A theme that has been in the back of my head the past few weeks has been sacrifice. It can be a fairly uncomfortable topic, so I naturally try to ignore it… Never-the-less, it continues to surface. My friend Raymond had a great post on sacrifice today and so did Josh Harris.

As I watched the video on Josh’s post I was cut to the heart by several points:

  1. The question, “how comfortable should 50 be?”
  2. A pastor willing to give up his position in order for a more qualified pastor to take the lead… for the sake of the church
  3. The willingness to be “uncomfortable” for the sake of the gospel and Jesus’ church

While the video itself is more about the process of transition one church is going through, it has some amazing messages for those willing to listen. Also, Ray’s comments brought some challenges to my heart:

  1. How much do I consume in comparison to what I give?
  2. Why do I complain so much about lack of funds for the advancement of the gospel, yet give so little myself?
  3. Why are american christians so caught up in the american dream?
  4. Am I really willing to be uncomfortable for the sake of the gospel

Sheesh… these are hard questions. These are uncomfortable. Just as much as the next guy, I want a nice house, a nice car, nice clothes, a vacation… but at what price? Why do I have such an unbridled appetite for such temporal pleasures…

Sheesh… Anyone else deal with this?

Book Quotes

A few quicks quotes for you from my recent reads list:

From this week’s chapter, dealing with anger, out of “Sacred Parenting” (chapter 7)

On facing unanswered prayer:

“We can’t even use Character as a reason. While I’ve fervently taught and just as fervently believe that God uses trials to build character, to teach us lessons, and to do a deeper work in our souls, personally I’d rather die a little less mature if my child could be spared suffering!”

On Emotions:

“I don’t ignore them, but neither should I allow them to drive my reaction. They’re just there, like the weather, making the situation more or less pleasant, but they must not determine what I do.”

From The Reformation, how a monk and a mallet changed the world:

On Martin Luther’s “Earthy Side”

“In the middle of a conversation with students around his table about the challenges faced in living the Christian life, Luther once said….”but I resist the devil, and often it is with a fart that I chase him away.”

The title of a petition that Ulrich Zwingli helped write & circulate:

“Petition to Allow Priests to Marry, Or at Least to Wink at Their Marriage.”

Still a bit hazy

I shant write too much as I have a pretty large amount of drugs still in my system. I will say that yesterday was much harder than I expected. Before the surgery the doc told me I should be able to lose the crutches in a couple day… now, I can’t put weight on my leg for 4 weeks. Also, the 1 hour surgery lasted 2.5 hours. But, as Jenn mentioned, my doctor got to do some experimental surgery, so I guess that it cool for him.

As for me, well, I guess I’ll be hobbling along for a while here. I’m still trying to get used to the crutches. The shower was certianly the hardest thing so far… nothing like standing in soapy water on one leg…

Anyway, I’m doing ok. Thanks for checking in on me. I’ll post more later…


We both seemed to have miscalculated what the effects of surgery would be. I expected to get home around noon,put ryan to bed, & do all sorts of chores. I knew he’d be out for the day but I thought he’d just sleep. Ryan apparently thought he would be posting an update for ya’ll sometime this afternoon.

Instead we did not get home until nearly 4pm & have been fighting trying to get him to wake up long enough to eat & drink. Pretty unsuccessfully thus far. He’s had 2 glasses of water, one glass of orange juice & a handful of chips….that he fell asleep trying to chew. So my sleeping guess was correct, however, I was unaware that I would have to attempt to force food & liquids in him to make sure he doesn’t have liver failure from all the meds. far so..ok. I’ll let him share more details but I must say…it sure is a good thing he never experimented with “illicit drugs”. His body does not like narcotics.

As for the surgery, the “tear” was apparently more like, “tearS”….as the surgeon told me in the waiting room, “it was pretty chewed up in there”. So while he was in there he went ahead & shaved off some of the bone to reshape it so it will not “chew on him” anymore. Instead of 10 days (he even wore his Ten Days t-shirt today), it will be about 4 weeks on crutches.

