Bedtime funny

We have thus far been quite blessed in our bedtime routines in the Burns household, in that Asher has never (not once) gotten up in the middle of the night & come into our room. In fact, he’s never even gotten out of bed in the morning until I come in to get him. That being said, I’m sure I can’t quite relate to this song, but regardless it’s hilarious. I’m sure parents of ‘normal’ children (I have a feeling Grace may be one of those….) will enjoy it even more than I did.

Speaking of kids, during Asher’s pre-naptime ritual today, I read him a book. It has become my new favorite book. Ryan got it for him at the library last week, so it will have to be returned eventually, which will be sad. It’s called, “someone bigger“. it’s about a boy & his dad who go out to fly a kite. My favorite line (after the Dad does’t let Sam fly the kite saying, “No, you’re too small, this kite needs someone bigger”):

Then Dad let go and launched the kite, unwound the string and held it tight, while Sam stood by and watched and wished that he was someone bigger.

It’s just fun to read out loud & is quite easy to get animated about. I’m always trying to get him to want me to read it.

Happy Birthday Grace

Grace is a year old today. I had a fun post with pictures all planned out….& having technical difficulties. Perhaps for photo friday we can do a birthday montage for Grace…. But I couldn’t let the day pass by without at least sharing the news. …Happy Birthday sweet girl.

Ryan Burns has arrived… Jennifer Burns will be joining shortly

Despite the fact that I have to compete with Ryan Burns the model and Ryan Burns the musician… Ryan Burns the regular guy has managed to secure a page 1 spot on the google search query “Ryan Burns.” I’m currently #6. Not bad.

Now, our goal is to get “Jennifer Burns” up on page 1 too. Can anyone tell me what page she’s currently on? It’s like a game…

Long week that just won’t stop

So, just got home from work and am not entirely looking forward to the weekend. I have a tremendous amount of web development work to do. I think I have 2 sites to build from the ground up, a blog to modify, and two sites to edit… sheesh… sounds like a great weekend.

In somewhat realated news, I’ve been trying to figure out how our family is going to pay the bills while attending seminary at RTS come January. While my web development and Jenn’s part time job will help, we’re still a good bit short of our already bare-bones budget. So, what to do… my current solution involves becoming a professional blogger… yes… it is actually a career choice now. I really let the idea run wild in my head after reading about this girl who makes $700-900 a month through her blog… arg…

So far, I think the biggest hindrance to pursuing my blogging career is that I just don’t have a niche… I’m not an expert on anything… It’s the continual curse of being a jack-of-all-trades. Again, it bites me in the ass. See, to be a pro blogger you have to have a site that people want to come and hear what you have to say. While, yeah, you come to the daily burns, unfortunately the masses are exactly draining our bandwidth. The problem is that the daily burns is only really fun if you know the burns family… if not, then in the words of Drew Cowles, “meh.”

So, in short, if you have any ideas of ways to make lots of money that don’t require lots of time… and might include blogging… well, shoot them my way.

Nap Magic

For the past week asher has not slept during naptime at all. About 2wks ago it was off & on whether he slept or not & now it’s back to lying in bed awake for just over an hour. What’s changed? We took down the black trashbags from his windows (too tacky for house-selling purposes). so:

pitch black room = sleeping during naptime for 1 1/2 – 3hrs
only slightly darker than outside = singing & banging feet on headboard for 1 1/2 hrs


Allow me to begin by saying, “Titus is a great name.” I find it odd that there are more Titus’ floating around these days… Then again, maybe that’s just me.

So, Titus is currently the book of the Bible I’ve been spending the most time in lately. In fact, I would say that it is Titus that is a lot of the reason that I am picking up my family and moving to Orlando in December to attend RTS. In Titus the apostle Paul is extremely clear to Titus the great weight and responsibility Titus holds for teaching and leading the people in sound doctrine. Now, while I would say that I have pretty sound doctrine… however, there is something in Chapter 1 Verse 9 that always stands out to me. It says,

He must hold firm to the trustworthy word as taught, so that he may be able to give instruction in sound doctrine and also to rebuke those who contradict it.

Here Paul is explaining to Titus one of the responsibilities of an elder. I always get stuck on the “…as taught…” Now, sure, I’ve been taught A LOT over the years. I have a great deal of thanks and appreciation in my heart for the countless Godly men and women who have taught me over the years… but there is something in me that says it would be really helpful for me and all the people God might entrust to my care some day if I were to invest 3 years to be taught by some of the greatest theological minds this generation has seen. I read Titus and think, “This will make me a better elder some day.”

