Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-07-26

  • neck in lots of pain due to the bungee cord racing thing. shoulders & back due to climbing the wall all of 3 times. when did i get old? #fb 10:14:10
  • hair is long enough to donate. but it will mean a very short cut. tired of long hair, but been awhile since it& #039;s been REALLY short. 10:50:03
  • trying out the & #039;put the crockpot outside to cook all day & not heat up the house& #039; method for the first time. 12:21:02
  • @ryan_burns ninja $ making machine i doubt, but fun project, perhaps. :) in reply to ryan_burns 18:53:45

Logos Company Picnic

On Saturday the Burns family (and the 170+ employees of Logos and their families) headed out to Hovander Park for the annual Logos company picnic. It was an afternoon of food, fun, friends, and more food. From the climbing wall to, to bouncy house, to the sadistic bungee run, we all had a an absolutely wonderful afternoon. Thanks Logos!

Below is a slide show from the day. You can also view the pics on flickr.

Ryan’s Tweets for 2009-07-26

  • Doing keyword research for a web project that @jenn_burns came up with. I'm rubbing off on her. #
  • RT @BobPritchett: Heading to the Logos company picnic. Nearly 300 people! // We're on our way! Can't wait. #
  • The @logos picnic was amazing. The whole family had a blast. Will post pics tomorrow. Thanks @bobpritchett for a great time! #
  • Oh, and I don't want to brag, but I totally won the @logos rock climbing competition… in my flip-flops. Being tall and skinny pays off. #
  • … Though, I did get a major toe cramp after climbing, and I'm pretty sure I'll be sore tomorrow. So, not sure that's really brag worthy. #

Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-07-25

  • making french toast while kids read along w/audio book of "It& #039;s Me!" very cute on audio. 10:10:15
  • grace drinking kombucha: & #039;is the booger mushroom in mine?& #039;. those who make it know what she& #039;s talking about. #fb 10:55:02
  • grace is having a frizzy hair day. i have no experience with taming curly hair. 12:15:43
  • heading to the @logos company picnic! woohoo! 12:37:08
  • think i sprained my big toe. that& #039;s what i get for speed climbing in Tevas. it& #039;s also my excuse for getting smoked by the boys. 18:38:00
  • i hear thunder! haven& #039;t heard that but once i think in the past 9months! 19:08:28
  • evening rain is the best. had a great day outside, & now cozy inside smelling & listening 2 rain, while gardens get a drink. ahh…. 19:38:20
  • @philgons not sure it qualifies as a storm. thunder sprinkle maybe? then again, i lived in florida last summer. maybe this counts here. in reply to philgons 21:07:39

Ryan’s Tweets for 2009-07-25

  • Been feeling flu-ish past couple days. Came home from work last night, skipped dinner, and slept for 14 hours straight. #sickday #
  • @uberD4v3 I like the sound of where this is going. in reply to uberD4v3 #
  • Finally taking the time to really think through and optimize tweetdeck for use @logos. Been on to-do list for a while. #sickday #
  • Testing my tweetdeck/facebook integration… finally… #
  • Head congestion appears to have moved to my chest… my voice sounds funny. #sickday #

Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-07-23

  • listening to winnie the pooh on audiobook w/kids. tigger is reminding me of rachael ray. TTFN…much like EVOO..just as annoying too 13:49:31
  • time to make a batch of pizza sauce. always cumbersome batch cooking stuff. but always grateful for the 2-4months of not making it weekly 15:50:10
  • hate when i sit down @ the computer to look up something in particular then can& #039;t remember why i sat down. 16:44:37
  • kids helping make black bean salad. asher in charge of pepper grinder. occupied w/ beans & 4got 2 tell him 2 stop. super peppery. yikes 18:34:55

Ryan’s Tweets for 2009-07-23

  • Dealing with fraud this morning. Thanks wachovia for being horrible and not actually closing my account when you said you did. #BANKFAIL #
  • Not sure that "Thanks for banking with Wachovia" is the right line to use when ending a call with me at this point. #BANKFAIL #
  • This morning has been exhausting… Mental note, don't let someone steal your paypal account. Oh, and don't bank with Wachovia. #
  • @draft13 screen sharing btw mac/win is a nice feature. That'll be my only reason. Tech support for my mom will be much easier now. in reply to draft13 #