I can’t sleep. My mind is racing & I just plain don’t feel tired. Not sure if it’s just stress or the fact that I drank two glasses of sweet tea at chick-fil-a this evening (I don’t do caffeine or sugar very often, so the combo at night was probably dumb). Anyhow, I did all the quiet chores I could do and have been whiling my time away catching up on blog reading. Figured I’d go ahead & contribute to my own while I was at it.

A VCU student fwded me this article by John Piper on the problem of “Adultolescents“. Amazing. Please go read it.

As a couple who married at 21 & 22yrs old while still very much full-time college students, Ryan & I both have a soapbox about the notion of having to wait until you’re “mature” to marry. Marriage has been a primary conduit of maturation for us both. I would go so far as to say for many people it could be an unnecessary postponement of marriage that leaves many 30-somethings stuck in a 20-something mentality. Obviously there are legitimate reasons to postpone, but I do think our culture has needlessly caused an aversion to commitment & “growing up”. I don’t think everyone should marry at 20. I also don’t think we should freak out when people do.

Suck it up folks. You will not and cannot be 21 forever. How about instead of idolizing youth we enjoy EVERY stage of our lives that God has seen fit to grant us in the correct context?


Date: Saturday, December 22
Time: Morning/Afternoon
Duties: Come to our house and throw stuff in boxes
Pay: Pizza, drinks, warm fuzzy feeling, and any of the junk in our house we don’t want

Date: Wednesday, December 26
Time: Morning
Duties: Put stuff in moving van
Pay: Donuts and coffee

Date: Wednesday, December 26 – Thursday, December 27
Time: All day
Duties: Drive my car or van to Florida and helping unload the moving van
Pay: Free food and a plane ticket home

If you can help with any of this, please let us know ASAP. Also spread the word.

Biblical Beauty

This morning I was doing some online ‘research’ (hey..i’m using studylight too…) on 1Peter 3:3-7. This is one of those verses that just sort of makes me say, “what the…?” So I should not braid/adorn my hair & walk around naked??

Ok, so I know that’s not what it REALLY means…but it can certainly sound that way. Anyhow, while looking for help to understand what peter was saying, I was perusing (let me know if you thought that word meant something else…a little quiz for you) the Girl Talk blog.

I came across this post regarding the Dove Campaign. My husband also wrote a tidbit about this campaign. I can easily get sucked into the idea of “self-esteem” & having a proper view of yourself from a “wordly” view-point. Mrs. Mahaney made some excellent points on how Christians should view “self-esteem”. Good food for thought.

The past 48 hours

Wow… in the past 48 hours I’ve:

  • Ridden a total of 12 hours in a car
  • Covered 12 square miles of downtown Orlando
  • Called about 35 realtors and home owners
  • Asked the question, “can you tell me about the house?” over a dozen times
  • Committed “breaking and entering” at one house (though no real breaking took place)
  • Had two home made smoothies
  • Been inside 3 potential rental houses (legally)
  • Peaked into, probably, 15 potential rental houses
  • Gotten into and out of the car, probably, 75 times
  • Played with a dog
  • Saw a, probably, rabid ratquilrmunk (rat-squirl-chipmunk hybrid)
  • Been attacked by a 3 pound dog
  • Been nauseated at a very bizarre community where everyone was white, drove BMW’s, and had horses on their shirts
  • Been awoken (twice) at midnight by a vibrating phone
  • Missed my wife and kids tremendously
  • Searched for houses online for 3+ hours
  • Gotten a major project covered by a friend
  • Worn short sleeves and flip-flops while enjoying 74 degree weather
  • Had one really strong cup of coffee
  • Spent a lot of really great time with my brother
  • Got to spend less, but very enjoyable, time with my pregnant sister-in-law
  • Saw a strange house with a LOT of yard art and a mural of a waterfall painted on it
  • Felt nauseous on and off (probably stress related)
  • AND FINALLY, found the perfect house for my family to live it for the next year!

Thanks to all who prayed for me. It has been a crazy week and next week is in que to be about the same (included in the week is my 30th birthday).

I’m currently at the airport and I think I might nap on the flight home… I think I’ve earned it.

House Hunting day 1

It is 8:30 a.m. and I’m feeling lazy. Not having kids to wake you up in nice (yet strangely sad)… thankfully there is construction going on next door to remind me that I have work to do today.

I had dinner with my brother and sister-in-law and two of their friends. One of them mentioned that a friend of theirs had just rented a 3 bedroom house in an area that we want to live for a price that is in our budget… so, that was encouraging.

We’d really like to live near my brother and sister-in-law. They are pregnant and expecting in July. So, we’d like to be close in order to help them… and we just really like them. It’ll be a lot of fun to see them more often.

So, time for breakfast and coffee… then out the door to begin the adventure. Hopefully I’ll have some good news to post this evening!

Quick House update

This afternoon we signed the contract. Now, the only thing we are waiting on is proof of financing from the buyer. If we get that tomorrow, as we assume we will, then the “SOLD” sign goes in the yard!

Today has been a whirl-wind and the next couple days will likely follow suit.

First on my list is to start some lists… oh the lists I need to make…

Thanks for your prayers… more updates as they are available.