Twitter Updates for 2008-08-22

Twitter Updates for 2008-08-21

  • Talking on Skype with lead pastor of #
  • LOTS of rain and wind last night. Fay is camping out on us right now. #
  • Just spent over an hour trying to decide on what flights I want between orlando and seattle. #
  • … and finally booked the hotel… currently debating on getting a rental car. #
  • ok… will try priceline again an a day or two and see if I can’t get a better deal on a rental car. They didn’t take my $20 a day bid. #
  • Office max, bank, target, library, gas station, home, then off to destin for the weekend. #
  • Just installed twitterberry on my phone. Getting cds from library for road trip. #
  • ok… packing up office then and loading the van… then off to drive through the remains of a tropical storm for the next 6 hours. #

Twitter Updates for 2008-08-20

  • Slept crazy hard last night. Stress is wearing me down big time. Oh, Fay left a giant tree limb in our yard. The boom It woke me at 11p.m. #
  • @jakebelder Campus closed today. Email in your inbox. #
  • @stevekmccoy @joethorn Will you two actually talk on the trip or just twitter back and forth the whole way? #
  • Apparently drinking 98 cups of coffee would kill me: #
  • I’m listening to Christmas music while working. #
  • @jakebelder think it is in one sitting… unless you’re already dead… #
  • @johndyer Nice! I could see it integrating into the site nicely… linking to titles available in logos. could be helpful to logos users. #
  • Trying to force myself to relax. Listening to the blues, having a Stella, and watching the rain. #
  • I don’t think it is possible to relax when you have two kids under 4 awake. #

Merciless Semantic pet-peeves

Another fun little burns’ trivia nugget for you. One of ryan’s pet peeves (you know, besides the all-encompassing, “things that don’t work the way they should”…but i digress..) is when people incorrectly interchange the words “Mercy” & “Grace”. It’s possible that this isn’t quite the pet-peeve for him that it used to be, however, it’s something that rubbed off on me & for me it does still remain.

The example that sticks out in my mind most vividly is once when i was helping out in a church office. I managed to ruin a stack of wallet-sized invitation cards (not an inexpensive mistake). I was pretty upset/worried about it. A person came in & was consoling me saying, “don’t worry, there’s grace here, you have grace with us.” I didn’t say anything, after all, this person was simply trying to encourage me. Not to mention that the confusion between the two is confounded by the non-theological use of the term in our language, which in all honesty should cause me to drop this soap box entirely, as that’s probably what people mean…. But i do remember thinking, “can you really offer me that? Pretty sure you mean mercy…”

Really I almost never say anything as i’m not always able to wrap my head around what the differences are (& unlike when i was in elementary school I don’t like walking around correcting people’s grammar/word usage). There are moments of clarity & it’s fairly easy for me to articulate ‘mercy’, but grace tends to elude me (ironic seeing as how we named our daughter for it….i get the ‘main idea’, but getting nit-picky i get confused).

Anyhow, this morning in my Hebrews study I pondered on the following verse:

Hebrews 4:16
let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.

now this from the study notes in my bible:

mercy addresses our need for forgiveness when we have succumbed to temptation, and grace brings timely support to sustain us in the midst of temptation.

just got me thinking on an illustration that ryan gave me once a long time ago (but then immediately said it didn’t work, but i didn’t understand why or how so i kept using it): you’re speeding, get pulled over by a police officer. he doesn’t give you a ticket = mercy. he then gives you $100 = grace. i think i finally get why that’s not right. the first part is correct: he doesn’t give you a ticket = mercy. grace would be more like….(this is tricky, not sure if i’ll get it): he so changes your heart/mind so as to enable you to no longer speed…to no longer succumb to the temptation to speed. which of course doesn’t work in the analogy b/c only God can do that, but i think that makes the point (?).

Feel free to correct me if need be….i’m not sure i’ll ever REALLY understand this….

Twitter Updates for 2008-08-19

Toungue Twister!!!!

I’ve started getting a little picky about what I read to the kids. If I fail to choose a handful of books for them to choose from, they end up bringing things that…well…literally put me to sleep (“momma, don’t close your eyes!”). For asher it tends to be encyclopedic or dictionary (illustrated & intended for kids at least) type books & Grace usually chooses either a clifford book (which used to be a favorite & just unfortunate for her that i’ve read every clifford book we have a zillion times before she was even born….i actually CAN usually ‘read’ those w/my eyes closed) or the color train. i just don’t understand HOW to read this one (looks like it’s supposed to be a song, but i have no idea what tune)… it’s just annoying…& asher gets irritated that everything in the picture isn’t listed in the words.

Now, i realize Grace needs those easy boring books to be read to her for developmental/educational reasons & so i read them. And it’s just mean to deny Asher a dinosaur encyclopedia ALL the time, so i read them (when Grace isn’t around…she does NOT like those & makes it even more annoying than it already is to do so). However, most of the time for our pre-naptime stories, they get to pick anywhere from 1-4 books (lots of factors involved regarding the variance in # of books). Lately I’ve been on a Dr. Seuss kick.

I always love to read out loud (almost) any book that rhymes &/or is poetic. Asher used to have a book of poems that was my all-time favorite to read, but it got destroyed (&/or lost i’m not sure).

Anyhow, so back to Dr. Seuss. Upside: It’s really fun to actually READ. I particularly love the ‘tounge twister’ type ones (like “Oh say can you say“). Asher likes them when i get stumped & shouts, “TONGUE TWISTER” each time. It’s really fun to see the improvement over the course of a week (when i ‘have’ to return the book to the library). The first day there are shouts of “tounge twister” on every page & it takes forever to get through as I have to go very slow. By the end of the week we can zip through it fast (though i also challenge myself to enunciate in an exaggerated manner ever since I realized asher was hearing words mashed together & thought they were new words). hmmm…perhaps i should not read these in front of Grace…

The downsides:

1. They’re pretty nonsensical..(i don’t know if that REALLY matters or not).

2. it bugs asher to no end that he can’t figure out what the characters are…i’ve finally settled on ‘allowing’ him to say they’re just monsters (not that i’m anti-monster, but i like my son want things to be called what they are & these are just imaginary nonsense creatures…not monsters. however, he can’t seem to make that it’s own category in his mind, so they’re all different types of monsters…drives me crazy but i guess i should be the ‘adult’ here…).

3. a lot of them are LONG. I’m ok with it & asher is typically fine with it too, but it’s rare Grace will make it through a whole book. I typically start with a book Grace has chosen, then when we lose her it’s no big deal as she already got to hear “her book”.

4. And last, this is just kind of funny; they’re outdated. Last week we borrowed, “the cat in the hat comes back” & i had to change “dad’s $10 shoes” to “dad’s expensive shoes”. I doubt anyone would really get that freaked out about $10 shoes getting messed up other than the fact that they’d be unable to find another pair of dress shoes that cost so little.

Now if only our library would carry, “Oh, say can you say Di-no-saur“.