Twitter Updates for 2008-11-26


btw, Elizabeth: not sure what I was expecting, but not quite that.  I also expected that since i watched it recorded from T.V. that more would be edited.  Ended up having to fast-forward a good bit.  weird.

Operation winding down

Well, this afternoon while pow-wowing w/ a friend via IM, she mentioned that she will need to keep her bird (or was it birds) outside tonight b/c they’re in a 5gal bucket that wouldn’t dream of fitting in a fridge.  “oh yea! I live where it’s cold now too!”.  So The big pot is now in the garage and everyone else is snug in the fridge.

Since i’m married to a southerner (should i now clarify a southEastern southerner?), we will be having Thanksgiving Lunch.  Somehow I always forget it’s not dinner for them.  It’s not that I’m really opposed, as it is nice to have it all done, enjoy the feast at lunch & then graze the afternoon away & if you’re interested in dinner, well…by all means help yourself (esp. with small children around who despite the fact that an enormous dinner is on it’s way, expect a lunch…the nerve…).  but this means the turkey is going in the oven at 6am.  Nothing like handling raw meat first thing out of bed.  :)   At least i don’t have to sear it.  Searing roasts for the crockpot at 6am is always a little gag-inducing.

It was gently suggested in passing that attempting gravy tomorrow might be “too much”….and seeing as how it will likely be a tight ship….i think i’ll cave & use the storebought gravy.  BUT i will attempt gravy for leftovers….i only bought a SMALL container of gravy.  So i’ll give it a go w/o the pressure of “thanksgiving” & it having to be served at a certain time.  I don’t know why i have such a hard time with it!  According to most, it’s supposedly “easy”.

So now, I am going to re-read my turkey instructions & then be done for the night.  Ryan just got a free-lance project to work on this weekend, so he’ll likely be up late doing that tonight.  Don’t tell him but at least for TONIGHT I was secretly glad b/c I’ve been really itching to watch Elizabeth, which has been waiting on my DVR for just over a week.  So I’m gonna go give Ryan his ginger & Tazo “calm” tea, and then retreat to the couch with mine.

See you tomorrow.  And in case I forget, Happy Thanksgiving.  I intend to make “thankfulness turkeys” with the kids tomorrow.  If you’re lucky there might even be pictures.  :)

Photo re-cap of OTP

Decided to go with one long consolidated photo post.

Turkey hiding in the brine.  Very pretty!

Night-Night Turkey.  I honestly have no idea where the side dishes are sleeping.  Maybe the pot can go on the back porch?

I’m a sucker…saw this & almost immediately put it in my cart

And since we never have apple juice around I “had” to buy these too:

Lunchin’ it.  This is why Grace always gets the “uber-bib” (hooded infant towel with hole cut in it):

Oh yeah, MY “office”:

Corn Bread turned out GREAT.  not so great that I forgot to do it onto the cooling rack.

ahh that’s better.

oh & the skillet turned out GREAT too. whew (btw this was a $10 cast-iron from target bought a few months ago).

The boy child emerged.  I put him to work sopping water off the thawed green beans.  He did his best “monk” impression (the show, not the clergy)…wouldn’t let me have the beans back till the paper towel was completely “dry spot” free.

my photo of the finished green beans (well…they’ll get topped tomorrow):

But it would appear asher has a better eye for composition than his mother:

I failed to take pictures of the mayhem that awaits my attention downstairs.  Think we’ll play together up here a bit, then more tv time while i clean up the kitchen & heat up dinner.

and i’m still not sure where the prepped food is going tonight.  Think i might leave that up to the professional organizer of the house…


ok, sweet potatoes: check  Cornbread: check (need to look over dressing recipe & see what i can prep tonight or if it’s easy enough to do all tomorrow).  Green bean casserole: check.

Asher helped with the last bits of the casserole…currently trying to lobby to skip the reading lesson today.  He’s not going for it…kinda hate to MAKE him not learn….  Guess we should get on it before Grace wakes (i can hear her turning over in her bed on the monitor though…the calls for momma are not far away…).

In other news, i’ve taken all sorts of pics & now i don’t know what to do!  make on LOONG picture post?  Go back & add pictures along the way where they were taken?  if you’re reading & care let me know (within an hour…maybe 30min).


is it 9 already? i lost count. no time to surf to see.

decided to make a push for the grean beans.  have mushrooms cooking on the stove in some buttery goodness (sans garlic the recipe calls for.  forgot about that!  good thing i didn’t use the condensed soup recipe!).  Cornbread in the oven smells scrumptious.  note to self: do not eat!  it’s for dressing!

wonder if i’m going to have to reseason my skillet after this…

Asher’s roomtime is almost over, then it’s reading lesson, finish up beans.  Grace should be awake  by then (the girl can NAP)…maybe they’ll play nice in the office while i post pics??  This will be the plan anyhow.


working the cornbread….i always do this.  put the dry ingredients into the big bowl & the wet in the small bowl, but you’re supposed to pour the dry into the wet.  how important is this?

sigh..for the sake of “least amt. of failures as possible” i’ll dirty ANOTHER (bigger) bowl…

just under an hour until Asher’s alarm goes off & he is released from roomtime.  Not looking good for picture posting…maybe he can ‘help’ me with that…

oh yeah, and i’m standing around typing b/c i forgot to turn on the oven.  So i’m waiting for the skillet to preheat along with the preheating oven.  oops.   off to clean dishes…


ah, cornmeal was in the freezer… however i found a bag of potatoes in the pantry that i’m not sure how long they’ve been back there. ..not growing anything or moldy, so that’s good. i really need to organize the pantry.

but not TODAY woman!! get to work!


Sweet potatoes, check. will assemble the topping tomorrow.

Can’t find the cornmeal I KNOW I bought last week….i could technically mill some…but my mill gets angry at me when i do too much corn…

oh yeah, forgot to mention i’m also making a mini-stock out of the turkey neck & some carrots, celery & a tiny sprig of rosemary for a gravy attempt tomorrow.  consider my 0-10 record with gravy, i also bought some gravy at the store (did not read the label…i don’t want to know…)


While sweet potatoes were boiling we had storytime (we each get to choose a book, so it’s 3 books before naptime) & then put kids down for nap & roomtime.  See? I’m not TOTALLY neglecting them.

Naptime Plan:  Get sweet potatoes & cornbread finished.  depending on how i feel after that (& what time it is), i will either post pictures or do the green beans.  Might save green beans for after nap…the kids can “help”.