Twitter Updates for 2008-07-28

  • Systematic Theology III all week long… 8-5, M-F… I get tired just thinking about it. #
  • Class is packed… roll call taking quite a while… #
  • …an entire week talking about Jesus and redemption… this is going to be great! #
  • the redemption of creation, from the curse, through death, for covenant fellowship with God in a new creation—all by the hand of a Mediator #
  • 1 peter 3:18 – For Christ also suffered once for sins, the righteous for the unrighteous, that he might bring us to God #
  • – Union and communion with God. #
  • Using metaphor of music – Our present agenda: to trace and describe the movement of redemption. #
  • For the record, I’m taking vintage notes – #
  • Five minute break. #
  • B. God promises redemption to Abraham: the Covenant of Grace #
  • God covenants to be Abraham’s God AND Father. Father? Hebrews 11:8 – Inheritance comes from a father. #
  • God fulfills his redemptive promise through Moses (et al) in three stages: #
  • (1) inauguration (redemption accomplished/covenant union secured), #
  • (2) continuation (redemption sustained/covenant communion enjoyed), and #
  • (3) consummation (redemption consummated/covenant communion consummated). #
  • A mediator is one appointed and anointed by God from among God’s people to represent God to his people and to represent God’s people to God. #
  • Hour and a half lunch break. #
  • Lunch over… on to redemption inaugurated #
  • – Vintage notes for first half of day one. #
  • What are the two reasons God chose Israel? Deuteronomy 7:7-8 – Because of his love and a promise made to their fathers. #
  • Worship is the goal of redemption. #
  • – Time to take another break. #
  • Atonement is the precondition of forgiveness * Forgiveness is always costly. #
  • Interestingly, “redemption” in Israel (on various non-spiritual levels) is procured by a family member. #
  • 3:26 – Officially feeling sleepy. #
  • God promises in the Law to do what the Law could not do (cf. Rom 3:21) #
  • 10 minute break #
  • God continues to fulfill his redemptive promise through David-Solomon: mediation through King and Temple #
  • He just said “Rad” #
  • Calling it a day. Packing up and heading home. Looking forward to a relaxing evening. #


I went to a “cooking with coconut flour” seminar saturday morning. It was pretty fun. The seminar pretty much had ZERO to do with cooking (uh…why i went) but rather the benefits of coconut & info on the presenters farm (& holistic farming practices ect.). It was funny sitting there realizing that (assuming i was capable of forming a coherent thought “public speaking” & not passing out from nerves) I could’ve given the seminar, lol. Pretty funny considering I used to buy Gordon’s fish & thought that was a legitmate good home-cooked meal. But i digress. While the content wasn’t what i was hoping for, i did meet a few cool people and made a really fun foodie/faith connection with a woman I sat next to.

I also came away with an amazing cookie recipe. She passed them out to taste during the presentation & I was overjoyed to find that I had all the necessary ingredients at home. Asher and I cooked some up right after lunch. Oh they’re heavenly (assuming you like coconut which I discovered today Ryan does not. another “wow what a terrible wife I am” moment that after 7.5 yrs i managed to not notice a dislike for coconut).

Coconut Macaroons

2 egg whites
pinch salt
1 tsp vanilla
3/4 cup sucanat (I saw some at Publix the other day, so it’s becoming more avail. looks like)
2.5 cups UNSWEETENED shredded coconut

Whip egg whites with vanilla & salt till stiff. Add sucanat. Fold in coconut & drop onto cookie sheet (not sure if it’s supposed to be greased or not, i did grease mine). Bake @ 350 for 15-18min.

A tip she gave me was after they’re cooled, to freeze them, then thaw & it will yeild a much chewier version, as they come out crunchy. I guess they come out crunchy when cooled anyway, asher and I ate some pretty much immediately & they were pretty chewy I thought.

They taste a lot like Samoas (girl scout cookies). Mmmmm…..They’re also really filling but that did not stop me from eating 3.5 & now i feel like i have a brick in my stomach but still want more. Ah, sugar.

Now to go google to see if i can find the recipe she uses for coconut flour zucchini bread (bread products with no grain flour? i’m intrigued).

Twitter Updates for 2008-07-26

  • Heard a bunch of thunder at the house… Gonna run over to the park to see if I can shoot some lightening. #
  • Hearing some decent thunder… Lightening is a bit lacking. #
  • Not looking like a good shoot. Couple more minutes and I’m packing up and heading home. #
  • Asher and Grace just cashed in their reading bucks at the library. Asher has been saving all summer for a dinosaur pincher. He’s really … #
  • – Asher and his new pincher. #

Jenn, Oh No!

Jenn, see what happens when you stop playing the flute… the robots take over…

Drew, I know how you treat robots… I bet if you saw this guy playing on the street corner you wouldn’t even drop a quarter in his hat. Poor robot.


ran across this quote today in an article that i’m not sure how i ended up finding let alone reading (well, i read it b/c i’m a Keillor fan, but no recollection of how i ended up there. Somehow googling to find a sesame chicken recipe, ended with blogging about a Keillor quote).

I think that past the age of thirty there is no obligation to be clever at all. Cleverness is a burden after that. You are supposed to settle down and be a good person, raise your children, and be good to your friends, which you may not have been back when you were clever.

-Garrison Keillor (the Prarie home companion guy)

Whew, 6 more months & then i’m off the hook.


In general while of course I think my kids are rather exceptional/smart, i have been around enough ‘exceptional’ kids & read enough books about parenting ect. that I realize they’re pretty normal kids. Usually. Every now and then Asher does something that makes me question his ‘normalness’. Of course, the poor kid doesn’t have a great shot at normalcy, seeing as how I’m his mom.

Today’s little ‘moment of weird’ was a little OCD action at lunch. We’re sitting here eating sandwiches, chips and dehydrated apple slices. At almost every meal he requires a napkin nearby to constantly wipe off his hands and mouth (i blame ryan for that one). Today it has gone into overdrive. He’s taking one bite of sandwich, wipes his mouth, eats one chip, wipes his mouth, takes an incredibly tiny bite of apple slice, wipes his mouth. Pause and repeat.

Though again, guess the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, this is all coming from the woman who chews the inside of her mouth without realizing it, but even after she notices it happening can’t stop until both sides are evenly chewed (& there are far more “things have to be even” ticks i have) & his dad “can’t” eat a sandwich without chips. Guess it’s inevitable. But hey, my mom always told me, “it’s a compliment when people call you weird.”

I suppose what’s more weird is Grace’s seeming lack of OCD tendencies. In fact, as i type she’s rubbing dehydrated fruit around her peanut butter & jelly smeared face, plate full of everything mashed & mixed together in a totally random “not paying attention to what i’m doing” fashion. Hey, at least there’s no pb&j in hair, she is getting a bit cleaner these days. ;)