Now, is seminary a requirement to be a good elder? Is having a lot of book smarts a requirement to be a good elder or pastor? Surely the answer is no. However, the answer might also be yes. For me, I read Titus and think that, if I have the opportunity, I should go to seminary.

So… there you have it… one of the many reasons I’m going to seminary in January.

In related news, I am seriously considering starting a new blog that will focus entirely on chronicling the adventure of our family going to seminary. I think that there are lots of families that could benefit from hearing our, and other seminary families’, story. I know I would like to hear the story of other people with 2 young kids who quit their job and moved their family to go to school… How’d they do it is what I want to know… So, I figure it might be worth it to help some people out wit hour story..

We’ll keep you posted…

Per Craig’s Request

During a board meeting this afternoon Craig used his ninja-robot-camera to take a picture of me. He made some smarty-pants comment about posting it on my blog (which is now a constant point of conversation since my blog was ‘outed’ the other day).

So, mock me if you must… but per your request:

ryan pic via craig

God’s Big Picture

I recently started a new book (& finished Sacred Parenting a few weeks ago…) that I’m reading during my morning devotional time, “God’s Big Picture“. I’m halfway through & so far it’s a “will recommend”. The only thing i don’t like is that it refuses to stay open, but that’s a printing issue….anyhow i’m not writing to ‘review’ the book right now. I just read a paragraph that in retrospect seems like a “duh” & i’m thinking I may be the last Christian on earth get this, but I will expose my ignorance just in case this changes someone else’s world like it just changed mine 30min ago:
The Author is discussing the Israelites in the wilderness; their unbelief & inability to enter the promised land due to the unbelief:

The apostle Paul tells us that their fate is a warning to us: ‘these things occurred as examples to keep us from setting our hearts on evil things as they did’ (I Corin. 10:6). If we have faith in Christ, we too have been set free from slavery (to sin, not Egypt) by a Passover sacrifice (of Jesus, not of a lamb), and have been set on a journey to the promised land (heaven, not Canaan). We must make sure that we do not fall because of sin & unbelief, but that we keep trusting God until we reach the destination.

Whew how often have I rolled my eyes at those Israelites, “man! they SAW (i mean REALLY SAW) God deliver them! how can they be grumbling & not trusting Him??”…..& how often have I in turn, grumbled & complained about my own “journey to the promised land”. While I knew we are in transition here on earth & waiting for the eternal…I just never compared our travels (or lack of faith during it) to the Israelites. As I said…duh….

Gnashing of teeth

A few months ago I decided to finally give in & go to the dentist (sans insurance, thus the long delay) after having experienced mild tooth pain for about a year. I’ve never had a cavity (or a tooth-ache), so assumed this was it. My first cavity…dum da dum dum! (that was music..).

However, turns out it was just my teeth…um…coming together wrong (i’m sure that’s the technical term). So our friendly neighborhood dentist shaved the offending teeth down a bit & viola no more pain. Amazing. While I was there, figured I should get a real checkup as well (it had been over 4yrs) & discovered (i had my suspicions) that I clench my jaw & grind my teeth at night. I also find myself clenching my jaw at odd times during the day (at the computer, watching tv, doing dishes, reading…) but again, never thought a whole lot about it (or the constant dull ache in my jaw). So, Dr. Murchie got me set up with a tooth guard (or is it mouth guard?).

I went in to pick it up & have it fitted on friday. He told me to expect to sleep horribly for about 2wks trying to get used to it & then after that it will be hard to sleep without it. So far: I LOVE it!! my jaw is still tired when i wake up, but my teeth already feel so much more comfortable & I wear it when I know I’ll be at the computer longer than 15min & when awake it does keep me from clenching….again…amazing.

Everytime I was in his office over the past couple months he would randomly refer to how God created our teeth when explaining things to me. I realize that since I go to church with him that he is probably more prone to speak like that than with “joe I don’t know if you’re a christian or not” off the street, but regardless, I thoroughly enjoyed it. God did design our teeth for specific purposes…& praise God for raising up christian folk to deal with yet another sad effect of the fall (problematic teeth). How cool would it be if we all had that kind of kingdom passion & zeal even in our place of work.

I still want a scooter.

So, I still want a scooter. Now, one good reason for wanting one is that they are so economical. However, they become less economical when you:

1. Add custom parts -


2. Add a jet engine: