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  • @philgons yes. #
  • New GtS post: How Important is a Campus Visit? #
  • I’m seriously craving Rocket Doughnuts. It is a place to get doughnuts, not a type of doughnut. Can I borrorw a couple bucks? #
  • Bank of America.I’ve been a customer for >3mo & deposited the same check every 2 weeks, pls trust that it will clear and make it available. #
  • BoA is lame. #
  • RT @whatcomcounty – 2nd Bellingham Tweet Up Today 2/12 @ Boundary, 4:30 PM @BoundaryBay donating swag! See you there #bhamtweetup2 #
  • Day has not gone as planned. Also pretty bummed that none of my friends at Logos want to hang out after work at #bhamtweetup2 #
  • Made a bad checking account error today. Been a LONG time since that happened (think 10 years). This should be interesting… #
  • Today has just been strange. Nothing horrible happened, but not a good day in the traditional sense… whatever that means. #
  • Thinking bout how much I love my wife & kids and what a crazy journey we’ve had these 8 yrs. Praying how 2 encourage a fella about 2B a dad. #
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  • @DanPritchett2 I knew you couldn’t resist the power of the twitterverse! Also, sorry to hear about the curry casualty. in reply to DanPritchett2 #
  • Migraine was rough yesterday. Meds helped, but going to bed at 8:30 was what I needed. Feeling better today. Good b/c lotta work 2 get done. #
  • New GtS post: Seminary Papers – Two Cent Tuesday #
  • According to my twitter math @human3rror slept about an hour last night. Seriously, what is an average nights sleep for you? #
  • Uh… It is snowing. #
  • Coffee and Stavesacre are a great mix to get fired up for the day. My task list doesn’t stand a chance against this tag team. #
  • @philgon: “I hate print” #
  • – Sorry @jenn_burns. #
  • I drive @philgons crazy #
  • @jakebelder how’s class with DrK? #
  • New GtS post: Web Stats and Things That Don’t Really Matter #
  • @philgons I doubt it was you who broke zotero. It was probably @sphil_hons in reply to philgons #
  • Wow. I just spent way too much time working on that joke. Dang it I get distracted easily… and I have a 5th twitter account to manage now. #
  • RT @philgons: @ryan_burns Ha! Dude, that’s hilarious! // WHEW! Thought the gag could go either way. Sphil does have ravishing locks. in reply to philgons #
  • Anyone tried the WP plugin WP125? Looking for light and easy ad manager for WP with click tracking. Nothing fancy. #
  • WP125 is NICE. My needs are ‘slightly’ more complex, but I REALLY like the simplicity. #
  • Oh, hack-a-licious! bingo WP125 is here to stay. #
  • @Jenn_Burns tech-support is currently experiencing high call volume. Perhaps @sphil_hons can help. in reply to Jenn_Burns #
  • @Jenn_Burns and you wonder what I do up here at night… “working” in reply to Jenn_Burns #
  • hostican – I still hate you. #
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Book Confessions

I’ve been reading more than before the Nightly Reading Challenge, but not as much as anticipated.  I’m still plugging away at the Heaven book (i’m coming back around to it. I still get a little annoyed but I’ve decided it’s only because I’m a snob, i have issues).

ok, i’m lying.  I’ve been reading a pretty good bit.  In fact I have let some housework go unfinished in order to do so.  I have even…oh boy…put on Blue’s Clue’s for Grace so I could go read (it only happened once & it was 1 episode…and I promise it won’t happen again).  But not the Heaven book.  I’ve been reading “The Magician’s Nephew” to Asher.  We’re both hopelessly addicted.  Since I’m the adult I have to be the strong one…and oh my is it hard.  It’s hard on my own, but add to that the adorable pleading of a 4 year old for “another chapter”.  How can i say no?  Well…I’m getting better at it.  Good thing too, seeing as how it’s a series of 7 books.  & Yes, we’re reading it in chronological order. I figure since he’s 4, that’s probably the best way to go.

I read them for the first time during my winter break 2002 (or 2001? i forget).  I can’t believe that was 7 years ago.  No wonder I don’t remember much of “what happens next”.   We have been devouring it.  I usually read one (or 3) chapter(s) after his reading lesson while Grace is napping & then one after dinner.  It was supposed to be a family affair but Grace is really VERY uninterested, and I don’t want to push it & cause her to hate these beloved books.  So after dinner she plays with ryan (um…thank you ryan for letting me read it b/c you know i would not do so well playing with her & missing out on the story…yes, I am obsessive).  It is a little sad that Grace doesn’t like it but then i remind myself that…uh…she’s 2!!
It’s best anyway, because if she was as into it as Asher & I we’d get nothing done till the series was complete.  This morning he walked into the living room, not having even gone to the bathroom yet, super groggy & and wobbly from sleep.  The first sentence out of his mouth as he rubbed his eyes, “Can you read another Narnia Chapter please?”

