Are you kidding…

I have to get this one off my chest real quick… I have the worst luck with coffee mugs. I was at Ellwood’s the other day picking up some bison meat for chili (super-bowl chili). I passed by the coffee section and saw that they had a very basic, stainless steal travel mug. I figured, since my Brugo mug was useless (see review) I’d pick this one up. This morning I filled it with my freshly brewed coffee and was on my way… no sooner had I sat in the car than I realized that the lid leaked (both our of the spout and around the base)… the kicker was in the parking lot when I accidentally dropped the mug and the lid popped off spilling all my beautiful coffee on the gravel… needless to say, that mug is now in the garbage…

two cent movie review

3.5 Crockpots on a 4 crockpot scale.

I took Jenn to see this flick on our last date night. After grabbing some burgers at Red Robin (bacon, egg, cheese, onion straws, bbq sauce, and tobasco burger!!!) we headed to the movie. The crowd was thin, which is always nice and we got good seats in front of the rail even though the previews had already started. Thinking this was just another under-dog movie (ie. Miracle, or that one about the high school baseball coach who had a 98 mph fastball) I was thoroughly pleased with the depth of the movie.

Chronicling the trials of 7 black men playing division I basketball in the mid 60′s, this film was an excellent balance of nail biting basketball games and the harsh reality of the challenges that this team encountered on their trip to becoming the 1966 Nation Champs.

I haven’s seen many movies in the past couple years worth recommending, however Glory Road is a definite exception. As a bonus, stick around during the credits and you will actually get to hear what some of the real life players on the ’66 team have to say about their experience.

The voice of the Lord or leftover pizza?

fun story of the week: With this pregnancy (i am approx. 9 1/2 weeks along now btw) I have been having a bit more trouble with nausea and vomiting than i had with asher. I’ve tried a few things, none that really seemed to do much. I talked to my midwife (who’s not actually my midwife yet but that’s a long story that doesn’t really matter here) a few weeks back and one of many suggestions was to take vitamin B6. I tried all the other stuff and for some reason forgot about B6. So on monday we went to the o.b. where she quickly started to prescribe 3 medications for the nausea. Since i’m not losing weight and mostly just irritated, i declined the prescriptions, however one was for a B6 vitamin. I thought to myself, “oh yeah, B6.” So i decided that i would go to ellwood’s (natural food store) the next day to see what they had in the way of B vitamins.

That night I had a dream that I went to ellwood’s and ended up buying bee pollen instead of a vitamin. Interesting. So the next morning I got up, emailed my friend erin about the dream, then typed ‘bee pollen’ into my google box in the toolbar. Turns out it has lots of B vitamins in it. Also read that it’s safe to take during pregnancy (some people apparently take it in lieu of prenatal vitamins…not sure on that one…) also double checked w/the midwife and she gave the ok. So on to ellwood’s i went and found a huge selection of bee pollen options, picked one and ever since have been feeling much better.

Now, today i’ve been a bit queasy, and gagged over the stinky trash this afternoon but still better than i had been the past month. In fact the first day i started taking it I cooked dinner for pretty much the first time in two weeks. amazing. I suddenly feel so ‘spiritual’…..God’s sending me dreams.

I do remember one other such dream that was obviously divine help, but for a much less pressing problem. It was…not sure how many years ago (4?) when ryan & I first got into rock climbing in the coastal plain of Georgia. So we climbed indoors. Anyhow, there was this problem (lingo for pattern of ‘rocks’ on the wall) that I was having a hard time figuring out how to do (i kept trying to climb it the same way my 6 foot 2 inch husband was). I think i had been working on it for two weeks, when one night i had a dream i was climbing it, and turned my foot a specific way when i got to the crux (tricky area) and finished the climb. So the next time i tried the climb i turned my foot in that wierd way, which caused me to be able to stand up completely to reach the next hold, and ended up being able to muscle through the rest of the climb. Now why in the world did God bother to tell me how to finish that climb? Maybe He was tired of me taking “i can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” out of context and wanted me to be done with it already. Or maybe He’s just nice.

Luke is cool

While I am aware that thousands of people flock to this blog to keep tabs on my great wisdom and insight into life, I would like to direct your attention to another blog I feel is worth keeping track of. My dear friend Luke is heading off to a two year stint in Madagascar to help a local village… uh… design and implement gravity-fed water systems and other water/sanitation projects… anyway, go ahead and add to your list of places to spend countless hours not doing what you are really supposed to be doing… like work or studying… cheers.

“one need not always travel far to explore the world – it is sometimes closer than is seems”
- monsieur barrett

The Governor Drinks Decaf… hmmmm…

So, I don’t know what this says about his leadership skills, but I have first hand knowledge that the governor of the great commonwealth of VA drinks his coffee decaf. How do I know this you ask? Well, about a week ago I decided to redeem a Dunkin Doughnut gift certificate I received for Christmas. Before entering the building I noticed four ‘suits’ get out of a white suburban and enter before me. As I walked in I had that,”hmmmm this seems odd” feeling. One of the guys certainly had the ‘scoping the room for snipers’ look about him. Then, at the counter I hear “decaf coffee and whatever these guys want, I’m payin.” As he turns I look at him and have that “I think I know who you are but I’m not going to say anything just in case I am wrong” feeling. On my way out I see several people walk up and shake his hand… at that moment I realize, yup, that’s governor Kaine.

So, as I revisit the moment, here are my thoughts on the whole encounter. 1) He picked up the tab for his fella’s… that’s pretty cool (unless he’s just going to take the receipt back to the accounting department and make it a business expense)… 2) he ordered decaf. I don’t know about that… I mean, my grandmother drinks decaf… take it like a man! strait up regular, no cream, no sugar! 3) he was riding in a white suburban (tinted windows and all)… how cliche. 4) I had a glazed sour cream doughnut that morning… it was good. 5) I really wish I had something worth saying to him… unfortunatly, I did not, and my chance to change the world or be mentioned in his Democrat Response speech passed by… I can hear it now… “and while I was in Dunkin Doughnuts the other day a wise young man said…” Oh well…

Friends… drink it black (but not in a brugo… see post below)