Bible Rullet

I heard someone use the term “Bible Rullet” (I don’t know if that’s spelled correctly), referring to when you randomly flip through the Bible hoping God will let the pages fall on some wonderful verse that you can take as God’s Word for you in that moment. Not the most effective bible study tool for sure (& some would say downright paganistic), so in recent years I try not to do this. Anyhow, hearing that word reminded me of a story for you:

I tend to have “trust God” issues at night, I wake up out of the blue covered in sweat & fear, convinced someone is going to break into my house & kill me &/or my family. Totally irrational, totally something I’ve experienced since I was a very little girl. Ha ha, i blame TV. Anyhow a few months ago I was having a particularly intense “attack” & opened my bible to “play some rullet”…I went to my concordance, looked up “fear”…. I promise I am not making this up…I landed right on “Matthew 10:28″ so I flipped over to it, super encouraged & read:

And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather fear him who can destroy both soul & body in hell.”

Ha Ha! Serves me right! 1) Clearly don’t know my bible very well that I totally didn’t see that coming & 2) I was really just looking for a verse that would work as a “magic incantation” to drive the fear away.

Anyway, no need to be concerned, I have had a lot of “breakthrough” in recent months…mostly due to talking Asher through his irrational fears (of flies).

Education aint what it used to be…

I’ve only got a moment, but I have to get this off my chest.

I got a request today from an individual who is a high school senior looking for an internship with our company. In reading his inquiry I was impressed to find out that he had a 4.1 GPA (uh… out of 4.0). I could rant about that for days, but I must remain on point here… The point is that in the very sentence prior the young man wrote the nastiest, scariest, most horrible-est run on sentence in the history of mankind (well, maybe not that bad). So, my question is, “what English teacher is giving this kid an A.”

While, sure, the kid is responsible for himself and needs to get his act together… but surely the school is letting him down. The school is letting this kid think that he is above “excellent” in his understanding of, apparently, all subjects (A=4.0=Excellence). Lets remember here that C=Average… AKA on par with “most” people. However, apparently, the majority of kids today aren’t using punctuation at all… so, at least a run on sentence has an eventual period… the “excellent.”

Here is what I want to see… I want to see teachers give less A’s, fewer B’s, and more C’s. I’m no grammar genius… but, then again, I graduated with a 3.1 gpa… So, I am apparently above average in my understanding. But something is wrong with the education system when this kid has a 4.1 gpa.

For those who feel like I’m being hard on this kid… Don’t worry too much… we’ll probably still give him the internship. However, his English teacher is blacklisted.

Take Joy

Just getting some pasta sauce made & listening to my ipod. Here’s a little nugget for the mom’s out there: I listen to sermons on my ipod during naptime & after bedtime when i’m doing chores. Gotta sneak that word in throughout the day folks. Anyhow, I’m listening to a sermon titled “The Life & Death of the Missional Leader”. I almost never read books twice & even less often listen to sermons twice, but i listened to this one last night & felt like i couldn’t remember what i thought was so awesome last night, so listening again. After hearing what it was that struck me so clearly, I felt compelled to share with ya’ll:

James 1:2-4

Count it all joy my brothers, when you face trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.

The whole sermon was full of good things, but this is what he said that I wanted to tell you:

Notice James does NOT say: Take Joy IN the trials (we’re not masochists)

he does NOT say: Take Joy AFTER the trials (we’re not hedonists)

But rather, Take Joy BECAUSE of the trial. Joy that is not based on circumstances… inner delight that God is God – regardless- . look at what the trial is doing in you, look at what the trial is going to produce in you. …..there are certain aspects of our character that will not develop apart from trial

There’s more, but I’ll let him preach it to you if you’re interested.

Lunch break adventure

So, I’m on lunch break and had to go get a lawnmower blade and wireless router… these being unrelated of course. Now, I stand in the apple store (which is always dangerous). My main goal for this post is to actually try out apple’s new keyboard. First impression… it’s ok. A minimalist dream… however, look and feel is just ok… maybe with more use I’d like it. Also, using the new imac. Overall… I’m less impressed than I thought I’d be. Sure it is pretty. But I won’t be dumping our current one for this upgrade.

