Still Sickin’ it

Ryan spent last night with his turn throwing up. He’s in he “hangover recovery” stage at the moment. No fun. I’m super bummed that we couldn’t go down to myrtle beach to visit my sister (she’s there on vacation, lives in Illinois). SIGH. We’re ok, just bummed. Pls keep asher in your prayers…..he still seems fine…..

Family Update

Thought Grace was doing fine… until this morning she threw up at about 6 a.m.

Asher woke up and cried because our friends who visited us over a week ago weren’t in the basement this morning.

I slept horrible last night. Eventually moved out to the couch which happens to be 8 inches too short for me.

Jenn has to put up with the three of us.

… I think I’m going to go read my bible and pray …

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I hate throwing up

everyone says that though. I can’t imagine anyone thinking, “oh…it’s not so bad”. Anyhow, I am doing better, still feel like i got beat up last night, but I think that’s now mostly due to malnutrition. Don’t want to jump the gun so all I’ve had today is gatorade, miso (really good miso…) & a banana that took me 4 hours to finish.

Thanks for all your prayers…still need ‘em. Ryan’s been a superb Mr. Mom today & i’ve been trying very hard to actually stay in bed & sleep & rest so as to be useful tomorrow. I cheated earlier (mostly b/c i was lonely & bored) & came down to hang with the kids a bit….& after folding a few diapers felt like i had just finished a road race. …cheating now too (& can feel it), i actually came down to pay a bill i keep forgetting about & nags me while I lie in bed everynight.

Anyhow, just wanted to update & share these two thoughts that kept going through my mind while puking last night: 1. Last year Robert & Erin Greene had the throw-up plague at the same time….with one bathroom. Praise God that I was on my own in there. & 2. As ryan’s earlier post alluded to, I have some experience with post-alcohol consumption throwing up…& I always thought there were certain….well, i’ll be good & not give details, but I was suprised at how similiar it all felt…& smelled….. So in case anyone is interested, throwing up from being sick is very similar to throwing up from alcohol…..but different than throwing up due to being pregnant. not that the latter is any more fun.

oh & really concentrating on the sermon i was listening to on the ipod helped me to not concentrate on the nausea, thus not throw up so much. I decided to listen to ryan’s sermon b/c everything else was just annoying. I’m a bit partial to Mr. Burns. He did not put me to sleep but the worship music that played after his sermon did. ha ha, it was about the providential will of God…or something like that (sorry..). actually comforting, focusing on the fact that the reason i was sick was not that God was being tied down by the devil….don’t know why i was sick, but God was on his throne during it. that’s always comforting to me.

The Plague… Act II

As the previous post indicates, I had a late night. Only, it got worse. After staying up until 1 a.m. working I finally went to bed. I was unable to sleep and at 2 a.m. I heard my daughter throwing up…

So, I spent the better half of the night with her.

This morning, Jenn “feels like the worst hang over she’s ever had.” …and I’m sure she’s had some bad ones. She aches all over and was hurting so bad she didn’t get much sleep last night… compounded by listening to her baby girl throw up in the other room.

So, I fed grace some pedialite this morning and was a little to eager with the quantity… so, 10 minutes later it was on my lap. So, we tried again, only smaller amounts and spaced out a bit more.

Now it is time to go get Asher up and run my car over to the dealership for some service stuff. I’m looking forward to normal… as I am sure everyone else in the house is too… please continue to pray. Thanks.

The Plague

Well, it seems that Grace has shared her illness with Jennifer. She’s been throwing up since 4 p.m. this afternoon. If it runs the same course as Grace, Jenn should be better some time around 4 a.m.

We’re kind of in crisis mode around here. The fact of the matter is that Jenn runs the show and when the ring-master is out… well, the show must go on…

So, tonight I took Asher with me to preach at the VCU summer fellowship. I’m not sure anyone heard a word I said because my cute son was walking around the stage, jumping off the stage, and occasionally copying me by preaching from his bible story book. He won bonus point from me on that last one.

As soon as I was finished we bolted out the door and back home. I fed grace (1 hour past normal dinner time) and eventually got both the kids to sleep. Poor Jenn is in the bedroom trying to relax but can’t think about anything besides how nauseous she feels. So, apparently she thought listening to the iPod would help. I couldn’t help but notice that she was listening to one of my sermons… couldn’t help but think, “well, that should help put her to sleep.” HA!

Anyway, now I’m downstairs and about to get to work on a couple development projects I need to finish. Fun, fun.

Pray for us… we need it!

$100 bottle of pedialyte

I knew pretty much 5 min. after I hung up with our pediatrician….I broke down & called too soon. When Grace & I finally made it out of the house, she had gone over 30min without throwing up/dry heaving & was actually sleeping in her bed. BUT, I had already called & the dr. said, “take her in”. So in I went.

When we got to the hospital she was clearly feeling more chipper & trying to play with everything in sight & smiling at all the staff….sigh. Anyhow, they took her vitals, asked me questions & proceeded with the blood drawing & attempt at an IV for fluids. They got some blood, but 4 stabs & two nurses later, gave up on the IV.

The big crocodile tears were an indicator that she was apparently not SERIOUSLY dehydrated.

So, three hours, lots of crying (by both mom & baby…our nurse was kinda mean….), & 4 ounces of pedialyte (that stayed down) later, we were sent home.

Praise the Lord, she was fine (the blood tests came back saying she was slightly dehydrated….really…you don’t say?), but I do wish I would’ve waited 15 more minutes before calling the pediatrician. Oh well.

Finding the Will of God – A Pagan Notion?

