Making Things Official

Since I (FINALLY) learned how to upload pictures to the blog the other day, I decided to purpose to take & add more pictures. We’ll see how that goes….best laid plans and all.

So for my picture debut (unfortunately my pics will not be the artistic quality that you are by now used to from Ryan): Rain boots. From what i’ve gathered, they are to Washingtonians as flip flops are to Floridians. I kept meaning to get rain boots while in florida (but never found any small enough), but since the storms were usually short lived & the weather hot, the ground wasn’t actually wet all that often…and since it was hot, flip flops worked just as well as boots would. Here however it’s just kind of damp a lot…and when it does rain, it lingers awhile and isn’t violent enough to keep people out of it. In fact I’ve noticed people seem downright unaffected when it starts to rain…out walking dogs & to the bus stop…sans umbrellas. There has been a decided lack of umbrellas altogether from what I can tell. Guess it’s hard to get stuff done trying to tote those around. So rain boots & jackets it is. Next we’ll have to shop for some raincoats…

Both children 100% picked out their own boots with no input from me. I prepared my ego for the reality that I would probably have to buy spiderman boots. However, Asher with no hesitation chose these rather hip-looking pair (I promise until he was 100% satisfied w/his choice i maintained a neutral expression & said nothing).

Couldn't get a good view of the kicks on full-body shot

Grace not so much but I’ve come to expect nothing less and I love her choice too. They are cool in a different way. :) It was a fun experiment in personality. She calls them her, “witty tat doots”

She was hamming it up big time here.  turned out cute though

Me? Well…I’m my daughter’s mother. I couldn’t decide between lady bugs & flowers. Grace made the final decision for me. Admittedly I saw a woman wearing these at the Farm last weekend & really liked them.

Flower Girl

Now i feel like a local. ;)

Going Green to the Library

Pretty much ever since I saw that we have a city bus stop within a block of our house, for whatever reason I’ve been itching to take the kids on it. The only reason it’s taken so long is that I seriously do not understand the route maps & get lost easily.

Anyhow, my “goal” has been to see if we can make it to & from the library for weekly storytime riding the bus. My reasoning:

1) I’m a cheapskate. I have to pay to park at the library. Yes, $0.75 a week is not going to break the bank, but couple that with gas to get there…I figure if i buy tokens (which is cheaper than paying cash, but not committing to ride enough to warrant a monthly bus pas), we’ll come out on top.

2) it’s something fun for the kids. Yes, it turns a 60-70 min. library trip into a 2.5 hr extravaganza, but they get to say they ride the bus like daddy & i figure it’s a good life experience (or something mushy sounding like that). In fact today we had quite the interesting conversation with a slightly scary looking man who more or less threatened the kids to behave b/c “his brother is santa clause”. He did it in a very nice sounding way that did not scare the kids though… I kept waiting for Asher to call his bluff seeing as how my kids are aware santa is not real. Thankfully he didn’t. I say thankfully b/c I have been reprimanded by strangers about the santa issue.

I know by now you’re at the edge of your seats to find out the verdict: it was a success! They got a little impatient about how long it took & on the way home I forgot myself & had them sitting next to each other instead of me in between (thus the strange man feeling the need to interfere & help stop the fight induced crying). But in all, it was an easy, fun trip. Didn’t even have to change buses and the stop is obvious, so I don’t foresee myself missing it. I also discovered a third reason to ride the bus: The kids brought a small bit of joy to some grandparently looking folks (including scary santa threatening man), waving & smiling & talking to a few folks who really seemed to enjoy the exchange. I think I will buy some tokens.

Twitter Updates for 2008-10-21

  • At the dmv to get a WA license. Fun way to start a Tuesday. #
  • Waiting outside. Some guy just showed up and suggested everyone get in a line against wall. No one questioned him. Just did what he said. #
  • Oh. And because of line guy I’m now 14 in line. I was 3. Thanks man. #

My Vote

So, this evening I request my absentee voting ballot for Florida.  Since we moved so close to election time, we can’t register in WA and still vote in November… so, we’ll be voting in FL… by mail.