It seems I have created a monster.  So there you have it.  New rule: No neglecting your children so you can read CS Lewis.  The guise of “it’s for the kids” does not work when you have to put one in front of the boob tube to do it.

Twitter Updates from 2009-02-10

  • Crap… it is 6:30 AM and I’m having a migraine aura. What’s up with that!?!? #
  • Try reading anything with this going on for 20 minutes #
  • Migraine pain in full swing… can’t wait to get to the office (where I left my Excedrin). Happy Monday. #
  • Is the sun extra bright today or do I just have a migraine? #
  • New GtS post: Saying Thank-you #
  • – Sweet relief… #
  • Noticed I’m squinting a lot lately… might need to visit the eye doc soon. #
  • I know I’m a broken record on this, but sunsets are freakin amazing up here! #
  • @jjustice is freshens yogurt still in the food court at town center? That was my first job. I grew up in kennesaw. #
  • @loswhit nice! You should see where @jenn_burns just got her kid to pee. No candy for that one. #
  • New bus station is near a DQ. Smelling burgers reminds me that I seriously need to buy a grill. #
  • @philgons driving to work. #
  • New GtS post: Dr. Mohler on Why Pastors Leave the Ministry #
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  • New GtS post: Death by Love (signed) Giveaway #
  • Uh… the TSA bought ad space on my blog… nothing says “going to seminary” like the TSA. #
  • Probably not target marketing at its best… #
  • Win a signed copy of Mark Driscoll’s book Death by Love – #
  • – Bouncy fun Saturday. #
  • – Grace causing a traffic jam. #
  • 12seconds – Bouncy fun video. #
  • – Asher and Grace reading safety protocol for bouncy houses. #
  • I think we’re gonna have to use bribery in order to get out of here without kids throwing major fits! #
  • Score! Bribery worked AND I get Red Robbin for lunch. #
  • RT @goingtoseminary – Hello World! #
  • Setting up @goingtoseminary was an unplanned diversion. Productive, but not what I had planned for the afternoon. Getting back on track now. #
  • @lewischris – I’ve got it. Love running Logos on my mac! #
  • @micahmathis – Since the 1st purchase is such a great deal, I recommend getting the biggest one you can afford. Most bang 4 buck. #
  • HostIcan – I hate you. #
  • What in the world is killin my CPU memory time!?!? @human3rror, what do you charge to move 10 WP sites to a new hosting company? #
  • I’d move hosting companies, but I’m terrified of breaking something. #
  • @tommykeene If I use more than 25% of the server’s CPU memory they ding me. Usually for 1-2 min. Not sure what I do to suck up 25% though. in reply to tommykeene #
  • @Jenn_Burns too tired to knit… that’s bad! in reply to Jenn_Burns #
  • I just replied to a tweet @jenn_burns wrote from downstairs… no need to yell across the house anymore. #
  • I wish I could manage multiple twitter accounts via TweetDeck. That would be the hotness! #
  • New GtS post: Taking it to the tweep #
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  • Dang it! Left my lunch at home this morning. Hate stoping work to go eat… and buying lunch while trying to kill debt. Arg. #
  • Man! The line for coffee is 5 people deep. I guess pulling the fire alarm would be bad form. #
  • RT @whatcomcounty – Official: 2nd Bellingham Tweet Up Thurs 2/12 @ Boundary, 4:30 PM @BoundaryBay donating swag! See you there #bhamtweetup2 #
  • I think I might go to my first tweetup – @jvannoord, @philgons, @o1mnikent wanna join me? #bhamtweetup2 #
  • – Score! #
  • Trying to help my mom get on skype… her old computer, questionable internet, and windows aren’t helping the situation. #
  • if i had the money i’d buy her a mac! #
  • @stringo0 _ doesn’t run on osX. Thanks though. Tried it. in reply to stringo0 #
  • Need to control my mom’s windows machine from my mac. Twitterverse, please help! #
  • @stringo0 yeah, I saw that… when I signed up and tried to run it, it said I needed “Win32-based operating system” to run in reply to stringo0 #
  • @stringo0 Yeah, it won’t let me even run it on my mac. I get that win32 error. Alas, the time is passed anyway. Thanks though. in reply to stringo0 #
  • uh… REALLY? #
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Lost, Found or Somewhere in Between

Someone said something recently that keeps replaying in my mind…and it seems everywhere I turn I have been hearing or reading some variation of it…and thinking about it…and feeling the tension.

