Free Cars

Over the years Jennifer have been given a bunch of free cars… really:

  1. 1989 Toyota Camry (thanks Amy)
  2. 19?? Volkswagon Jetta (this was more of a loaner)
  3. 1990 Oldsmobile 88 Royal (thanks Liv)
  4. 198? Chevy Station Wagon (thanks Aneka)
  5. 1989 Ford Bronco II (thanks Stephen)
  6. 1994 Toyota Corolla (thanks Hollifields)
  7. 1990 Toyota Camry (thanks Khuls)
  8. And now, the newest addition and the hands-down winner for nicest one ever given

  9. 2000 Toyota Avalon (thanks mom & george)

We should be getting the Avalon a week from sunday. The really cool thing about getting the Avalon is that we FINALLY get to give away one of our cars. We’ve wanted for a long time to give away a car, but all our cars would have been the kind of thing you give to someone you don’t like. However, the Camry we currently have is actually in really good condition, so we’re excited to pass it along to a very deserving young lady.

Giving away cars is fun… and, honestly, getting cars is pretty fun too…

Also, for what it is worth, these are the cars I’ve (we’ve) purchaced over the years:

  1. 1985 Honda Accord (sold after 2 wrecks that weren’t my fault)
  2. 1989 BMW 528e (smashed into a guard rail at 55 mph)
  3. 1999 Honda Accord (got smashed by a truck)
  4. 2000 Honda Odysee (still truckin)

New Coffee Mug

For those of you who follow my blogging you know that I have a thing about coffee travel mugs. In two years I have yet to find the perfect one. Well, in my continual quest for one I like I picked up this mug the other day.

Coffee Mug

Coffee Mug

click image to enlarge

Recently I was asked by the good people at rightminds to participate in an informal focus group on a coffee maker. In return for my participation I was given a gift card to starbuks and, since I don’t like starbucks coffee, I decided to pick up a new travel mug.

The mug itself came highly recommended by my good friend Robert who seems to carry his everywhere. So, when I saw this one in the clearance section… probably due to the lame design, I picked it up… So, is this the perfect mug???

Well, here’s the deal.


  • It has a porcelain inside, which I like. The downside of the metal travel mugs is that the start to have a funky stale coffee taste after a month or so. Porcelain is much less porous and thus doesn’t absorb the coffee as easily. So, that is nice.
  • It is dishwasher safe… Big points for that one.
  • The lid seems to be really sung, but at the same time it isn’t hard to get on or off (unlike my current metal mug)
  • It feels good in my hand
  • The metal bottom is an interesting attempt to increase insulation… not sure how great it works, but an interesting idea none the less.
  • Finally, minus the stupid “coffee” design on the front, it looks pretty good.


  • Heat retention… Ok, the mug gets really hot which means heat is leaving the coffee… so, that is sad. I’d estimate that the coffee would stay hot for 10 minutes and warm for about 30 minutes. On the upside of this, the mug only holds 14oz, so the odds of it lasting more than 30 min is not too likely.
  • Stupid “coffee” design
  • Haven’t tested in the car yet, but non-closing drink hole can’t be very spill friendly… but I’ll let you know

So, in conclusion, it isn’t too bad. Until something better comes along, I think this might be the mug of choice.

Mr Greene

I was reminded today why I really love Mr Greene. This mornings sermon was amazing. More than just saying words, Robert’s sermons always seem to cut through the fog of life with the light of the Gospel.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I really do want to start doing a regular post where I write about the impact of the suday sermon on my life… I’m thinking “monday musing on sunday sermon.” However, not sure I’ll get that up this week as I am preaching tomorrow night and will likely spend the entire day in preperation… so, maybe next week. We’ll see…

Oh, Jenn and the kids return tomorrow evening. I CAN’T WAIT! I think Jenn took some pics, so we’ll post them some time soon… maybe on “photo friday.”

