Asher Sings the Hebrew Alphabet

This evening, as we were sitting on the back porch, Asher and I began to sing some songs. He was doing so well with the Hebrew Alphabet song that I got my phone and let him take the lead.  So, for your listening pleasure, Asher (3 years old) singing the Hebrew Alphabet (with me singing and laughing back-up).  Click the play button above to listen to the goodness!

New Server

I had to move to a new server last night and have been having issues… the blog might be glitchy and diffferent for a couple days until I can iron out all the wrinkles.


I saw a crane

About 1.5 miles from my house is a jogging/bike trail that does a 3.2 mile loop around a small lake. I love running it as you can’t see the lake the whole time. There are 4 times that I get a good look at it:

1) when i start on the path, I get to look out as the sun is coming up over the water & all shiny & pretty
2) at the halfway point I can see the buildings near the park near my house across this body of water making it seem far away, which is cool knowing I’m going to make it all the way back there
3) I get a little peek somewhere between 2 & 4 but I often end up crossing paths here with other walkers or joggers & am too busy waving or saying “hi” & miss it)
4) when I’m back to where I started which means I’m almost home (ish…unless I continue on to the cobble-stone street neighborhood to add distance).

Saturday when I was in the middle of #4 I saw what i guess was (i’m not into birds & did not come home to “google” it) a black crane (looked like a crane with red on it’s head). It was awesome. At first I thought it was a trash bag sitting on a tiny tree that looks more like a stick poking out of the water, but took a second look & realized it was a beautiful bird. What’s funny is that I came home & saw my route & you can clearly see where I saw the crane:

Saturday is not for Self-Centered

For class I’m reading, “Renewal as a way of Life” by Richard Lovelace. It’s been great so far. Weird in that, i tend to read fast, however i tend to miss important information or find myself daydreaming & missing pages at a time. So I go back & re-read, usually to find I didn’t miss too much. However with this book, seems like everytime I go back & re-read I come across some great little sentence or paragraph & can’t believe I managed to skim over it the first time.

Here’s “what I learned today” (although we never watch Veggie Tales I always hear the “what we learned today” song in my head) during naptime reading (which is almost over)…I’ve been somewhat in discussion via email w/a friend on “loving your neighbor”:

…found this paragraph really interesting in light of trying to figure out what Jesus meant by “love your neighbor as yourself” (mostly i don’t think about for me, as i clearly LOVE me, lol….but i tend to wonder, “what about anorexic women & people on the verge of suicide”):

Jesus takes for granted a truth which modern psychologists have rediscovered: that in order to love others properly, we must first love ourselves. just as we have a powerful drive to love which cannot be satisfied until it finds God, we also have a deep hunger to be loved, to experience the affirmation of our gifts and value as persons. only when we have this affirmation can we love ourselves. our hearts are restless until they find their rest in God, but they are also ill at ease without a sense of our dignity as corulers of creation. only by seeing our mirrored reflection as we look at God do we have a proper self-love, and are then freed to truly love others.

haven’t completely understood/been able to comprehend 2 seconds after i stop reading…i’m still at the point where i think,”hey that said something cool…wish I could remember what it was” so i keep re-reading it. He also a few pages later said, (more focusing on the neighbor this time), regarding Luke 11:5-8 w/the person who needs food for a visitor waking up a friend & bugging them till they get a response: “This promise is usually applied to petitions for our own needs, but the context involves gaining resources for others.”

it’s amazing how the more i discover that life & even the bible (!?!..i know…) does not revolve around ME, the more satisfied (in general, in God, in me) i am…which really does free me up to focus on others more. just liberating.

(sorry Marybeth….& Ryan…that was a long one)

Speeding Ticket

Today i got my first ever speeding ticket. I was following the flow of traffic zoning out & all of a sudden i had what i thought was a crossing guard flagging me down to turn at an intersection, then as i was turning i realized it was probably a police officer. my first thought was honestly that they were doing some sort of random check like breathalyzer’s or something (i know, at 8:15am? really?). no. i was going 30 in a 15. a school zone 15 (the yellow lights were apparently flashing on the speed limit sign). ugh. so not only my first ticket but a double fine b/c it’s a school zone ticket. yikes. he said something about how i will have the option to do driver’s school instead.

I managed to keep composure (fighting back tears the whole 15min (!!!) he was away with my license & registration (apparently the printer was down)) in front of him. But as soon as he walked away I took a deep breath, started to drive away & promptly broke down into hysterical sobbing tears. Hysterical. I can’t remember the last time i cried that crazy-like. My heart just hurt. I talked to ryan, doing the weird hyperventilating breathing thing & his encouragement of “everyone gets tickets, it’s not a big deal” didn’t really help much, but was nice nonetheless (& what I was looking for in calling him). I was just barely late for class too.

On the way home I was recounting the story for my mom & while I thought I would think it funny that i was so upset, just started a new round of tears. So the rest of the way home (i got lost & added 40min to my drive) I analyzed my over-reaction. Here’s what I came up with:

I am a rule-follower by nature. Now, i went through a period of breaking rules, however the really public ones (like only crossing the street at a crosswalk) I’ve always kept. The idea of purposely running a red-light (& any time i’ve accidentally done so) sends my heart into dangerous palpitations.
So i got caught red-handed (or footed) breaking a rule. I am a pharisee at heart. As asher’s bible book would say, I want to be clean on the outside & for everyone to know it, even though i’m broken on the inside.

So there you go, I was crushed because my moralistic standing went down a notch today. However, my standing with God has nothing to do with how many rules i follow or how perfect i appear on the outside. I can not win God’s affections & people’s affections are NOT what I should be basing my worth on. I need Jesus.

Ryan said I should NOT say that to the judge when I go to court.