One woman described it as having a “mid-life crisis” of sorts… another expressed feelings of being “lost in motherhood”… trying to recapture pieces of themselves…old hobbies…revisiting forgotten skills… pining for a career that had been paused. I don’t know if it’s just something in the air or what. But i feel it. My list is ever-growing…. books to read, topics to study, flute to practice, tinkering in the kitchen, taking up knitting, finishing an old crotchet project, pining for exercise, desiring to blog….dreaming about rock climbing again…wanting to spend the weekend on the couch with a book, tea, chocolate & yarn…. ya know…what weekends meant before children. I get it.

At the same time, i don’t. While I understand the sentiment, I don’t fall into the “lost in motherhood” category…at least not in a negative sense. I commented to Ryan recently that I feel “found” in it. For so long I floundered lost, wondering what the heck i was supposed to “do when i grow up”. A week into motherhood & I least for the time they’re in our home…THAT was my “career”. Though even that isn’t always a good thing… finding my IDENTITY in them..i certainly don’t want to end up being so singly focused that i find myself empty-handed and broken hearted when they do what they’re supposed to do — grow up & move out. My identity of course lies in Christ…as a Child of God…serving in Joy… which sounds wonderfully romantic but sure is hard to pin down. It’s easier to say, “I’m a mom” or “I’m a flute player” or…

Anyhow, that being said, I’ve been pondering lately what my expectations should be. Is it reasonable to attempt a new hobby right now? IS this a stage of life… will I someday be able to join a community orchestra (how cool am i? i would like to join a community orchestra…or band…even nerdier)? I mean, I’d like to “someday” but i DON’T want to now…not only because it’s not logistically possible, but it would stretch me too thin…i honestly don’t WANT to yet…but I do want to eventually. Again, at the same time it seems a shame to let such a thick layer of dust gather on that gift. For now I’ll just make an effort to practice…

That’s just one small example. I’m not sure the answer…I’m just thinking about it lately. Especially in regards to: Do we have more children? If so, when? Am I ready to give up another piece of myself? Is Ryan? How does this work? The spirit is willing…and sometimes the flesh is too…but not always. I’ve noticed when my mind is focused more closely on “Heavenly matters” I am aware of an acute lack…someone is missing from the family. I get excited at the prospect of the kids with another sibling, of another small person Ryan and I get to share our love and life with…that we get to see grow in the ‘knowledge and admonition of the Lord’. Then…the other times (& even sometimes at THE SAME TIME)…it feels like i may not be able to ‘handle’ another moment in “small people depending on me for 98-100% of everything they do & need” land. It seems we’re on the cusp of some independence…even tiny things like Asher can go upstairs & get himself dressed entirely by himself…wow. Imagine…all of us just getting dressed at the same time instead of in shifts. I know it’s a stage. But the flesh is weak.

In the women’s bible study I’ve been attending we’re going through the book, “Stepping Heavenward“. This past week was the first i’ve read any (they’re almost done, and I just started attending)…and the following quote resounded so strongly for me. It’s exactly what I occasionally feel & always desire to feel. This is where I am…and I’m so happy for it. I’m so grateful for it. What a blessing that I have the opportunity to hang some non-eternal leisure and pursuits on the shelf..whether temporarily or permanently, in order to gain a “friend” more dearer than them all….to whom I get to minister in Christ’s name. I apologize it’s such a long quote, but I promise well worth the time to read:

Here is a sweet, fragrant mouth to kiss; here are two more feet to make music with their pattering about my nursery. Here is a soul to train for God; and the body in which it dwells is worthy all it will cost, since it is the abode of a kingly tenant. I may see less of friends, but I have gained one dearer than them all, to whom, while I minister in Christ’s name, I make a willing sacrifice of what little leisure for my own recreation my other darlings had left me. Yes, my precious baby, you are welcome to your mother’s heart, welcome to her time, her strength, her health, her most tender cares, to her lifelong prayers! Oh, how rich I am, how truly, how wondrously blest!

And by the way, thanks mom…for the investment of YOUR youth in me. It’s an example I am so grateful to have had. Ultimately, as with everything else…it’s NOT about me. I know God will unfold His plan in His time. In the meantime…I ponder.