Cross Country Scooter Trip

Ok, Drew and Sarah stopped by the house this afternoon (which was very nice of them). Drew is moving to Seattle in a couple months and decided to share with me that he was interested in riding a scooter from VA to WA. Me, having my newfound excitement in scooters, told him that it was a GREAT idea. We estimate that it will take 13-17 days and will cost about $87 in gas… that’s right, $87 in gas to go from cost to cost. Is that amazing or what?!?!?

Both of us not having scooters, we decided that we should get honda to give us some and that we’d video tape our journey for them and post it online. I have a ton of ad campaigns that I could think of that Honda could use to sell their scoots… “Hummer = $82 from home to work… Ruckus = $82 to go from VA to WA!”

Anyway, I think we all know that I am not going to go on a cross country scooter trip… But a boy can dream… right?

Photo Friday

Ok, so several blogs I visit have a tradition of posting pictures on fridays… so, in true copy-someone-else’s-cool-idea style, I give you Photo Friday:


I don’t know what it is, but since the first time I saw these stars downtown I’ve really liked them… in fact, truth be told, they are the reason I’ve wanted to get two black stars tattoo’d on my forearms.


Just some stones in a back ally in Richmond. I like that you can sort of see the stones through the water… but you really have to look.


Piccola’s is my home away from work… Some of the best pizza I’ve ever had. I probably eat it 1 to 2 times a week. Man, that is good pizza.

Scooter sadness

Well, the used scooter I was looking at was gone this morning… so, no scooter today… but I am now thinking of just buying a new one. It is only a little bit more and, well, new. So, I’m going to post the camry on craigslist and see if I can get any takers to pay way too much. If someone pays me enough… I’ll be scootin in no time (sorry mom).

My Family

Well, kind of sad, but Jenn and the kids just left to go to the beach until monday. It was a last minute thing with her folks. I could have gone, but the beach and crutches aren’t a good mix and not being able to play with asher in the ocean might be more torture than I can bear… so, I decided to stay home.

It is strange… most times when I’m seperated from the family I am not too bummed about it, but this time I am… maybe it is just becase I didn’t have time to prepare. While I am a bit sad, I am REALLY happy that asher gets to go to the beach. He really love the beach. So, to know how much fun he is going to have makes the sadness more easy to handle.

On a side note, I took a scooter for a test drive today… it looked like the one in the previous post, only all black. It was lots of fun and really made me want to get one. The kicker is that I’d have to sell the car to get it… which might sound silly, except, the reason for getting the scooter is to save money and selling the car means no insurance payment and no gas bill… then, by chance, the guy selling the scooter offered to buy the car for more than I would probably get for it elsewhere… So, is that a sign? I don’t know. I’m going to sleep on it.

As a final comment, I notice my mom posted a comment that I shouldn’t get a scooter because “they are too dangerous.” To that I say, “it tops out at 35 MPH” If the scooter is dangerous, then so is a bicycle (which, if my office had a shower, I’d buy instead). So, sorry mom, I’ll pass on a motorcycle (for now) but I might just be getting a scooter.

Need to save money

So, I’ve been looking at ways to save money within our monthly expenses. Right now, I’m thinking about saving on auto expenses by getting a scooter. I think we can save over $150 a month going this route. I don’t know… what do you think?


Burns Book Review

My thoughts on “The Reformation, How a Monk & a Mallet Changed the World

    1. The “major players” in the reformation were actual people, with hopes, dreams, loves, failures, character flaws, & a deep passion for Jesus.
    2. They were (for the most part) willing to die for their convictions, for some even their views on baptism…..which of my convictions run so deep that I would be willing to go to the gallows for them?
    3. Living during the times of plagues, these people truly lived out their theology, as the author said, they did not have the good fortune of working through their theology in tall towers…most lost at least one child, & many their spouse…Wibrandis Rosenblatt lost (at least…I got mixed up on the count) 3 children & 4…count them, 4 husbands….

    ”her self description near the end has her, “Clinging to Christ like a burr to a dress”.”

    4. I thought I learned the meaning behind the name of the band, Six pence None the Richer, but was wrong (I thought it was from the fine mentioned in The Act of Toleration 1689…it was actually from a story in CS Lewis’ book, “Mere Christianity”).