Ever wonder what you are supposed to do with your life? Ever had a decision to make and you just weren’t sure what to do? Well, if you’re a Christian, then this problem has probably been compounded by wondering if what you choose will be “God’s will” for you life. I know, for myself and many others, we spend time praying and trying to find God’s will, when in reality, we are simply asking God to make a decision for us.

In his book, “Finding the Will of God. A Pagain Notion?” Bruce Waltke does an amazing job with helping Christians see that God is not some con man running the three shell game on a street corner, trying to hide his will from you, but rather he is a loving father who cares for you (p7). From here, Waltke begins to explain that much of what modern Christians write off as trying to find the will of God is, in reality, nothing more than a replication of pagan divination. We “cast lots” as we play bible roulette. We “put out a fleece” as we ask God for signs to make our decision for us. However, Waltke points out that, post Pentecost, we see no indication from scripture that this is the way for us to make decisions. In fact, the last time we see lots cast in the life of believers is in the selection of Matthias in Acts (just before Pentecost).

So, if these forms of “divination” are not for Christians, how are we then to make decisions that we can rest assured are “God’s will.” Well, Waltke offers several suggestions to Christians.

  1. Read Your Bible
  2. Develop a Heart for God
  3. Seek Wise Counsel
  4. Look for God’s Providence
  5. Does This Make Sense?
  6. Devine Intervention

Waltke says that these steps must be made in order, starting with #1. The supposition here is that we begin to see and know God’s will through his word. It is here, in scripture, that we will most clearly see. Not only that, but it is here, in God’s word, that we are transformed more into his image. As we are transformed by his word, his will becomes more and more clear.

After this Waltke says to develop a heart for God. He says, “…if you are walking close to the Lord, and He shapes your character and influences your life, then he is also shaping your desires” (p86). Here Waltke quotes Psalm 37:4 “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.” Unfortunately, this verse has been butchered by many to mean that, if you delight in the Lord He will give you whatever you want. However, the verse really means that as you find more and more delight in the Lord he will actually give you desires. For example, the more I grow in my relationship with the Lord I have noticed my desire to care for other people. It is a desire of mine. This desire was not there until I began to know the Lord. I was extremely selfish. However, God has given me a desire to care for people as I have delighted in him.

Ultimately Waltke’s point here is that, as you know God through his word and begin to delight in him, it is ok to use your desires as an indicator for knowing his will. This might be new to some Christians, but you can actually do things you desire. For me, that looks like studying in seminary. As I know God through His word and delight in him I begin to desire to study history and theology in greater detail that I might be able to help others. This is a desire that I have. Now that desire alone does not mean I should take seminary classes, but it is a good and safe indicator.

Step 3 is to seek wise council. I think Waltke is great here in putting this third in the process. Much like our “divination” to find God’s will we also, often, seek to get answers from other people. The problem is that this neglects the hard work of knowing God personally and growing in character. We simply want someone else, who obviously knows God better than us, to tell us what to do. This is really dangerous. Another good point Waltke makes here is that your council can often be wrong… Just read the story of Job. His good friends had lots of council but, in the end, they all missed it BIG TIME. So, while council is good and important, it is only in the context of step one and two that it should be understood.

After knowing God and delighting in Him and seeking council, Waltke recommends we look for providence. Essentially, Waltke points out that situations around us can be an indicator. Again, here you must be cautious of making decisions based on circumstances, but built on steps 1-3, situations might help you gain a better understanding of God’s will. Remember, God is God.

The second to last step is kind of a no-brainer. Does this make sense? A great example is that I can say, with some level of confidence, that God will never call me to be a carpenter. Anyone who has seen my handy work will attest that I am far from skilled in this area. So, while God might actually call me to that, in the context of all the previous steps, I need to ask if it makes sense. Ryan a carpenter… probably not.

The final step is divine intervention. Here again, God is God. He very well may just send an angel to tell you something… he might sky write a message to you… he might give you dreams or visions… God is God. That said, remember, these steps build off one another. So don’t go looking for the heavens to part if you don’t even listen to God through his word. A great example of this is with a close friend of mine who was planning on attending a certain graduate school. He knows and loves the Lord, sought council, looked at God’s providence in his acceptance, and everything made sense… Then, about a week ago he found out that the program was shut down and he will not be able to attend… Divine Intervention. This young man desires to honor God and do his will. He took great care in making this decision. However, in the end, God’s will has something other than this school in mind for him.

In conclusion, this is a really good book. I found it personally helpful, biblically based, and well communicated. I think it would be a worthy investment for anyone, and more specifically for anyone trying to make major life decisions.

Throw up…

Grace was throwing up all night last night. Jennifer and I took shifts being with her and trying to get some fluids into her 1 mL at a time… So, needless to say, we’re all tired.

Right now, Jenn is on the way to St. Mary’s with her. I assume they won’t do much besides give her an IV to get some fluids in her system. But that will be a big help for her I’m sure.

So, for those who do, please pray for our daughter.

We’ll keep you posted.


I’ve already discussed (or maybe just quoted, I forget) the “Burning Love” chapter in “Sacred Parenting”, but felt the need to share the following:

During this chapter i felt convicted to memorize a specific verse dealing with anger to help combat my own “temper tantrums” (particularly in my response to the kids’ temper tantrums….). To aid in the process of not avoiding, but submitting my anger to God, particularly in the “heat of the moment”. Here is where I ended up in my search:

    James 1:19 & 20: Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger; for the anger of man does not produce the righteousness that God requires.

it’s really the second part (vs. 20) that struck me as pertinent to my parenting. Ultimately my anger flares because I desire my kids to be righteous, & ultimately, MY anger will NOT make them righteous before God…..most likely the opposite.