Ryan’s Tweets for 2009-09-26

Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-09-25

  • spent 30min daydreaming drawing @ryan_burns& #039; portrait while on a cruise. pretty sure i was awake, but i usually just GET up when i wake up. 08:37:09
  • skills i daydream about having: drawing, stand-up comedy, hosting a cooking show. i posses none of them, but i am learning to draw. 08:42:46
  • my brain & body seem to think it& #039;s saturday. that& #039;s probably a sign that i should make coffee. 09:15:19
  • doing half coffee half teeccino..to reduce both acidity & caffeine. http://bit.ly/kbtFJ 09:26:01
  • kids are putting library books into the & #039;return& #039; & & #039;keep another week& #039; piles. the latter is larger than the former. gonna have to veto some 09:40:06
  • grace draws people now. new development. so so cute. #itwitteraboutmykidstoomuchbutnotgoing2stop 10:26:27
  • stopped in the grocery store for milk & eggs. came out w/14 items. mostly ground beef that was marked down. but still…. 12:52:36
  • waiting for some verification but might be getting in on a steal of a deal for some bulk beef today. 14:39:20
  • yeah, there was confusion. no amazingly cheap beef today. oh well. 15:10:23
  • we& #039;re (probably) having pancakes for supper tomorrow b/c of this book: http://bit.ly/Nxqka 15:13:50
  • asher just watched a friend of his (in NC) playing wii boxing on a youtube video. sorry @ryan_burns for the & #039;wishing& #039; that has commenced. 16:04:41
  • grace is apparently now narrating her life. direct quote: "i will choose this bwatiful dress& #039; said the bwatiful princess Grace Cinderella" 16:44:35
  • oh & yes, her name today has been "the beautiful princess grace cinderella". yesterday it was the & #039;cute princess kitty cat Grace& #039;. 16:46:46
  • princess snow white mommy grace is wearing her clothes, a dress up dress, a tutu & a baby doll in a wrap/sling. wish i had a pic for you. 17:26:23
  • me: & #039;grace how did you know that?& #039; grace, "b/c God made me the best girl who knows everything." 18:44:25
  • RT @ryan_burns: Dang it. iPhone almost got me in it& #039;s grip. http://bit.ly/1a0AVR //if that was an attempt 2 suck me in it might have worked 21:14:26

Ryan’s Tweets for 2009-09-25

  • My office mate left me a note that says he is "working in hiding." Trying to decided what would be the best prank to pull in his absence. #
  • People. Seriously. How many times do I have to tell you to stop having black backgrounds for your blog? I don't even bother trying to read. #
  • via @Logos: 1-day only, almost 60% off retail on Horae Homileticae. Code: BDAY http://bit.ly/Va9O4 // Was reading Simeon this AM. gr8 stuff! #
  • The last 10min of my life have been strange. Like time-warp strange. Might need some fresh air. Assuming the world as I know it still exists #
  • @presbypaul you being here makes sense… but me? in reply to presbypaul #
  • @presbypaul :o) hope you're well friend. in reply to presbypaul #
  • @presbypaul even though I hear you steal Bible software. in reply to presbypaul #
  • @marusekmi I'm not paedocommunionist, but I'm for it at a very young age. Think it is natural outworking of padeobaptism. in reply to marusekmi #
  • Adding to my strange time-warp day, my outlook alert just told me it was time to go catch the bus… which doesn't come for 2.5 hours. #
  • RT @Jenn_Burns: I recommend you check out this book for the artwork. so good!!! http://bit.ly/kAcDP #

Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-09-24

  • when i fry eggs in virgin coconut oil the smell & even taste is reminiscent of movie theatre popcorn. mm….. 09:54:58
  • @ryan_burns all his supplies in jello. i have a bunch of gelatin here if you need it. ;) in reply to ryan_burns 10:58:59
  • babysitting a neighbor friends& #039; kids today. 1 has 4 food allergies one being lethal. goal 4 today: to not kill aaron. 12:53:44
  • @ryan_burns @marusekmi how funny, had a conversation about that yesterday w/a friend while children were running around crazy. in reply to ryan_burns 14:19:55
  • disorganized freezer is having it& #039;s way w/me. i KNOW there& #039;s another quart of beef stew in there somewhere….grr…. 15:57:07
  • was reminded that if i REALLY believed God loves me, I would be free to love others w/o concern of reciprocation or how it& #039;s reciprocated. 16:05:51
  • from http://libraryday.com : I recommend you check out this book for the artwork. so good!!! http://bit.ly/kAcDP 17:39:00
  • craving bread products so have some coconut flour cheese biscuits in the oven. first time making them. smells gooood! 18:44:31
  • hey look my health insurance picked up $30 off the $160 doctor bill. great. gee thanks insurance for ALL that help. 18:55:19
  • asher: & #039;mom, what is the point of mail? you always just throw it in the recycling. why do we get it?& #039; 19:03:39
  • recorded glee last night to appease @presbypaul but can& #039;t watch it till a night @ryan_burns is working. he won& #039;t watch it. skeptical myself 21:13:26

