Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-04-30

  • just found grace hiding under the table shaking salt into her mouth & licking the top. does this mean she’s sodium or iodine deficient? 10:02:01
  • – On our way to bus stop sans jackets awesomE 10:30:24
  • Grace just scootched near a woman to ask her if she’s a grandmother. Then talked her ear off the rest of the ride. 11:04:20
  • Has anyone seen bridge to teribithia? Appropriate for a 4-yo boy? 12:07:46
  • Grace adopted another grandmother on the bus ride home. This one spoke very little English which made it more fun. 13:04:38
  • mm.. @ryan_burns wherever this bbq sandwich came from, that will be our next date night 13:44:41
  • @grahamfam04 jeans shopping was more traumatic than bathingsuit 4me. got a pair from anchor blue. only complaint is fear of my roos showing in reply to Grahamfam04 13:50:39
  • @jjustice nice! makes me want to open excel to see it in action.. in reply to jjustice 13:55:23
  • @jjustice sorry…yes, thx for the movie rec. ;) will def. not let asher watch it. he’s not so sensitive w/scary but sad gets to him. in reply to jjustice 15:33:06
  • got “the prince and the poison cup” by RC Sproul today. surprised library had it. not as majestic as i expected but pretty good. 15:41:58
  • RT: @Logos Have you entered to win one of 40 signed copy of Rany Alcorn’s book, Heaven? Enter today – 15:45:58
  • – Tedious step 5 sprouted wheat flour: from trays 2 bucket 2 mill 16:10:06
  • – Viola approx 5lbs sprouted wheat flour. This batch will be traded 4 babysitting 16:27:36
  • – Fix freeze feast cordon bleu basted w/schmaltz mmmm schmaltz 18:28:05
  • asher has been calling grace, “gracie” all day. i’m not a fan of the nickname, but still find it cute coming from him. 18:37:57
  • Off to woods coffee to hang w/a friend & ‘prayer buddy’ 20:35:53

Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-04-29

  • – Sprouted wheat flour step 3: rinse periodically 08:58:15
  • asher is teaching grace the spider man song. sounds like “the wheels on the bus”. b/c asher’s only heard the song from me & i don’t know it. 09:38:36
  • just discovered a pile of ants hiding behind my bedroom curtains while vacuuming. guess that time of year is upon us. 10:24:46
  • asher just said he’s going to marry arundel burton when he grows up. grace said she’ll marry elias rudolph. 11:59:46
  • do u have to tear out the clear plastic window before recycling envelopes? 12:08:38
  • – Beignets in the fryer 13:36:39
  • – Mmm…donuts..I mean beignets 14:03:13
  • and now to clean up the hurricane the donuts caused in the kitchen 15:27:35
  • asher asked about a ‘save darfur’ sticker i have. ever since he’s been compelling his friends to pray for darfur. kinda cute..kinda weird. 15:40:47
  • we had friends over for our donut lunch and i’m just now realizing i might have missed naptime window w/o creeping into bedtime issues. 16:03:03
  • also i ate too many. think i should boycott dinner. 16:06:16
  • asher is getting a lesson on star wars from ryan 20:03:46
  • – Sprouted wheat flour step 4: ready for dehydrator 21:37:10
  • woohoo, the new edition of “the well-trained mind” that I ordered in January is finally being shipped! 21:45:48

Ryan’s Tweets for 2009-04-29

  • Just found out the sounders game isn’t being televised tonight. Seriously disappointed. Sounders, what is up with that!?! #
  • – This book causes an argument between me and Asher every night. He says dogs can’t fly. I disagree. #
  • 12seconds – Some dogs do… #
  • The Daily Burns – Bubble & Bee Organic Review #
  • The Daily Burns – New Photos #
  • The Daily Burns – Books for Sale #
  • Had a massive allergy attack at 3 am. Took benadryl and now my head is seriously cloudy. Hope some coffee at work willn help. #

Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-04-28

  • – Please sir may I have some more? 09:21:05
  • just remembered i was supposed to shower today. should’ve done that before kids were up. 09:46:29
  • off to a drop in soccer lesson for asher. should be interesting. i promised grace we’d have a ‘princess lesson’ together while we wait 10:33:30
  • Looks like they’re gonna let grace play too! 11:02:06
  • – Asher’s not leaving his sister’s side. Very protective 11:23:28
  • Soccer was super fun. Grace got freaked by sharks & minnows game so I had to come down & hang w/her most of the time but it was great fun. 12:49:22
  • @Grahamfam04 that’s where I am now. My kids really dig the playplace. in reply to Grahamfam04 12:51:42
  • @ryan_burns i suddenly feel the need to enter the ‘best fried okra ever’ competition…it IS a competition, right? in reply to ryan_burns 13:47:45
  • really wishing i had chai tea or a large bar of dark chocolate…ok, i wish i had both. honey baked lentils will have to do….. 14:00:31
  • whoa. teeccino is NASTY when you accidentally make too strong. blech. course @ryan_burns would say it’s just nasty anyway 14:12:55
  • caffeine free herbal ‘coffee’ not providing the placebo affect wake-up i was hoping for. 15:23:03
  • tomorrow’s kitchen project w/the kids is beignets. not donuts…no, no, these are BEIGNETS….heh…(deep fryer was a dangerous purchase) 15:35:47
  • i hope @sphil_hons doesn’t make fun of me for the effect/affect mix up, in all his grammar glory. 15:45:36
  • little man asked if we could ‘practice soccer’ instead of read more from the Sir Lancelot book today 16:22:10
  • we just made the dough for beignets. i can never leave stuff alone. we used a mix of whole wheat & sprouted garbanzo bean flour. 17:28:51
  • off to the playground to soak up a little sun before dinner prep begins 17:39:42
  • ordered a loaf of neem oil soap the other day. came today. i think it’ll be ok but def. has a…’hippie’… smell i wasn’t intending. 20:56:42
  • sorry if that was offensive to any hippie or neem oil lover tweeps. 20:57:07
  • i was going to jog tonight. i’m drinking a beer instead. that makes sense. 21:08:07
  • – Sprouted wheat flour step 2. Rinse drain 21:42:06

Books for Sale

For those readers who like to read books as much as blogs, I’m selling a bunch of my books on Amazon. I put over 60 of my books up for sale on Sunday. I’m selling them for a number of reasons, but sufficed to say that buying these books will be supporting a good cause. So… go buy my books please.

Ryan’s Tweets for 2009-04-27

Ryan’s Tweets for 2009-04-26

  • Trying to think of some ways to make money. Currently eyeing the books on my shelf that I never read. Would hurt to sell, but would i miss? 13:37:00
  • I’m experiencing an interesting feeling right now… like I’m betraying someone by selling these books. It is really strange. 14:52:54
  • Having to remind myself that if I ever “do” want or need to read these books there is always @logos, the library, and @philgons. 14:53:40
  • HA! I just sold a book on amazon. Cool. 16:38:31
  • @jakebelder Sounds like it is time to get @logos. in reply to jakebelder 17:10:47
  • @jakebelder Could probably work out a system for the first part. As for the second… a little more tricky. in reply to jakebelder 17:17:26
  • For all those chomping at the bit to see my book sale, get out your credit cards and go shopping: 18:43:26