Hapi Gnu Yeer

We’re home. It’s sooo good to be home. It’s a new house, but it’s home. As asher was quick to point out…all our stuff “matches” what was in our old house. Yes, ryan went to great lengths to find furniture & toys that look just like those in our old house….asher was pretty excited about that (yes, we did explain that it was the same stuff…)

I LOVE the house. I’m really looking forward to getting all the details & little stuff settled in, but ryan did an amazing job. the house layout is great, it looks nice, is comfortable, enough stuff set up & put away to make it immediately livable & well…..I would expect nothing less from my ‘man’. :)

Did i mention that it’s (almost) january & our air-conditioner just kicked on? I may just like it here….

Ryan is beginning to feel under the weather (confirming my suspicion that he’s allergic to me since he had no allergies previous to our engagement 8ish-yrs ago), so I tucked him in to bed a little bit ago…now i’m off to learn how to use the new remote control, have another glass of wine & try to prepare my brain to be quiet enough to sleep my first night in the new diggs….despite the fact that florida allows firecrackers & our neighbors are apparently happy about that.

New Years Eve

House is about 90% unpacked and set up… Jenn and kids are in the air. Picking them up in about an hour. I am really excited to see them. Can’t wait for them to see the house.

I’ll try and post some pics soon, but no promises… January class starts soon and I need to learn some Hebrew… and do some work, since I too the last two weeks off.

Anyway, happy new years eve everyone.

Happy Christmas

Well, we’re in N.Va. for Christmas and have been having a lot of fun. Here are some shots from Christmas morning. If you click on the pictures you can see a bigger image.

Happy Christmas to ALL. We love you!

The calm before the storm

The first one up

She’s already got the hang of this

…and #2 comes dragging out of bed

A book of trucks

A book of dinosaurs

Taking a photo break

Taking a play break

A vary happy girl and her baby doll

Momma, baby, and baby’s baby

I (ryan) might be in trouble…

“Look mom, ANIMALS… just like at John’s house!”

Having fun

Animals and Purses

Who is ready for after Christmas sales?!?!

Moving Date Clarification

We realized last night that we were unclear about when we’re actually leaving Richmond.

  • Tomorrow we are packing everything into boxes.
  • Sunday (after church) we are driving to Woodbridge, VA to spend Christmas with my parents.
  • Wednesday Ryan is driving back down to Richmond to load up the moving van & drive to florida
  • After he gets settled (a few days) the kids & I will fly from DC to florida.
  • So, the kids & I will not be coming back to Richmond after we leave on Sunday…..