Ryan’s Tweets for 2009-09-24

  • Win a new Canon 7D (or 2500 photo scans) from @ScanCafe & Scott Bourne. Pls RT. Details here: http://bit.ly/dgYgA #
  • If my appointment is at 11:00, why do you need me to check in at 10:20? Overkill much? #
  • @danprichett2 if you're interested – webinar today at 2:00 CDT to get an up-close look at YouVersion Live: http://www.youversion.com/live #
  • @DanPritchett2 if you're interested – webinar today at 2:00 CDT to get an up-close look at YouVersion Live: http://www.youversion.com/live #
  • I told @philgons that it was a beautiful day outside. Shortly after that he walked out of our office and hasn't returned. #1+1=2? #
  • @joethorn Need a new Drug? in reply to joethorn #
  • Seriously, a company just sent me a fax. At least the sender included her email so I can reply in a post year-2000 manner. #fax #seriously? #
  • RT @DanPritchett2: Meeting all day with three guys from Zondervan who control 900 academic titles. Hold on to your hats! #
  • Jenn's Latest Post: Chocolate Treats and Coconut Oil Giveaway! http://bit.ly/1aF7aq #

Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-09-23

  • feel like i& #039;m getting ready 4 strip poker when i get dressed here. LOTS of layers due 2 the constantly changing weather. 08:59:19
  • trying 2 explain allergy shots to asher. "wow! so then daddy won& #039;t have to wait till Heaven for his allergies to go away!" 09:16:49
  • not sure why playdates drain me. love the friends but think it& #039;s the noise. can& #039;t handle more than 1/week. i& #039;m exhausted. #imanoldlady 14:42:56
  • recipe calls for 1TBS hot pepper sauce for jerk chicken. i chickened out & put 1tsp of Jamaican scotch bonnet pepper sauce. weak, i know. 15:07:55
  • finally read the & #039;how to make a bow & arrow& #039; pages in & #039;Dangerous book for boys& #039;. I& #039;m in over my head but think we might pull it off. 15:39:17
  • next week. today we& #039;ll make a list of needed materials and gather them over the next week. 15:39:40
  • beautiful sunny day. hot now, actually. had to do a total wardrobe change. off for bike rides! 16:18:27
  • asher& #039;s zerbert defenses have gotten stronger. much more work to get one in on his tummy than it used to be. 18:47:32
  • just posted the dailyburns& #039; first ever giveaway: http://bit.ly/2vOHsJ think it& #039;s the first one anyway… 21:34:53
  • Bard& #039;s is much better than Redbridge. #gluten-free-beer 21:36:43

Chocolate Treats and Coconut Oil Giveaway!

Tropical Traditions Virgin Coconut Oil

***Oct. 3, 2009 THE CONTEST IS OVER!! Congrats to HEATHER from Loving Touch WetBags (cut stuff btw). I have emailed the winner, If I don’t hear back by 8am PST the prize will be awarded to someone else. Thanks!!!****

I love coconut. I love the flavor, the versatility, the health properties….coconut water is a great electrolyte replacement. Coconut ‘flour’ makes delicious gluten-free high fiber baked goodies. Coconut milk adds a whole new level of creamy deliciousness to all kinds of soups, porridge, sauces… Coconut cream concentrate is so good…well…I have bought it twice and never got around to using it in any kind of cooking application because i ate all of it by the spoonful (or melted into hot chocolate). That brings us to Coconut Oil. I use coconut oil extensively in my kitchen. It’s a stable healthy fat, resistant to heat and thus great for high heat cooking and frying. I use expeller pressed coconut oil for the bulk of my cooking (& all of my deep frying except when i can get my hands on affordable lard) mostly due to cost & taste. However, Virgin Coconut oil is REALLY where it’s at concerning health. I’m not going to go into all the science and cause most of you to check out entirely. Instead feel free to google, “benefits of virgin coconut oil” and/or read “Virgin Coconut Oil: How it has changed people’s lives and how it can change yours!” It’s a quick read, easy to understand and sprinkled with personal ‘testimonies’ about the various ways coconut has helped people overcome many maladies. At the end of the post I’ll give you some info on how to score a free copy of this book if you’ve never ordered from Tropical Traditions before. For the record, I do NOT believe there are any dietary ‘magic bullets’. I really really do NOT think you can change one thing about your diet and ‘change your life’. While I am a big fan of virgin coconut oil use as a food and even take it myself for supplement type purposes (anti-viral, anti-yeast), I think it is a powerful tool that works in conjunction with many other variables.

