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  • New GtS post: Profiles in Reformed Spirituality: Alert and Review #
  • Coffee. #
  • New GtS post: FREE Selected Sermons of George Whitefield #
  • @Jenn_Burns rockstar! in reply to Jenn_Burns #
  • Listening to – set up a library with The Smiths, The Cure, The Cranberries, U2, Toad the Wet Sprocket… lovin it! #
  • @Jenn_Burns you know I’m a sucker for buying you $10,000 instruments. in reply to Jenn_Burns #
  • living a MySQL nightmare… arg #
  • so happy I just gave @philgons a hug. #
  • We conquered the database! breathing a sigh of relief. #
  • I love twilight in bellingham. If it isn’t raining, it is almost always stunning. Still dreaming about that home with a view. #
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How’s that reading going?

Because I know ya’ll have been wondering everynight, “I wonder how that ‘read 1 hour a night’ thing is going”…. uh…well. For starters, i originally typed out 30min/night. but when i proofread (yes, although it would appear i do not…99.9% i do a quick proofread…and still sentences like this one don’t get deleted), I decided 30min. sounded pansy.

It probably would’ve been just right. Stupid macho pride.

wait. I’m not macho. Guess it’s competitive pride. I compete against myself. wow.

Anyhow, the first night i read 30min. Last night I even left my meeting as SOON as it was over, and ended up reading zero. tonight? I have been sitting on a blog post that I’d love to bust out & I need to crunch some #’s for a vanilla bean co-op I’m running. I can do it tomorrow….but wow do I want to do it now.

Ok…I’ll go read, but i *might* be wussing out & reaching for 30min/night here on out.

ah…squirming in humility.

OH! & btw, I won the book (on! :) so THAT will be my next book after “Heaven”…which if i stick to the 30min/day (or hour…whatever…) it should be finished w/in the week.

Have I mentioned I still have no idea what it’s about? I decided not to find out. I enjoy watching movies that I’ve never seen a preview for. It’s like a surprise (i love surprises). Not sure I’ve ever done that with a book….except that one book Dana B. let me borrow a few years ago…”Angela’s Ashes“….that’s also the only book I’ve not finished in…ever? …sorry Dana…couldn’t resist (it was just a tad too traumatizing for me…I would bawl nearly hysterically…but I think i had either just had a baby or was pregnant if that counts for an excuse). I’ll never let her live that one down. heh.

Right..need to go read now. WAIT! I GET to go read now.

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Book Worm

I know i’ve mentioned before that I love books….but I love READING too (you’d think they’re mutually exclusive, but they’re not). However it occurred to me yesterday that I have a long “to read” list but rarely ever sit down to do it! So starting tonight I’m starting a “reading exercise”. For one week I will read at least 1 hour every night. After that I will commit to at least 1 hour 3x/week. I know that’s nothing, but after the kids go to bed the computer, tv (& knitting) and books all fight for my attention. Usually my brain is fizzled out from a long day & 30 min. of computer followed by an hour of TV win.

so now you know my deep dark secret. An hour of tv a day (or..shh…2!!) !!!!! ahhh!!!! wasting my LIFE away!

what’s funny is that i know some will read that & assume i’m 100% joking. Others will read it and feel pity (or disgust?) for my poor weak will-powered tv-owning soul. I’m 70% joking. In case you were wondering.

Right now I’m working on:

Drawing with Children. Very fascinating, but not exactly a relaxing, ‘fun’ read.

Heaven. Yes, i’m STILL reading this one. It started out fantabulous, but…it’s sort of lost me. I think it’s the combination of: how he repeats stuff incessantly & i have to assume it’s for the benefit of 1) people unfamiliar with biblical concepts & 2) people who aren’t reading it in sequential order & are skipping around to chapters that interest them, thus he has to ‘remind’ us of already laid out presuppositions (I’m looking at YOU ryan!). I’m trying to appreciate it for that, but it’s still annoying me. That & sometimes I feel like the things he draws from scripture are…well…i don’t know. I feel like sometimes he goes to great lengths to argue for something to be interpreted as literal that most people assume is figurative…but I don’t see how it REALLY affects anything either way (or in some cases it just ‘feels’ off..). Some things I can see….but a lot of it…I don’t know… I’m going to leave it there, because I am not an exegetical genius (or even very good at it….ok I don’t REALLY remember the difference between exegesis & uh..that other word I confuse exegesis with a lot). Anyway, there are AWESOME bits in it and I still recommend it…just not as “across the board” as I expected I would.

Stepping Heavenward. Ok…so i haven’t actually started this one. But I SHOULD HAVE started it weeks ago, because it’s for a women’s bible study I’ve been attending. Rumor has it I’m really going to love it (it’s autobiographical fiction)…I just hate the idea of 3 books on the burner at the same time…

Plus I’ll be getting A Well Trained Mind this month and I know when it gets here I’m going to want to devour it immediately (homeschool books seem to suck me in the way a good fiction book did back when i was a kid…so absorbed the earth could crumble around me & I’m left unaware…talk about nerd…). ..I don’t already have it b/c there’s a new edition coming out in February and I’ve reserved a copy.

