“Whole” lotta rip-off

I think i’m supposed to write a re-cap or something of vacation before jumping into a rant….so the cliff’s notes: It was GREAT. VERY relaxing & rejuvenating & fun. Just what the doctor ordered. I think i was getting a wee stressed out prior to the trip…I joked to ryan on our “date night” that I hadn’t cried once the whole 5 days! The kids also had a blast & Ryan was noticeably relaxed and present mentally. Ahhh…thanks Pop & Gigi

OK, so, back to the ‘rant’.

I discovered this over a week ago & if i think about it too much i start getting irked again. I went to Whole Foods the other day to pick up a couple things for cold-prevention & noticed in passing that Carlson’s Cod Liver oil was $40! Now, I don’t go there very often because as is the case with most natural food stores, they’re just too expensive (thus the nickname, “Whole Paycheck”). Some I realize is legit (organic foods are more work to produce), but i suspected SOME scalping. Regardless organic/natural foods would not be an option for our family if it weren’t for co-ops. I came VERY close to asking for a manager to explain the reason why this product was twice the amount of where I can easily find it elsewhere. I almost always buy it online where I can get it for $18 (& whenever feasible I buy in bulk for free shipping), however even in the vitamineshoppe brick & mortar store it’s $25. I of course didn’t do it b/c I’m too non-confrontational, but if I have to go in there again, I just might.

It just cheeses me off (that’s right, i said cheese) that food that is actually good for you is not affordable/attainable for the average family let alone low-income families. There’s a woman who puts out weekly menu emails & a recipe archive forum that I LOVE and on her website she has some great tips for budgeting for natural foods if you’re interested.