I typically buy coconut products from Tropical Traditions. Admittedly, they’re not always the cheapest and I sometimes order products (like expeller pressed oil) from other companies to save money, but when I “splurge” on Tropical Traditions, I do tend to notice a difference (though not on the expeller pressed oil….sorry…just haven’t). Anyhow, recently the folks at Tropical Traditions were kind enough to send me some of their Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil and the previously linked book to review for you. Prior to this it’s been awhile since I’ve bought Virgin Coconut oil just due to cost. It just so happens though that I had another brand in my pantry that a friend had given me just the week before. Seemed like a perfect storm for a taste test! The verdict? The taste difference was only very very subtle. The TT brand had a touch more coconut flavor. I could discern no major difference (though I am not well known for acute taste buds. I should have forced Ryan (aka “Mr. Super-taster”) to do it, but he doesn’t like coconut..or gnoshing on oil). However, the texture of the TT oil was a lot smoother than the other and it stayed softer longer. I have no idea why, but there you go. The thing about the Gold Label Virgin Oil vs. pretty much any other Virgin Oil is that it is hand-made traditionally. This video explains it better than I could.


Pretty impressive. OK, so my favorite way of consuming the coconut oil raw? Coconut Chocolate Treats. Yes, chocolate is technically ‘illegal’ on the SCD diet…but…of all the ways I could be consuming chocolate, I don’t so much plan to stop making this. Besides so is beer. And the rice I had with dinner tonight. Not doing great about SCD, but am still 100% gluten-free. That’s another story. Back to chocolate.

I tried to keep track of measurements when I made some yesterday, but it always ends up needing a pinch more of this or that until I end up having no idea how much of anything is in there. But as best as I can tell here’s the ‘recipe’:

3 parts Virgin Coconut Oil
2-2.5 parts Non-Alkaline Cocoa Powder
1-2 parts honey
1 part flax oil (opt. I did it this time b/c i scored a free bottle from a friend)

whisk together, spread onto chilled cookie sheets lined with wax paper for bark or drop by the teaspoonful, then transfer to freezer for 10-20 min. Transfer to a storage container & keep in the freezer. I recommend freezing them into small pieces because they do melt fast, so you want pieces you can pop in your mouth direct from the freezer. This recipe is easily adaptable to all kinds of tweaks. I intend to experiment with nut butter next time, as well as some with nuts & cinnamon mixed in.

This not only helps me consume the 3 TBS/day I aim for w/o gagging on a spoon of plain oil, but works like a charm to appease the chocolate monster that appears once a moon. I’m also more than happy to treat the kids with it.

On to the free stuff! Tropical Traditions generously offered to send a quart of the virgin coconut oil to one of our readers. So here’s the skinny: Go subscribe to their email sales newsletter (they run some great buy one get one free sales & the like. I enjoy being in the loop), then report back here in the comments (of this post!) that your homework is finished. Bam. You are now entered to win. On October 3rd at 1pm PST I will put all the names in a bowl and have Grace (who begs to eat this stuff on a spoon) pick a name. I will contact the winner via email (so provide an email address in the comment form!) and update this post when I get around to it. :)

If you would like to snag a free copy of the book & help me snag free gifts:
Tropical Traditions also has a Referral Program, so if you place an order with them as a first-time customer, please select “Referred by a friend” and in the box that says “How did you hear of us?” enter my sponsor ID number: 5522466. By telling Tropical Traditions that I referred you, you will receive a complimentary copy of the book Virgin Coconut Oil: How it has changed people’s lives and how it can change yours! by Brian and Marianita Shilhavy with your first order! This book is filled with testimonies and research showing how healthy coconut oil is, and it also includes over 85 recipes showing how one can incorporate coconut into their diet.

Ryan’s Tweets for 2009-09-23

  • RT @BobPritchett: Zondervan to release 31 titles for Logos Bible Software http://tinyurl.com/ksnalp (via @ZonderAcademic) #
  • TIme for some afternoon coffee. Unrelated, I think I've finally decided to buy an iPhone. #
  • @tlangejr From what I hear, you'll be waiting for a while. Looks like they plan to extend w/att for a few more years. in reply to tlangejr #
  • RT @DanPritchett2: Updating blu-ray firmware: ethernet to blu-ray to RCA thru DVR to RCA to TV by way of porch http://short.to/rayd // wow! #
  • My mom officially accepted my friend request. Took her 3 weeks! #
  • Asher is trying to play jazz. Has a microphone, drum, egg shaker, and hammer. Hammer? #
  • Darn it credit card bill… you are thwarting my plans for an iphone. Perhaps next month… #
  • @lenflack Let's be honest… the odds that I'll stupid enough to get one anyway is pretty good. in reply to lenflack #
  • Just requested a review copy "The Search for God and Guinness. A Biography of the Beer that Changed the World" http://brb.thomasnelson.com #
  • I have so many neglected websites… I need to come up with a plan for all these. What to do, what to do… #
  • My Latest Post: Read and Share Toddler Bible Review http://bit.ly/3A7OpA #
  • @greenroomlive The latest bacon is just for you. #
  • Need some bacon? 3 Easy Squidoo Tips http://bit.ly/qRhJx #

Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-09-22

  • ahh the evils of & #039;king corn& #039; abound. that& #039;s why i& #039;m torn about & #039;zero waste& #039; containers. article via @harmonymatters: http://bit.ly/sSYyW 08:48:29
  • Lord let your word be the lamp to my path today http://ref.ly/Pr6.23 feel like i& #039;m fumbling in the dark lately. 08:58:29
  • just realized my little girl has her first ballet class this saturday. 09:25:48
  • whoa. asher just asked why eggs can only make chicks if there& #039;s a rooster around. thankfully happy w/the non-detailed answer. 09:45:57
  • grace& #039;s princess dress is getting glitter everywhere 11:32:52
  • had a great drawing lesson! kids had their eyes & ears turned on today. #monart-at-home 12:47:14
  • @mommyknows nice fish! impressive, def. fridge-worthy. :) all i seem get around here are battle scenes w/ decapitations. in reply to mommyknows 14:26:23
  • dishwasher is on the fritz. washing lunch & breakfast dishes by hand right now. i suppose it& #039;s building character or something…. 14:51:14
  • grace is pink from head to toe but seriously sad that she doesn& #039;t have pink skin. 16:22:49
  • making some halibut & #039;fish sticks& #039; w/almond meal tonight. new recipe. sounds good. we& #039;ll see! 18:22:08
  • fish was overcooked/dry but otherwise very good! did half in almond meal, half in coconut flour. 19:50:21
  • nixed joint baths due to modesty issues, but 2 baths is such a waste of time & water = only showers = sad kids. #meanmom 19:53:31
  • have a LOT of fried fish leftover here. really sad that it& #039;s very dry fried fish as that& #039;s not going 2 make great leftovers. sigh. 20:35:54
  • dishes (by hand, whine whine), http://www.libraryday.com stuff, read up on making a bow & arrow. should& #039;ve pawned THAT off on @ryan_burns 20:39:13
  • RT @ryan_burns: My Latest Post: Read and Share Toddler Bible Review http://bit.ly/3A7OpA //i agree wholeheartedly w/the review 22:46:07

Read and Share Toddler Bible Review

About a month ago I signed up to be a book reviewer for Thomas Nelson. At the time there weren’t many titles I was interested in reviewing, so I decided to grab the Read and Share Toddler Bible since we are always on the lookout for good kids Bibles.

Now, the book says that it is for ages 1-4, but I often felt that it was WAY below my 3 and 4 years olds. The stories were really short and the language was very basic. Perhaps this was exaggerated by the fact that we’ve been reading The Jesus Storybook Bible to both our kids since they were born, and it is neither short nor basic in its language.

In all, my biggest problem is that with the Read and Share Toddler Bible I kept feeling like something was missing. After thinking about it, I think that what I miss is the over arching story of the Bible. In the Read and Share Toddler Bible every story is its own neat little unit that teaches a point. The garden teaches us what happens when we disobey. Jacob and Esau teach us to be kind to siblings. Moses leading the people out of Egypt teaches us to trust God. Daniel in the lions den teaches us to pray. And Jesus dies on a cross “…so that when we do wrong, we can be forgiven.”

Now, none of that is “bad” or “wrong.” But where is the gospel? Where is man lost in his sin and in need of being reconciled to a holy God? Where is the fellowship that is broken in the garden? Where is the promised seed that flows through Jacob? Where is the promise land that points to Jesus? And where is the savior that doesn’t just die so we can be forgive, but to satisfy the justice and righteousness of the God we have sinned against?

The Read and Share Toddler Bible never seems to leave “Bible stories” and actually get to the Bible. Perhaps the author assumed that the parents would simply make the jump and connections where needed. Whatever the case, I always left our reading time with this book wishing it was something more.

In the end, I can’t recommend this toddler Bible. Right now, our go-to Bibles for the kids are The Jesus Storybook Bible and The Big Picture Story Bible. Both of these have set the bar for toddler and children’s Bibles very high as they both help point your children to Jesus and the Cross, not simply for forgiveness, but because as Sally Lloyd Jones so perfectly states, “Every story whispers His name.” Sadly, the Read and Share Toddler Bible didn’t live up to the standard they have set.