Oh, Asher and I are also reading Froonga Planet together. Grace actually pulled it off a shelf in the “big kids” section, and due to the cover Asher made me check it out. I tried to explain that it’s a LONG book & there’s very few pictures, but no go. We’ve been reading at least one chapter a day (very short chapters), up to 3 (i only stop because I want to…Asher would prefer I keep going…but Grace isn’t the slightest interested so not a lot of long reading opportunities for us). It’s actually a very fun book. I am just sad that it’s a sequel. Had I realized that at the library I would’ve gotten the first one, then read this one. oh, I have to tell this quick story: The first day we read it, once he realized there aren’t hardly any pictures, he started just staring at the floor while i read. At one point it described one of the aliens & he started pushing at the book, looking at the cover. “look mom, that one is a Hoofnoggle”. It reminded me of when I first started reading chapter books & how I’d flip back & forth from the cover trying to figure out who was who as the characters were introduced.

But that book doesn’t count. ;)

Ok, so there you have it. Public announcement that I will attempt to stop becoming a vegetable upon bedtime & start enjoying books again. I miss books that are so good that they keep me away from other more important tasks. It’s been a long time i’ve read one of those. After I finish the current “to read” list, I will be reading a ‘fun’ book. I don’t know which yet. Feel free to recommend. It is ALLOWED to be a ‘classic’ or something that isn’t entirely brain candy, but only if it’s good enough to REALLY suck me in like a movie.

Which reminds me, Mommyknows is giving away a book this week.  I’ve still been too lazy to look up the reviews, but rumor has it it’s a really great book  (&  no i don’t get extra entries for plugging the giveaway.  I just enjoy her blog).

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  • Four minutes early for church… FTW! Wait, Grace just threw up. #
  • My friend Treavor is preaching today out of colossians 1:15-20. With that text I am expecting the thunder to be brought. #
  • @jenn_burns is on some sort of secret mission… it involves needing $40 and 3 to 4 hours. She just called and is “behind schedule.” Uh… #
  • Working on some squidoo lenses… anyone else squidoo? #
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Twitter Updates from 2009-01-25

  • why is my email, which has worked for over a year, not working today… arg. Cpanel, here I come. #
  • So… monkey around with my settings… ultimately change NOTHING… and now my mail works. rrriiiiggghhhtttt. #
  • I’m thinking about taking GTS to WP2.7. I love 2.7, but it is always scary to see how the site will react to a new version. #
  • Anyone been to Circuit City since liquidation began? Thinking about going over today and seeing if there are any too-good-to-pass-up deals. #
  • The Daily Burns – The Amazing Potty Princess #
  • @tonysteward yeah, that is what I figured. When L&T went out a couple months ago, the good discounts didn’t start until about a month in. in reply to tonysteward #
  • The Daily Burns – Seal Reveal #
  • 12seconds – Out for a stroll. #
  • Working on some movie stuff… I #
  • oops… hit enter before finishing my thought #
  • Basically, I need a mac pro and an niceer HD camera… my iMac & Macbook both take WAY to long to export high quality video. #
  • Dang it… I just built a “basic” Mac Pro… $5,500. Man, that thing is a beast. #
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  • New GtS post: Financial Aid #
  • My wonderful wife made me a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich for breakfast… @jenn_burns FTW! #
  • 10 minutes ago I could see the mountains in the distance… Now I can’t even see 100 yards away. What is up with the fog in bellingham? #
  • Apparently my breakfast sandwich was just twitter bait… @jenn_burns is a marketing genius. #
  • @BobPritchett do you use tweetdeck or twitterfox? Those would help with the twitter mindset. in reply to BobPritchett #
  • @jakebelder which prof? in reply to jakebelder #
  • RT @logos – TODAY ONLY: 45% off Carl Henry’s – God, Revelation and Authority – (Use code HENRY45) #
  • Looks like Christianity Today’s website had an advertising grenade explode on it. Sheesh. #
  • lunch break… cold fried chicken… score! #
  • Abortion seriously pisses me off. Maybe Obama should read Horton Hears a Who (a persons a person, no matter how small) – #
  • Lunch over: Chicken made me very happy, Obama made me very mad. Alas, I must get back to work. #
  • Listening to techno and the esv together while working. #
  • Saw a glimpse of the sunset over the bay and was reminded of my dream to live in a home with a view. #
  • It smells like fried bologna out here… Which reminds me I need to buy a grill… But not to fry bologna on. #
  • I’m really looking forward to the weekend! When I told Asher that I’d be home tomorrow morning, he lit up! He loves when I don’t have to wrk #
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