Seal Reveal

My father-in-law is a retired army colonel.  He circled all the seals for us. His eyes are apparently Army Strong.


Hey Navy, did he get it right?  I’d still like to hear an official answer on this from the Navy.

The Amazing Potty Princess

So just thought it worth a mention.  We are now 100%…completely…absolutely….DIAPER FREE!  When I say they are “potty trained” I really only mean while they’re awake.  With Asher it wasn’t till a year & a half after daytime potty training that he dropped the bedtime diaper (at 3 years old).  In fact, I was kind of hesitant to even let him try….the daytime training was so…not fun…and I so very much enjoy my sleep & not wanting to be changing wet sheets in the middle of the night…when he started regularly asking to not have a diaper put on at night, I told him, “Ok, if you wake up 3 days in a row with a dry diaper then you can wear underwear to bed.”

I don’t know if that’s “ok”  & I’ve certainly never been advised to do it that way…I’m just explaining the depth of how much I was NOT  part of the night-time training process.  Once he went to underwear at night, he only had 2 accidents, both of which i was not alerted to until I went to get him up in the morning.  Never once since.  Crazy.  And absolutely all of his own doing.

So, for Grace I expected at least some of the same.  In that, I had no intention of encouraging the issue.  I figured worse-case if she showed no interest by 5 years old I’d probably start looking into it.   …you think I’m joking…

Anyhow, she has been waking up dry most of the time since she got the hang of this potty thing a couple weeks ago.  But I didn’t give it too much thought.  But then this week she complained about me putting a diaper on her at bedtime.  Sigh.  “ok, if you wake up tomorrow with a dry diaper…”.  Surely THIS is not for real…. the next night, she wore a pull-up and woke up dry…but was really sweaty & icky due to the pull up (pull-ups are worse than disposable diapers for long-term wear…wet or dry..i don’t know why).   For the next night I bought some gerber all-in-one waterproof trainers.  She wore them for naptime & woke up with the sweaty-ist (i can’t figure out how to spell that.  Maybe it’s not a word) bum I’ve ever seen.  I was complaining to Ryan that evening that I didn’t really want to buy expensive cloth all-in-one trainers but the gerbers were just NOT usable.  He said, “how many dry nights has it been?”

5.   ….yeah…5!

“Why don’t you just do underwear?”

Because surely at 2.5 & JUST having daytime trained she’s not REALLY ready for that??  …You think…?

Anyhow, since wednesday night she’s been wearing underwear to bed, with not an accident in sight.

Again…I had NOTHING to do with this.  Which is a relief.  Thanks Grace.

So…now the cloth diapers are all put away in the garage (actually, they’re just sitting on top of a pile of junk in a basket in the garage).  For the first time since Asher was born we’re 100% diaper-free.  Crazy.

Twitter Updates from 2009-01-23

  • I spend the first half of my bus ride catching up with all you east coast ppl. By the time I get my first coffee you’re tweeting bout lunch. #
  • Dude on the bus just broke out a bacon, egg, and cheese bagle. Great, now I’m craving some serious breakfast. #
  • rt @lenflack White House staff geeks feel like they have gone “from an Xbox to an Atari.” #
  • I think my water to coffee ratio was off today. Need to pound a glass of h20 when I get home. Feeling kind of gross. #
  • – Tis a wee bit foggy out. #
  • @jvannoord so… I should find another font? in reply to jvannoord #
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Twitter Updates from 2009-01-22

Is the Navy Lying?

So, today I saw a BRILLIANT ad in ESPN’s magazine. The only reason I stopped to look at the ad is because the picture was rather striking. The greens were amazingly brilliant against he dark waters.

Anyway, as I examined the picture I saw the caption at the bottom “Pictured from left to right: LCDR Mark Simon, ETCM Eric Olis, BMC Dan Ames, BM1 Michael O’Connell, EN1 Jason Fetterman, EM2 Mark DiPietro, LT Lewis Baker, MM2 Sergio Rodriguez”

Are you kidding!?!? That is BRILLIANT.

So, I sat there searching for them. After 5 minutes or so I thought, “Yup, those Seals are impressive.” But then I wanted to know where they were. Where are they in the picture? I thought to myself, “surely someone knows where they are and has posted it on the internet.” 15 minutes of searching and NO answers. This led me to question, “are they really there?”

So, after thinking about it half the night I think that the Navy should reveal where the men are hiding.  My logic is that, unless you can prove they are there, how do I know that you’re not just making it up to support a very clever ad?  So, Navy, I’m not going to beleive it until I can see it.  Please prove to me that this isn’t just brilliant marketing, but that Seals really are that good.


Seuss & Politics

Politics have been on the brain a little bit from yesterday.  It was amazing to watch the inauguration yesterday with the kids (i twittered through it so you can experience some of it from a toddlers perspective).  While I did not vote for Obama (there, i said it..whew…wait…ya’ll probably already knew that), I never HATED the idea of him as president.  I just couldn’t bring myself to vote for him when from what I gathered he planned to back a bill that would affect abortion laws in a way i deem unfavorable.  It’s a hot-button issue for me.  My heart is pounding even as i type.  But all that to say, yesterday was exciting (I don’t like to look back once things start turning, so might as well be prayerfully optimistic!)…historic.  I’m proud to have been able to watch it with my kids.   I should probably now reveal that i am MASSIVELY ignorant when it comes to politics, so please don’t try to draw out further discussion from me.  I won’t know what you’re talking about.

Seuss has been on the brain because the kids watched the movie, “Horton Hears  a Who” the other night when we had dinner at a friends’ house.  I must be desperate for adult conversations because I managed to not watch it at all even though it was right in my line of vision & I could hear it.  AND they’ve never seen it before.  I usually like to preview new stuff with them…yeah, i’m over protective.  actually, i’m mostly nosy.  I want to know where tid bits that enter their vocabulary & playacting come from (ok, so i’m over protective).  So I’ve secretly been wanting to rent that ever since.  I’ve also never read the book.  Today we went to the library & among the stack we brought home, is “Horton Hears a Who”.

Now I REALLY want to see the movie.  Surely what came across to me as the main message of this book is not what they based the movie around?  I would be shocked if it were.  I don’t know if this if is REALLY the message of the book (remember, i’m not that smart, i just try to put off that air), but the phrase, “a person’s a person, no matter how small” was repeated throughout the book…making it seem blatant.   A Seuss book…about the sanctity of life?   Surely I’m reading into it.  Regardless I darn near sobbed through the book….managed to hide it from the kids by making my voice sound excited and they thankfully never looked up to see the tears running down my cheeks.  Not up for explaining that one yet.

Twitter Updates from 2009-01-20