But at least it shouldn’t tear again.

Another upside is that perhaps ryan will be cited in a medicine journal or something. Apparently Dr. Higgs is now the second person in the U.S. to have performed this surgery (the bone thing) endoscopically. He seemed to think that was good news….hmmm…?

& yet another upside is that i’ve nearly finished the reformation book in one day. It is an incredibly fun book. I’ll have to save it for another post, but you should read definitely read it. Inspiring, interesting, & incredibly funny.

ok time to go check on my patient.

WWF Jesus

In the Bible there is a story about a guy, Jacob. In the story he ends up wrestling Jesus. Jesus being the man that he is, puts a whoopin on Jacob and for the rest of his days Jacob walked with a limp. His hip was busted.

That bible moment was just to serve as a segway to my hip and the fact that I am having surgery tomorrow to repair a torn labrum.

While my hip problems don’t necessiarly stem from an all night WWF cage match with the King of creation, they none the less have reminded me how amazing our creator God is. The mere fact that I have a mis-shapen hip bone with a proclivity towards pinching and tearing my labrum causes me to wonder at the greatness of our God.

Now, some will surely say, “how can you worship this God who makes men with mis-shapen hip bones?” To them, I say that I simply rest in the fact that God has shaped this bone in me for a very great purpose. Namely, to the end goal that his glory and renoun would be made known in the earth. How that will all work out… I’m not entirely sure. What I do know is that “from him, and through him, and to him are all things. To him be glory forever.” (Romans 11:36).

I do ask that you please keep me in your prayers tomorrow. My surgery will be some time in the morning. It is an arthoscopic surgery, but I will be put under for the operation. Please pray for Dr. Higgs, his staff, and the anesthesiologist.



About an hour ago asher asked me to get ryan’s cowboy hat down out of the closet for him. He put the hat on & explained to me, “i a cowboy & you my cow”. Ahh….flattery will get you everywhere son.

Got Some New Books

We bought two books the other day: The Old Testament Explained and Applied by Gareth Crossley and God’s Big Picture: Tracing the Storyline of the Bible by Vaughan Roberts.

First, I ordered them Monday morning and they arrived Tuesday afternoon (for $5)… I LOVE WTS BOOKSTORE!

Second, the book by Crossley looks amazing. I’m 47 pages into it (it is aobut 850 long) and Crossley is great. I want to write about some of the stuff I’ve read so far, but I’ll save that for later. I will say, however, that the binding and printing of this books makes it worth every penny I paid. I will gladly pay $40+ for a book of this size when it is bound and printed well. Maybe I’ll write more about that later (for all the crapy publishers out there who publish huge books that won’t stay open, have small print, and dark paper). Anyway, I’m really looking forward to this. It is going to be the bulk of my study at work of the summer.

The book by Roberts was an impulse buy that is along the same theme as Crossley’s. Jenn is probably going to get to that one before me.

You might be saying to yourself, “but aren’t you both, according to the fancy ‘Currently Reading’ thingy, reading two books right now?” Well, yes… Jenn is reading one for a mom’s group she attends and is reading the other one during Asher’s bath time. Me, I’ll be reading Owen’s book for years and I will hopefully knock out Jesus and the commandments next week… so, there ya go…

Asher Video

So, last night we grilled some burgers, had some coronas with lime, and ate in our back yard. The weather was AMAZING. Slight breeze, 80 degrees in the shade, no gnats or bugs… Ahhhh Virginia in the spring!

After dinner, Asher and I made a video… well, I made the video… he just ran around and played basketball. Hope you enjoy…

(My Son Rocks!)

Well, I spent most of the day working to set up a blog for my friend and fellow campus minister, Raymond Goodlett. After some name server issues, a couple chats with tech support, a glitch or two, and a few other bumps and bruises… the blog is live.

Check out