Ryan’s Tweets for 2009-05-23

  • At the airport. #
  • Picked wrong checkin line… #
  • On the plane… That was pretty crazy! #
  • http://twitpic.com/5ov66 – Is there a regulation about seat sharing? #
  • Was too rushed to get coffee… Not happy about that. #
  • New GtS post: Adopted for Life by Russell Moore Give-away http://cli.gs/jnPAZg #
  • In Atlanta. Made it in one piece and with our sanity. Ftw. #
  • I have the best kids in the world. No complaints this whole trip and we’ve been traveling since 4:30 am! #
  • 12seconds – Watch out blues traveler. http://tiny12.tv/F8VIR #

Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-05-22

  • Off to the airport. Awfully chilly w/o a jacket…. 06:08:30
  • Probably a bad idea to expriment with a new herbal cramp remedy today. Sure hope it kicks in soon. 06:25:41
  • First order of business upon landing: find ubuprofen. Oona fail 13:24:11
  • Ok 4 the record oona helped in that it felt like stage 1 labour vs the usual stage 2 when I don’t take motrin. 13:34:56
  • In the car w/pop on our way 2 Alpharetta baby! My kids r awesome. Not that I’m biased. 13:52:15
  • Asher asked if they could go to bed b/c he was tired. That’s when u know its been a long day. 18:19:38

Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-05-21

  • last day to finish packing, & tidy up before leaving for the east coast!! 08:07:51
  • wish i was tech savvy enough to figure out how to make my stupid laptop find the printer upstairs 10:05:10
  • Off 2 target then library then friends to drop off grain 2 borrow gas then home again. Whew 10:29:30
  • ok made it. now i get to check stuff off my list. also wondering why the lunch fairy didn’t come prepare lunch while we were gone 12:25:12
  • asher just sang me a “momma i love you” song. couldn’t bring myself to tell him to stop singing while he’s supposed to be eating. ;) 13:13:31
  • 12seconds – We’re never gonna get through w/lunch @ this rate. http://tiny12.tv/2G8D8 13:20:09
  • Am I the only one who finds it more convenient 2 do kid baths b4 dinner? Just don’t have energy or patience 4 it before bedtime 18:01:28
  • @jjustice I highly recommend kinnick buns (toasted). Not super nutritious but gf & great taste & texture! in reply to jjustice 18:05:38
  • On our way 2 stay the night w/some generous strangers that live near the airport. Then off to ATL in the a.m. ! 20:35:53
  • Just realized I forgot to pack jackets….for everyone. Ugh. 22:19:29

Ryan’s Tweets for 2009-05-21

  • On a lunch date with @jenn_burns. #
  • Leaving for vacation on Friday. Working late tonight so that I can actually enjoy it and not spend the whole time thinking about work. #
  • Ho Hi, Ho Hi, its off to work Ho Hi this song is not like any song you know Ho Hi, Ho Hi, Ho Hi, Ho Hi // Still at work. Tune via Simpsons #
  • @The_Proclaimers just made working late a little livelier. #
  • At the bus stop, kind of regretting that I opted for 8:40 bus instead of the 9:40. Another hour of work would have helped me sleep better. #
  • Used my laptop and phone-as-modem and work on the bus ride home. Managed to knock out a few more details. Think I’ll sleep better now. Whew! #

Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-05-20

  • called a friend & she was apparently in the shower. her 4yo answered the phone. had a nice little chat w/him. bit strange but cute. 10:05:18
  • http://twitpic.com/5kg4k – Wow just got a package of goodies from aunt Amy! 12:12:32
  • http://twitpic.com/5kgae – Perfect princess fit 12:14:27
  • Bout to go on a lunch date w/ @ryan_burns ! (thx 2 Susan babysitting!) 13:10:10
  • friend offered to keep kids longer so i can get THEM packed w/o their ‘help’. LOVE my friends!! 15:15:12
  • Heading 2 walmart for the first time since Christmas 16:01:11
  • Got to be kidding me how unorganized this is. Shouldve gone 2 target. 16:18:05
  • All that’s left is 2 get out of the parking lot 16:41:28
  • Trying to maintain patience while getting 2 very chatty children ready 4 bed. Had 2 step out of the room 4 a breather. 20:17:42
  • Ok we did it. 2 cute squirm monsters are tucked in. Time for me to start packing. 20:27:35

Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-05-19

  • RT @Astro_Mike From orbit: Getting ready 4 bed, sleeping in space is cool, tie down sleeping bag & float inside it, very relaxing// jealous! 07:48:17
  • @jakebelder classicwahine48 congratulations!! in reply to jakebelder 07:55:25
  • i get the kraft quarterly “food & family” magazine. always grosses me out & the ‘healthy tips” make me angry. ha. 09:14:32
  • wondering why there are 3 just about empty bags of tortilla chips in my pantry… any ideas @ryan_burns ? 12:48:08
  • grace just said her liver pate tastes like ice cream. clearly the child has been ice-cream deprived 12:57:27
  • time to cook up some pizza crusts to freeze so @ryan_burns can still have homemade pizza night during his 3weeks of bachelor-ness. 14:32:04
  • 12seconds – Grace’s version of ‘I’m gonna let it shine’ while ‘napping’ http://tiny12.tv/ZMVDH 14:59:42
  • finger painting outside. didn’t account for wind. arg. 15:54:01
  • Note to self: fingerpainting is a SUMMER activity 16:09:55
  • and enter torrential downpour. i’m a constant train-wreck 16:34:25
  • Ok so I exaggerated the amt of rain…… 16:35:22
  • weather, seriously! cold windy then rainy when trying 2 play outside. now we’re in for the day & it’s almost hot out & sunny? not nice. 18:19:08
  • dropping off kefir grains to a ‘babysitter’ and then off to woods coffee for some girl chat. @ryan_burns is on super dad duty tonight 19:39:22