Twitter Updates for 2008-09-22

  • just watched the trash guys throw all my recycling in the trash… dang. #
  • Today is the day. Moving truck is set to arrive some time before noon. Then it is time for the heavy lifting. Red Bull anyone? #
  • Ok, here I go. I’m packing the computer for 2 weeks. Of course I’ll still twitter via my phone and laptop but packing the computer is sad. #
  • Internet is officially off. I feel naked. #
  • – Notice the pencil behind the ear. Nice touch. #
  • – Time to load er up! #
  • – Helpers waiting to help. #

Communication Woes

Grace has started talking more….as in making a verbal effort to be understood more. Which means she does have some new intelligible words, but the vast majority are unkown even to Ryan & I (though deep down i blame myself b/c I understand far more of her language than ryan so I act on jibberish instead of expressing to her that the word really makes no sense… ;) ).

Case in point: just now, she’s eating lunch & SOMETHING keeps hurting her. I think she must have a cut on her thumb & salt is getting in it? She just keeps saying, “hurt me momma” & showing me her thumb. When i try to wash or kiss it, “no..teka tush a soosa momma”. ?? Um…yeah, even context isn’t helping. She’s assuring me physically that it is not the thumb that she keeps sticking up at me. And repeating this gibberish phrase intently, boring holes in my brain with her eyes since i am not responding appropriately to said gibberish.

Though Asher did translate another “momma, hurt mine” gibberish earlier, in that the bib was hurting her neck. I thought she was saying leg.

Lord, PLEASE let her speak clearly soon.

Prayers are coveted. :)

::UPDATE:: this just in: it was her lip. Salt getting on her lip that is apparently chapped (doesn’t look it). Was pointing to it with her thumb i guess (though that did not look like was not near her mouth!).

Twitter Updates for 2008-09-18

  • – I think my hard drive just died. Not good. #
  • I am very displeased with comcast… sheesh #
  • All utilities in WA set up (check) All utilities in FL canceled (check) For Rent sign in the yard (check) #
  • WHY would you order something online and then have to go to a 10 minute ‘chat’ session to confirm. Comcast is stupid. #
  • After complaining, the agent replies “Unfortunately a computer is not advanced enough yet to set up new accounts in our billing system.” #
  • @stevekmccoy avoid comcast if you can #
  • FL temp this week = H 87, L 71 WA temp this week = H 68, L 50 (I love WA already!) #
  • Going to grab coffee with @jakebelder at Stardust. Then I plan on making a packing plan of attack. #
  • – Seems like a strange “selling point” #

Twitter Updates for 2008-09-17

  • 6 days till we pack the moving van. Mini van getting shipped out today. Plan on buying plane tickets and hotel today. Much to do. #
  • @jakebelder just booked my tix. Fly out next Wednesday. I’m always up for a cup-of-joe. Stardust sound good? #
  • – The van is on its way to Washington. #
  • Van shipped (check) Plane Tix Booked (check) Hotels Booked (check) Email Pleading for Help Packing the Moving Truck Sent (check) #
  • @johndyer hey, I work for that company! #

Last minute weirdness

This past Sunday evening when it sunk in for us that we were in fact really moving (and within a couple weeks at that) our minds both started turning. Ryan began making mental lists of all the tasks to be completed, like shipping our stuff and the van…finding a place to live…ya know..moving stuff. Me? My first task checked off the growing list in my head was to make 3 gallons of beef stock with the reserved bones sitting in my freezer. Will I use 3 gallons of beef stock in 1 week? No. But I figured stock pawned off on friends in quart sized freezer bags has a higher chance of being used than the bones I’d been saving up for that round of stock. Yeah…Ryan shook his head in wonderment of my weirdness too.

Next was using up the remaining dry fruit in the house to make up a large batch of “snowy fruit balls” for the kids to snack on. Then assess what else is in the freezer. Liver. There’s a pound of chicken livers that I *intend* to make into liver pate tomorrow. Anyone in Orlando like liver pate? I also have a pound of beef liver that will have to go to the trash unless there are any takers.

I did sadly throw out the beef tounge today. It sat in the freezer for over a year…never did work up the courage to try to cook that. Maybe some day….

Then there’s the sourdough. Sigh. Tonight I used some to make a batch of banana muffins that will be breakfast over the weekend. Tomorrow morning I’ll make some sourdough pancakes & then in the afternoon will prepare some sourdough pizza crust….then I’ll have to dump any remaining starter & wash the jar. Kill off my sourdough starter. it was my “first born”. It started out gluten free (as of this week is no longer, heh). It taught me so much…..ok…actually books & people on the internet taught me, but it was all trial & error with this generation of starter….that i might add was garnered “wild” on my back porch. It was a victorious milestone in crazy traditional food cooking. Yes, I’ll be able to start up a new batch of “bellingham” sour dough (which interestingly enough…might taste different as there are different strains of yeast in different locations, I’m anxious to see). But I’ll always fondly remember the original starter. ;)

Twitter Updates for 2008-09-16

  • Big day today. Lot accomplished and lots still to do. For now, time to open one of the “special occasion” wines and celebrate the new job. #
  • Moving van reserved (Check) Place to live in WA (Check) Ever expanding to-do list (Check) #
  • Transport company for van selected (check) emailed questions to current landlord (check) heading out the door to get boxes (check) #
  • Turned on radio in car. Asher, age 3, “dad, this sounds like jazz music.” I didn’t even know he knew what jazz was. #

Scootin’ to the “Left Coast”

I’ve been sitting here for almost an hour surfing trying to get “inspired” to write about our latest big news. it’s not happening, but yet i feel obligated to say SOMETHING, what with ryan’s twitter posts in the mix & all.

So, for those who have not been updated on the play by plays of ryan’s job status the past month….we’re moving to Bellingham Washington! …soon. Like…next week(ish?). could be a long story, but i’ll give you the “guy’s” version (guy being “stereotypical male conversation style”):

Ryan got a job with Logos. We think it’s a great job with a great company in a great town….so we/he accepted & off we go!

To give you a ‘feel’ for the sort of place it’s rumored to be: Raw milk is legal. Quickly accessible to hiking and rock climbing. Bikes are apparently as common as cars on the road. = I’ll probably fit right in. ;)

We’ll really miss the friends we’ve made here, but we are looking forward to the latest chapter in “The Burns’ Great Adventure”.