only mildly helpful (assuming you can get your email to go to a real human).

In all, the whole experience from ordering to drinking my coffee has been a disappointment. I have resumed using my busted up nike coffee travel mug that, even though broken, works much better than the Brugo… final conclusion: don’t waste the time or money (or take the Brugo concept, perfect it, and then sell me the mug… I’m waiting).

no more suspense

so i know all my faithful readers (all one of you) are dying to know about pudu. I forget exactly the definition….i believe it’s a not nice way to say ‘poop’. it is from the first starwars the little mean cigar smoking flying bug guy that owned anakin said it in his language during the race or something. and no, i’m not a star wars fan, i just thought ‘pudu’ was funny. it has become a running joke with my friend terrace who i saw that movie with….we will always have ‘pudu’. it was also a train station in ‘entrapment’. i guess a city in europe somewhere (?)

On the road again…

So, I shall attempt to resume my blogging activities without using the phrase, “well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here.” or any of its derivative forms… but I guess that, since I just put it up there, I have failed at my attempt… regardless, the crockpot has been turned back on and I hope to have some tasty morsels to throw in and let simmer for a while.

I do have several things that I would like to discuss, however I will refrain for the moment so as to not fall into the common trap of not posting for a while and then posting all my thoughts from the past 8 months… So, for today I simply recommend that you visit www.marshillchurch.org and navigate to Downloads -> Sermons -> Christ on the Cross then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Christ on the Cross Continued then scroll to the message at the bottom of the page. The message is on the Sacrificial atonement of Jesus. I listened to it this morning and was moved to tears as I contemplated the work of Christ for me on the Cross.

For now, that is all. Check back later for my not-so-spiritual review of my new coffee mug from Brugo. It arrived yesterday and, believe me, I have a lot to say about it…