Lessons learned from our 7 year aniversery trip

  • The best pizza in Baltimore is not better than Piccola’s
  • Massages are nice… even if the masseuse looks like a 50 year old chain smoker
  • Limo rides are over rated
  • Jennifer is better at shooting and driving jet skis
  • I am better at driving motorcycles and cars
  • Pasta can be cooked perfectly
  • Said pasta is best when stuffed with lobster and cheese
  • Baltimore is a nice city
  • Modern art makes me laugh
  • Jenn’s favorite piece of art makes me laugh
  • Jennifer has never been to an art museum
  • Wait… Jennifer has been to an art museum before… maybe you’ve heard of it… the Louvre?
  • Portrait paintings from the 1700′s are truly amazing
  • The HOV lane is not necessarily faster than the normal lane
  • I can sleep until 9 a.m.

3 Day till 7 Years

For all those following the poem trail
… well, it stops today.
We’re packing the car
and on our way.

When we return
our story we’ll share
I guess after all this
that’s only fair.

see ya soon.

4 Day till 7 Years

Well now I’m at work
so this poem can’t be long
but today’s poem is important
for this game to move along.

Today you have a task
one important for sure.
I need you to get ready
to head out the door.

So, pack up the kids
and yourself too
tomorrow morning
we’ve got something to do.

Pack for 5 days
chilly weather in mind
not much more info
will you be able to find.

Except that you should pack
something nice for you to wear
and maybe a swim suit
(can’t be too prepared).

Don’t worry about me.
I’ll pack on my own.
Just be ready to leave
at nine in the moan. <- that’s how you say “morning” so it rhymes with “own” I know its short notice but just wait and see when all the dust settles I sure, happy you’ll be. So the true game begins as my plan now unfold. What happens next? Just wait till you’re told.

Missed You

just wanted to write a quick note to ‘apologize’ for my absence. I’ve been working diligently on my cloth diaper blog, both in writing & completing projects that will be written about (dyeing my diapers (you should see them…quite cute), sewing diapers from old clothing, making doublers from old clothing, sewing & crotcheting covers…ect.). So Burns Blog Time has been limited. I’ll be back….the next time a thought strikes me (wow…that could be awhile…). :)

Oh..& coming soon will be an update on the 10k, I never did tell you about that. Not to mention next week I’ll have to update you on anniversary details (well…broad general details of course!). What is that man up to??

5 Days till 7 Years

You never know
what will happen in a day…
like how all my schemes
have now changed their way.

So all of the poems
whose content is true
might not actually serve
to give you a clue.

But don’t you worry
and don’t you fret
I thrive under pressure
on that you can bet

So sit back and watch
as I do what I do
and know our anniversary will be special
for me and for you.

6 days till 7 years

It’s uber late
so this’ll be short.
You put up with my games
you’re such a good sport.

So without any stalling
here’s your next clue
our plans involve no kids
it’s just me and you.

(oh… and the site is still pink until my client can look at it)

going pink

if you happen to be on the daily burns this evening, you might see some pink changes… I’m testing something for a client… enjoy.

7 Day till 7 Years

The days almost over
and weekend was crazy
Its not that I forgot to post
or that I was being lazy.

Work took up a lot of time
and there’s always more to do.
I know it’s not fun when I work so much.
I’d much rather just hang out with you.

But we both know that this
is just the season we’re in;
With this one almost over
and the next soon to begin.

Oh, it’s 11:50 p.m.

looking at the clock,
I’m about out of time
so cut to the chase
today’s clue is wine.

What does that mean?
Well you know I can’t tell…
But something in the last poem
might pair with it well.

So, off I now go
to get much needed rest;
Check back tomorrow
for more of my test.

Shameless attempt to get some votes

So, not sure what to get Ryan and Jenn for their 7 year anniversary? Well, how about give their new websites some exposure by voting for them at the blogger’s choice awards. Jenn’s clothdiaperdiva.net is up for the best parenting blog and Ryan’s goingtoseminary.com is up for best religion blog.

Just so you know, it is going to take about 4 minutes, but then we’ll really know you love us. Here are the steps:

1. Go to http://www.bloggerschoiceawards.com/
2. On the top, click “sign up” to begin
3. Fill in the necessary information (this is a reputable site and they won’t sell you email to spammers)
4. Click “save and submit”
5. Blogger’s Choice will now send you a confirmation email (to the email you registered with) about your account
6. In the email will be a link that you need to click (this will confirm that you actually signed up for the account)
7. The link should take you back to the bloggers choice page
8. On the top right of the page is a “search” box. Type in goingtoseminary.com and click “submit”
9. In the middle of the page you should see a small shot of my site and a drop-down box that says, “Chose a category to view this blog”
10. Click the box and select, “best religion blog”
11. Now, click on the “vote” icon
12. On the top right of the page is a “search” box. Type in clothdiaperdiva.net and click “submit”
13. In the middle of the page you should see a small shot of my site and a drop-down box that says, “Chose a category to view this blog”
14. Click the box and select, “best parenting blog”
15. Now, click on the “vote” icon

Thanks in advance for our anniversary gift… We really love it!

My site was nominated for Best Parenting Blog!
My site was nominated for Best Religion Blog!