Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-09-30

  • had meal rep. shake. supposed 2b powder + water=gross & not filling. yogurt, whey, coconut flour, peanutbutter + powder = yum & full. 09:32:16
  • put & #039;where the wild things are& #039; on hold @ the library. seems everyone had the same idea 2 re-read it b4 the movie. quite the waiting list. 10:06:15
  • enjoying going through & #039;the ordinary parent& #039;s guide to teaching reading& #039; w/my kids. straightforward, thorough & adaptable to diff. kids. 11:10:11
  • i have the wrong kinda paper plates for this craft. NOT a crafts momma. sigh. 11:21:17
  • paper plate masks a success. 2 monsters running around & admiring their scariness in the mirror. 12:08:57
  • really love this 24hr ferment crock pot yogurt. 13:21:56
  • finally got around 2 emailing a friend i haven& #039;t connected w/in a few months, but spent too much time on it. not feeling & #039;productive& #039; today. 16:04:55
  • asher spent the drive home from store explaining how he& #039;ll teach his younger brother to ride a bike. not sure where the brother came from. 18:26:58
  • only a matter of time till we make the switch now….RT @Logos: RT @BobPritchett: I can neither confirm nor deny… 19:00:16
  • really like the sonoma brand Teff tortillas. wrap up nicely. way easier 2 deal w/than rice ones. #gluten-free 19:08:52
  • @rhiamom cool. i& #039;ll be there in about 9 hours. if i can catch a flight right now that is. in reply to rhiamom 19:14:29

Ryan’s Tweets for 2009-09-30

Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-09-29

  • RT @cheninboutwell: dear bride who emailed me, not cool 2 say you *really* want to hire so-and-so, but they& #039;re too expensive. :( // wow. 08:55:42
  • RT @Terpening: Road to Artist Point closed for the season. 2-4 inches of new snow fell. More expected tonight. Fall is officially here. 09:13:00
  • while i& #039;m setting up for drawing lesson, kids are helping e/o review letter sounds from reading lesson. #sweetkids 10:42:52
  • asher thinks our last name is spelled & #039;Berns". makes sense phonetically 11:20:04
  • turns out drinking beef broth is not as yummy as chicken. guess i& #039;ll make this into soup tomorrow instead. 13:23:59
  • Grace dipping apples into almond butter. went 2 restroom. returned & her face was pressed into the bowl. can& #039;t blame her. yum! 13:42:58
  • actually appear to have a bit of & #039;free time& #039; this nappers. was going to make OCT. dinner menu but um…"Adopted for life" is calling…. 15:14:36
  • listening to asher sing while in roomtime: "praise to the Lord who all things He madeth…" eh. close enough. 16:00:21
  • RT @Logos: 3,700+ Seminarians apply @ & don& #039;t tell pals? Don& #039;t want competition? Come on, share the love! :-) 16:07:01
  • the rain& #039;s thrown a kink in afternoon plans. supposed to be riding bikes right now. fall has indeed arrived. 16:46:04
  • kids & i are scrounging for a rainy afternoon snack, but my house is not exactly & #039;quick snack& #039; friendly. it& #039;s my fault, can& #039;t complain. :( 16:49:36
  • coconut milk hot chocolate it is. 16:51:55
  • Grace: why? Asher: because. Grace: what is because. Asher: because means & #039;i don& #039;t know& #039; 17:16:34
  • it& #039;s a good thing for children to ask questions. it& #039;s a good thing for children to ask questions…..chant w/me now….it& #039;s a good thing… 18:34:44
  • i seem to have made salmon fritters instead of salmon cakes….interesting… 19:05:49

Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-09-28

  • emptying the dishwasher & thinking how one day this job will belong to a child. 08:50:05
  • men& #039;s electric shavers/trimmers w/vacuum action to suck up the bristles as they& #039;re shaved off. does this exist? my bathroom could use one. 10:14:35
  • @bcmendoza weak. ;) in reply to bcmendoza 12:23:55
  • asher was just explaining communion to grace. i was surprised how much he knew. haven& #039;t overtly taught it that i remember. 12:35:20
  • hmm…september & tempted to bust out the scarf for around the house…. think i& #039;ll make some & #039;warm me up& #039; tea instead. 13:00:01
  • sauteed red cabbage & onions for lunch. for me anyway. never & #039;made& #039; it before but craving it for some reason. 13:43:14
  • earlier grace started praying with, "Hey, God?" much like she says, "Hey, Mom?" when asking me something. 14:52:31
  • have a head of shredded cabbage here i should probably turn into coleslaw, but was hoping to squeeze some reading in during naps 2day. & GO! 15:18:50
  • i should probably be using a recipe. or at least measuring tools….but i& #039;m not. 15:33:11
  • hmm…got the ginger powder mixed up w/the onion granules. …guess we& #039;re going for an asian slaw now? 15:35:22
  • there& #039;s a lot of things i DON& #039;T like liquid stevia for, but it seems to work great for coleslaw! yum! 15:49:57
  • read the 1st chap. of "Adopted for Life", stopping 2 cry every few paragraphs. pull it together woman! 16:22:09
  • knocked on a neighbor& #039;s door to see if they meant to leave their car trunk open & got a pot of patiens in return. weird, but nice. 18:24:06
  • why do school fundraisers sell useless stuff? even I probably would& #039;ve bought a candy bar. not so much on the wrapping paper. sorry kid. 18:25:20
  • asher: & #039;i wish i could be daddy. then I could be the one who tickles and works& #039; 18:55:06
  • ok so we got from asher wanting to be @ryan_burns 2 both kids crying about missing me when i go to heaven. NO IDEA how we got here. sheesh. 19:06:01
  • @mommyknows that& #039;s from your room? SWEET! enjoy! in reply to mommyknows 20:40:51
  • RT @ryan_burns: Did I mention, you& #039;re not special? // Please RT 20:53:46

Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-09-27

  • going to run out & buy a sleep mask (hopefully). been on my & #039;list& #039; for years & never get around to it. free airline one does not do well. 17:28:34
  • coconut flour battered butternut squash (deep) fries: decent but not amazing enough for all the effort & mess. next time: baked & unbreaded 21:08:09
  • RT @ryan_burns: just launched new blog (yes, another 1) first post "You& #039;re Not Special" // he might need an intervention 21:27:54

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Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-09-26

Oral B & Crest Goodness


Since I recently blogged about the kids’ first trip to the dentist, I thought it appropriate to mention that MommyKnows has reached into her bag of tricks to provide a sweet dental giveaway. Just so happens that included is an Oral B pulsonic toothbrush (2 actually)..there’s more. A customized to your family ‘package’. Not exactly the Triumph the dentist recommended but close enough eh (that was for you Canada)? Should you be interested pop on over to MommyKnows’ Just Say No to Cavities Giveaway and have a look see.