Ok, back to work.

The Sign

We have a “For Sale” sign (actually two) in the yard as of yesterday. While I am certainly excited & looking forward to where we’re going, what we’re doing, who we will meet…..every time I pass the window & see it, my stomach feels a little sad.

Lunch break

So, it’s lunch time here at VitalKey and I’ve heated some leftover Chinese food. Unfortunately, for me, I could not locate a fork to eat with… thus, I am attempting to eat my General Tso’s using a coffee stirring straw.

It is about as effective as you might think it’d be.

Monday Musings on Sunday’s….nursery…

This past week I committed in my mind to participate in this week’s musings….I was all geared up, we are actually in town, no one is sick, & I was not working in children’s church. Wow, I may actually sit through a sermon for once! No….I forgot that (A) Grace needs to be fed at 11:30 (taking up at least 30min) & (B) she is in a transition of dropping her first nap (which would be during church anyway) & isn’t sure if she can handle it, so is exceedingly cranky…. therefore, I spent 90% of the time with her in the nursery.

Thankfully, I was not overly irritated, as I feel like I would normally have been. It just sort of hit me that it is not my “right” to be able to sit through a sermon undisturbed. It is my responsibility to take care of my children, regardless of whether they’re acting enormously sweet or enormously irritating. The next thought is, “why bother” as getting ready for, going to, being at, & trying to leave church with the two kids is honestly quite a chore & “I’m not getting anything spiritually” from it….why bother?

(1) Anytime I’m in a situation where the behavior of my children is less than “perfect” (uh….all the time?) God is pushing buttons & alerting me to areas that I need to surrender & rely on Grace vs. self-determination. So great spiritual exercise for me to go to church just in that.
(2) We (the whole family) need to at least SEE the folks we are traveling on this spiritual journey with…even if we don’t actually get to talk to them. Just something about remembering they all exist helps us to stay connected.
(3) How else are my kids going to learn how to do things like go to church if we don’t go?
(4) It’s the only time asher gets to eat cookies/pastries.
(5) Church isn’t about ME & what I am getting out of it, it’s about meeting with the saints & encouraging each other in the Lord. Whether that be from the pulpit (certainly ideal) or in conversations with mom’s hanging out in the nursery or hallway with fussy babies (just a fact of life in the ‘season’ we’re in).

So thanks nursery workers for the work you do & the sermons you preach. Let’s all remember to preach the Gospel whether we’re officially ‘preaching’ or just trying to make it to naptime without a major explosion.

Monday Musings on Sunday Sermons

Ever have one of those Sunday mornings where your brain refuses to pay attention. Well, confession time, that was me yesterday. Not that I think Pastor Doug reads my blog, but in the case that he does, I’m sorry… it was my brains fault.

For those who wonder, my brain, instead of paying attention, decided to think about planting a church in Orlando. That’s right, my brain invest 45 minutes it could have been learning about Daniel to think about what it would be like to move to Orlando and start a church… It was really strange, especially I don’t think of myself as “lead planter” material. In fact, the mental journey was kind of scary.

The funny part was how my brain decided to start the church. It all started with a Sunday morning meeting at this trendy, “un-cool” cool coffee/bar/video store that where my brother and sister-in-law hang out. It wasn’t a church service, but rather a Q&A about Christianity… The shop has a stage and an area where it would work… and my brain decided to run through all kinds of situations from the irate person who storms the stage all the way to it actually working and a church being born… coincidently, if it worked, my brain decided to name the church after the coffee/bar/video store.

Anyway, if you ever catch me staring off into space and you wonder what I’m thinking… just know… I might be planting a church… or thousands of other oddities.

Happy monday.

Oh and since…

Oh, and since today should be “Photo Friday” I’ll share this one…

Here is a picture of me and the free coffee mug that I got on my visit to RTS. HA! They gave me a mug… that was either a really good marketing move or a really, really, bad one… I’ll let you know.

coffee mug rts

The quest continues…