Now, I’ve never really talked politics because I know it is something that I am not tremendously well versed in.  However, I’ve given more thought to this election than any election I’ve had the privilege to vote in.  The truth of the matter is that I have misgivings about all those running.

From before the primaries I’ve been concerned that Obama lacks the real experience to be the most powerful man in the world.  I’m concerned that 4 years with McCain might be 4 years of the same ole, same ole.  I’m concerned that Palin isn’t ready to be president should something happen to McCain… and I don’t know much of anything about Biden.

That said, there are things I like about all the candidates.  I like Obama’s zeal and riggor and might do some good with domestic issues.  I like that McCain is a smart man with lots of foreign policy experience.  I like that Palin is a real person… and, again, I just don’t know anything about Biden.

So, when my absentee ballot arrives, how am I going to decide who to vote for?

For me… it is pretty simple.  See, there are a lot of issues I’ll consider when voting.  The war, taxes, diplomacy, the economy, education, domestic policy, big business… the list goes on. For me, however, the trump card is the thousands upon thousands of babies that were murdered last year.  I simply can not, and will not, give my vote of support to anyone who will further the cause of abortion.  God has created life and given it value by making it in His image.  To destroy those lives is an affront to the character of God. You can raise my taxes, leave pot holes in my road, and even send me off to war… but I will not vote for a man or woman who will sit idly (or actively) by as legislation is passed to continue this barbaric, God-mocking, God-dishonoring, abomination.

Many issues are important to me.  However, until the issue of abortion is no longer an issue, I will always allow it to be the issue that directs my vote.  I hope and pray you join me.

For much more commentary on the issue of abortion and politics, here is a link to Justin Taylor’s blog.  (For those not familiar with the blog, Justin talks about much more than abortion, I simple made the link only pull his posts on the subject.)

ADDED: If you visit Justin’s bog, please know that there is a very graphic video on abortion in one of his recent posts.  I have mixed emotions about the video, but in the end, it shows the harsh reality of what abortion really is. It is killing babies.

While Justin focuses a lot on the theological/political, additional biblical info can be found at Desiring God.

For toddler art lovers: Jericho; an interpretation

Lately while Grace is napping and either before or after Asher’s “roomtime”, I sit down with him & work on a letter tracing page. We do one letter a day. Some letters/days he does great & works hard to get it right. Others he’s just silly & still others are really difficult & he tries but I don’t push too hard to correct mistakes. At this point my main goal is working on fine motor skills, not so much actually being able to write letters.

After he finishes the page he then turns it over to draw on his own. He always draws people & for the past week & a half he’s been stuck on drawing “jericho”. Last week we got a book about firefighters and one about pirates who got tied up in rope. They have both been incorporated. Thx to ryan’s help via messenger (thx ryan, sorry to distract work), you will see below: Jericho. The ‘bad guys’ are the small ones on the bottom right lined up along the “wall” (the line with zig zag going down it), the ‘Israelites’ are also firefighters & for some reason the red one is tied up. (the domes on the black guys’ heads are firefighter helmets). You will also note, the balls on the ends of the “good guys” hands are: boxing gloves.

Good News

I just heard form our landlord in Orlando.  They rented our house on October 1!  That means we don’t have to pay double rent for the next 3 months. This is a huge relief.  Thank God for answered prayers.

Twitter Updates for 2008-10-18

  • Week 2 has come to a close and I enjoy my job more and more each day. Maybe its just the honeymoon stage. Or maybe logos is just that great. #
  • In case you didn’t notice, we are at a farm. Now standing in line for the hay ride to the pumpkin patch. #
  • Christmas tree fact: each acre of Christmas trees provide the daily oxygen requirements for 18 people. #
  • – Time to ride #