This is only a test

I added a new plugin that I wanted to test out before putting it on any of my other sites. The plugin allows you to add code to the bottom of your feed. Don’t know what a “feed” is… here is an explanation of RSS feeds. So, I’m going to write a couple more random posts so I can see how this looks in my feed reader.


Life as a start-up

Many of you know that I had the opportunity to work at a start-up company, VitalKey, when we lived in Richmond Va. It was a pretty cool experience. Today I stumbled across a TV show called, Start-Up Junkies, and it was a crazy flashback! Even the CEO of the company in the show reminded me of the COO of the company I was with (Tom-left).

Watching the video was funny as it looked and sounded like every day at VitalKey.

Great Savings Account

Just before we sold our house Jennifer and I closed our savings account with wachovia and opened an account with ING. I’ve been REALLY happy with them ever since. Biggest upside is NO minimum and a great interest rate. If you need a savings account (or want to get into a better one) then check out ING… and, yes, we get $20 if you open an account… so, help fund the daily burns!

Click here to start saving with ING DIRECT!


Country Fried Hair

Some of you may recall awhile back an adventure i pursued, going “poo free“.  It started out great, but the love affair ended in a scented flop. I ended up compromising with washing with ‘real’ shampoo/conditioner once or twice a week and using either nothing or if my bangs got greasy, baking soda on them the rest of the week (fyi: you can ‘train’ your scalp to not produce as much grease by not washing it everyday).

A couple months ago I re-entered the land of “no ‘poo”.  Sigh.  it seemed to be going well, i changed from regular white vinegar to apple cider vinegar….but apparently still smelled of vinegar.  To make matters worse, i now have long hair and it was a whole different ball game.  The ends have gotten a wee damaged here of late.  Wearing my hair down is quite the ordeal, trying to hide the split ends & coarsness.  I’ve since discovered a few things i may have been doing wrong (too much baking soda, not diluting the acv or could’ve tried lemon juice). but i’m tired of the effort.  So i’ve settled on forking out the dough for aubrey organics shampoo & conditioner (the cost is holding me to the 1-2x/week routine) & making an appt. to get my hair trimmed.

I am excited about the hair appointment though.  Apparently we have 2 pretty big salon schools here in Winter Park, where you can go for deeply discounted hair (& body w/Aveda) care.  Aveda & Paul Mitchell.  I decided to go with Aveda….always a tad scary knowing it’s someone who’s technically still learning…but I’m hoping it won’t make THAT much difference since it’s only a trim & not a ‘real’ cut & style.

Which reminds me, if anyone who lives in the orlando/winter park area would like a $10 gift card for Regis Salon (i’m not sure if it has to be the one in the mall right here or not), let me know.  It came in the mail recently (promo from the company) & I can’t bring myself to throw it away even though I’m not going to use it.

Email, Day 2

Yesterday went well.  I did check it more than twice, but considerably less than usual.  The challenge is that I need to email clients when I complete things for them, so I open email to send something to them and… then it gets me…

So, I think that it is just going to take some time to figure out a system.

Also, this morning I “hid” my email icon on my phone.  So, no email on the phone today… already checked email once today… actually, I think three times a day is going to be more reasonable.  Once in the morning, once at lunch time, and once in the evening.

We’ll see how it goes.

Be imitators

I’ve noticed a pattern concerning “super-women”…or more-so other women’s response to them.  We all know them, they’re those women who are very accomplished in one or many things, whether that be in the workplace, as a homeschooling mom, uber-decorator, super smart, incredible faith, incredible demeanor….insert whatever you thought of here.

So you have wonderwoman in one corner.  The rest of us in another.  It seems the most common responses are either to dislike her, “why’s she gotta make us look bad”, or to dispair in awe of her, “wow…i could never be like HER“.

However, (unless it’s the super decorator variety), when I am struck by the uber-ness of another woman…a woman who has qualities that I feel I could only wish to have, I think of Paul.  No, not Paul Burkhart…the Apostle Paul.  Talk about an “uber”.  I think it would be rather difficult to think him anything less than a “super-christian”.  He had a really big brain, and it was put to work for the cause of Christ.  Reading through his epistle’s you can see the list of his ‘accomplishments’ & even his struggles.  This man KNEW Christ.  His level of faith seems pretty un-attainable to us “normal people”.  However, more than once, he encourages us to “be imitators” of him (1Corinthians 4:16, 1Corinthians 11:1).  Heck, in 1Thessalonians he twice he referred to the recipients of the letters as having become imitators of CHRIST.  That is after all in our Christian walk, the idea.  Little jesus’ running the globe.

I tend to extrapolate that concept to all areas.  “Well heck, she’s human, I’m human…she can do it…I probably can too”.   Admittedly sometimes this gets me into trouble & I jump in over my head (ahem…seminary), but every time I retreat from something that was out of my league, I retreat with a little piece of “uberness”.  It was worth it, externally “successful” or not.  Not to mention the amazement when advances become a new part of my life.   it may not be easily evident, but if Paul wrestled with & mourned the state of his sinful heart…you can bet these seemingly super humans have flaws.  I’m not saying we should become detectives to figure out what they are, but that we shouldn’t let our flaws keep us from pressing forward into new territory.

So two of my new recent adventures: Studying in depth, the book of Hebrews with some friends & testing the waters of sprouting grains to then dehydrate & grind into flour.  Two things I have felt unable to pursue in the past as much too “adventurous” or lofty for the likes of me.  I’ve only dipped a toe in thus far…but the water feels niiice.


I think I’m going to try to only check email twice a day this week ( once in the morning and once in the afternoon)… rumor is that email is a time killer.  So, for the sake of productivity, I’m going to give it a try and see if I can survive. I’m even  contemplating removing it from my phone… So, we’ll see how it goes.