Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-08-31

  • @jakebelder who& #039;s the prof? sounds awfully familiar…. in reply to jakebelder 09:40:51
  • tomorrow is september & i have not completed any of the planning i was planning to have planned by september…which is tomorrow. 09:42:46
  • trying to come up with a GAPS-friendly meal plan for the week. & grocery list… 12:06:02
  • do you think peanut sauce sans garlic would even be worth it? craving pad thai… 12:08:13
  • ok meal plan & grocery list complete. but now it& #039;s lunchtime. arg. can& #039;t catch up today. 12:35:31
  • had 2 shop @ 3 different spots today. friend saved the day & took kids 4 me, then sent me home to unload b4 picking them back up. My hero! 15:29:39
  • @Pizzazza did i see you (or an associate) at Joe& #039;s Garden about an hour ago? Def. saw a pizzazza name tag while i was shopping. in reply to Pizzazza 15:30:37
  • kids having playdoh time. i& #039;m having folding laundry time. 17:19:37
  • i wash chapstick far too often. arg. 17:23:37

Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-08-30

  • today my baby girl is 3! 09:20:01
  • Pop & Gigi sent grace a singing Ariel card. she& #039;s never seen the movie but we& #039;ve read books. she LOVES it. 09:59:43
  • …i predict we& #039;ll be hearing the snippet of "part of that world" non-stop until the battery dies. 10:00:15
  • grace thinks she& #039;s singing, "a pretty walk, a pretty run…." (& #039;up where they walk, ect.") 10:04:14
  • the boys are pinking up the dining room with streamers while the birthday girl sleeps. 16:24:14
  • birthday dinner is over. happy to say that the black bean flourless chocolate cake went over great. NOT a flop! :) 20:05:47
  • aww… @ryan_burns is giving the kids a bath while i clean up. #ihaveasweethusband 20:21:37
  • gonna drive down to burlington tomorrow night to pick up some free beef organ meats from a friend. Heart, tounge, liver, kidneys, oh my! 21:11:32
  • mom, i& #039;ll save the tounge for when you visit in Oct. we& #039;ll make some & #039;bologna& #039;. ;) 21:12:00
  • RT @Eglentyne: The end of an era. Reading Rainbow is finished. At NPR a sad, ironic suggestion why. 21:12:24

3 year old Princess

I’ve been writing this post in my head all day, but haven’t had a chance to sit and do it.  …and now of course my brain is in a total fog and I’m exhausted.  But I couldn’t let the day slide away without sharing a few thoughts about my favorite little girl named Grace.

Her smile is sunshine in our house, as is her giggle.

Her facial expressions and dramatic storytelling keep us in stitches.

We might occasionally complain about the non-stop flow of words pouring out of her mouth, but 1) she comes by it honestly & 2) I do LOVE getting to know what goes on in her amazing little brain.

She has taught me that the old adage “each kid is different” is true. There is in fact no ‘one size fits all’ in parenting.

She is a constant reminder that in all I do and all I aim to be, I need God’s undeserved mercy towards me. I need His help. I need His Grace.  Not only that, but it’s all I NEED.  And I can’t ‘add anything to it’.  I can’t earn it, and I don’t deserve it.  Much like the sweet little girl with no middle name that graces my day with kisses and hugs and giggles and singing.

I love you “super”, Grace Burns, and I love that I get to watch you grow up more & more each day.

Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-08-29

  • off to a & #039;rookie indoor soccer clinic& #039;. both kids get to participate today! 10:35:27
  • @mommyknows oooh, lucky charms. i used to eat the cereal first & save all the marshmallows for last. took some work, but yum. ;) in reply to mommyknows 13:40:05
  • grace is dipping her dehydrated candied pineapple in her liver pate. even i think that& #039;s gross… 13:42:19
  • @mommyknows lol! my mom literally walked uphill ( a steep one, i& #039;ve seen it) both ways to school, & came home for lunch to boot. in reply to mommyknows 13:46:55
  • @ryan_burns left a little while ago with a neighbor to watch the sounders @ a pub. #man-date 13:55:59
  • grace spent most of her time @ the (free) soccer clinic twirling. good thing she& #039;s signed up for ballet & not soccer league for fall! 14:04:03
  • RT @harmonymatters: Mt. Baker vineyards: RT @davidtraynor76: Empty wine tasting tent. Come and fill it! 14:35:30
  • just put 2 9inch cakes in the oven. cross your fingers! now on to the pink vanilla cream cheese frosting…. 15:25:07
  • btw, should i ice this today or tomorrow (serving tomorrow) 15:25:25
  • clarification: clean kitchen, then on to frosting…then clean kitchen again. i& #039;m not cooking dinner. 15:29:46
  • took a LOT of beet juice extract to get a nice pink color. worried it& #039;d taste like beets, but it& #039;s fine. pink w/o red #40, success! 16:09:59
  • stainless steel cake pan, you& #039;re fired. guess next time i& #039;ll remember to line it with parchment paper. 16:32:41
  • on the upside, i doubt my 3yo will complain about all the things i& #039;ve found wrong about the cake. 16:33:57
  • …she may be sad it& #039;s not shaped like a unicorn, but i& #039;m not ready for that level of cake baking. 16:34:57

Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-08-28

Ryan’s Tweets for 2009-08-29

  • How about some free Baroque music? // Not my cup-o-tea, but its free. #
  • RT @rhetter: I love @michaelhyatt post on his Facebook strategy, // Good stuff. #
  • I'm looking to follow some new people today on twitter. So, who do you recommend? #
  • RT @Logos: Installing Snow Leopard today? You'll need this: // Logos for Mac 1.2.1 #
  • Coming in to work an hour early has not produced the fruit I thought it would. #
  • Scrolling through the @logos pre-pub page & was reminded we've got some GREAT stuff in production #
  • RT @javajock: Couples don't fall out of love so much as they fall out of repentance – Gary Thomas #
  • @tonysteward Would love it if that neediness were shared on a blog post. in reply to tonysteward #
  • About to head out to @jvannoord's b-day throw down! What a cool guy. Happy birthday man. #
  • RT @BibleHour: Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that #

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Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-08-27

  • off to fairhaven mill to buy 50lbs of wheat 10:51:30
  • @ryan_burns are you pregnant? ;) in reply to ryan_burns 12:46:08
  • @jakebelder no, i mill my own. i just buy wheat berries. in FL i got them from a United foods co-op in reply to jakebelder 13:45:06
  • just made some & #039;fudge& #039; w/the kids. virgin coconut oil, cocoa powder, touch of honey. freeze in balls/clumps. mmm… 13:55:47
  • @mommyknows my husband complains about IE constantly. he& #039;s on a personal mission to get people to stop using it. in reply to mommyknows 14:48:58
  • got a package today that was packed w/& #039;starch& #039; packing peanuts. supposedly will dissolve in water vs. throwing in trash. interesting. 15:04:46
  • oh bummer…..i accidentally bought a 50lb bag of FLOUR…i wanted grain….ugh. 15:23:12
  • asher wants 2 send his book to a publisher (was library but i told him they get them from publishers). do i send it or tell him the truth? 16:21:33
  • sometimes Grace& #039;s cuteness is overwhelming. 17:21:28
  • my neighborhood and backyard seem to have become a yellow-jacket haven. 17:40:11
  • heading to @redrobinburgers for dinner to celebrate a neighbor friends& #039; 2nd birthday 18:17:35