What did you read today?

Me? This:

A Commentary on Micah

In wesapat (and he will judge), the waw is a consequential relative; the qal third masculine singular, like the third masculine singular suffixes in 4:2, has “I am” as the antecedent (see 4:2) of the root spt (See 3:1,8,9). Syr takes tora as the subject, perhaps to avoid anthropomorphism, but Tg, which has a more pronounced tendency in this direction, clearly reads ydyn

A Commentary on Micah – by Bruce Waltke (Particularly, this is the start of his exegesis of Micah 4:3)

Myrtle Beachin’ it

In case you missed it, the kids & I are in Myrtle beach visiting with my parents and grandparents.  We’re having a great time, but we def. miss “daddy”.  Asher even talked to him on the phone last night for awhile and he does not like the phone.  He didn’t actually SAY much (kept nodding his head ‘yes’), but his eyes were twinkling listening to daddy talk & when we hung up the following conversation ensued:

asher: Momma, I’m so happy we talked to daddy

Me:  Yes, me too, I miss daddy

asher: yeah…is he cheered up now?

me: I think so

asher: yeah…he’s cheered up…but when we come home he’ll be REALLY cheered up..all the way.  He said he’s going to give me big hug. (smiling)

well..i tried to upload some pictures but they’re too big.  1) I’m not too good at fixing these sorts of things on “my computer” ( mac)   2) i’m on my parents pc.     

perhaps later I can opa to get them up here for you.

Why I love John Calvin

If the Lord ever blesses Jennifer and I with another son, his name will be Calvin.

Today I was reading one of Calvin’s sermon on Micah 4:2-3, preached December 11th, 1550. He concludes his sermon with these amazing words… in a sermon given on a Thursday morning:

In light of this holy doctrine, let us prostrate ourselves before the face of our gracious God in acknowledgment of our sins. Let us pray that it may please God to open our eyes that we may be able to recognize his Son, who is God’s living image. And may we so acknowledge him that, in rendering him the honor which is due, we lean entirely on him, thereby demonstrating that we are truly his people. May we want only to humble ourselves before him, praying that our profession of faith, based on the Gospel, redound to our profit, that, acknowledging our sins and confessing them before his majesty, we ask only for his forgiveness in the true confidence that he will forgive us in the name of his Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. And although we are so mistrustful as to distance ourselves from God when he calls us for our own good, may it please God to sustain us, and so validate our Lord Jesus Christ’s death and passion, that we experience its fruit. And in accordance with God’s knowledge of our needs, may he increase his grace more and more within us. And my God not only grant us this grace, but grant it also to all peoples and all nations of the earth.


Today I took Jenn and the kids to the airport.  They will be spending the week with her folks in Myrtle Beach.

Me?  I’m writing 2 papers, taking 2 tests, taking 1 quiz, and giving a class presentation… oh, and launching a website I built for my church… oh, and I just did our taxes…

Anyway, back to the airport…  So, there we were. We had checked in (despites some issues) and walked to the security line.  I hugged Jenn for a minute and then went around the stroller to say bye to the kids… and it hit me like a ton of bricks how much I love those buggers.  I could barely hold back the tears as I looked into my son’s eyes and told him to be good for his mother this week and how much I loved him.  Then, the girl… I’ve become so in love with her recently.  Her hugs, kisses, and smiles make everything melt away and, for that moment, all is right with the world.  I asked for a kiss and she smiled and complied… I just wanted to stare at them for hours… Knowing I had to let them go on their journey, I stood and walked back to Jenn.  I was still fighting back the tears and the enormous lump in my throat.  We hugged, kissed and said goodbye.

It is only 7 days… and I’ll be working my butt off the whole time… but I really do miss them and am sad.

Boys and Girls

My kids are fairly stereotypical. I’m ok with this. In fact, I think it’s pretty darn cute. Case in point:

They are currently in the living room ‘dancing’ to kids songs on the ipod. This is an almost daily ritual where they mostly walk/dance/march in a small circle around a pillow or something in the tv/play room.

As I type Grace is ‘dancing’ much like the ballerina frog from a book we recently read (she’s trying to leap & spin & hop) & Asher is stomping around being a Megalosaurus, who is going to eat a Diplodocus (I have a feeling Grace is the unwitting Diplodocus, so i should probably get back in there).

What really cute is when Asher’s favorite song, “Play on your harp” they both stop whatever they’re doing & skip & sing to this one (well…as much as Grace can do either of those things anyway).

Am I looking for God

A few weeks ago in my class the professor quoted G.K Chesterson:

“Every time a man knocks on the door of a brothel he is looking for God”

In class last week a classmate was sharing how that quote really impacted him and he found himself asking himself often, “am I looking for God right now?”. Like when aimlessly surfing the web, or being really ‘devoted’ to tv time or whatever the case may be. I thought it a striking practice. He did couch it with the idea that it is ok for us to enjoy hobbies or ‘free time’ or whatever, it’s just that line….am i just enjoying a facet of the life God has given me or am I hiding from my creator/looking for fulfillment in something other than Jesus?