Ryan’s Twitter Updates for 2009-12-31

  • RT @theappleblog: Logos Software Takes a Leap of Faith to the Mac http://j.mp/8wq23m #
  • Top 100 Kids' Online Search Words 4 2009 – http://bit.ly/4C5Ru4 // MUST READ 4 PASTORS // Me: Want to cry and/or hit someone. #
  • Brother said (agitated voice) "Can I call u back? I'm having a stressed out moment looking 4 a bottle of cheese." / Didn't see that coming #
  • @mbookspan did they release alpha 9? I just left the office. #
  • @mbookspan thanks for the link. Btw, after being on windows for over a year, I just got a 27" i7 at work this week. Seriously sweet! #
  • When I see a bad website, I click the link for the company that made it. Their site usually sucks 2. Then I wonder how they stay in business #

Ryan’s Twitter Updates for 2009-12-30

Ryan’s Twitter Updates for 2009-12-29

  • Trying to not get too excited, but there is a really big box near the reception desk that looks to be the perfect size to be… #
  • Something might be wrong if your wife is buying Excedrine at Costco. #
  • RT @Logos: Commentary on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament nearly 60% off with code 12DAYS11 – More deals at http://bit.ly/5lsWt6 #
  • If jenn and the kids weren't so amazing, I might never leave my office ever again. http://twitpic.com/vn4po #
  • Using the @logos bible app to try and read calvin's institutes this year. Love the synced reading plans with logos 4 – http://bit.ly/L4ipod #
  • Tonight's wine. Was supposed to be yesterday's wine but meal got postponed to today. http://twitpic.com/vo4m3 #
  • RT @BobPritchett: Just downloaded update of @Logos Bible Software for iPhone. Now with offline reading! // Me too! http://bit.ly/L4ipod #
  • @kapurcell click the blue arrow nxt 2 title in library and turn on offline mode for it. http://twitpic.com/vofzx #
  • RT @Logos: A quick tutorial on how to read books offline with the iPhone app – http://bit.ly/5ReSH3 // Want the app? http://bit.ly/L4ipod #
  • Drinking 2008 Estancia Pinot Noir Pinnacles Ranches — http://cor.kz/2eS6 — my notes under burns777. #
  • RT @ddunkin: Logos for iPhone 1.2 now available with offline reading. Just submitted 1.2.1 which fixes several bugs. http://bit.ly/L4ipod #

Ryan’s Twitter Updates for 2009-12-28

  • All my sites got hacked again… after restoring all 18 of them, I'm seriously thinking about just shutting them all down. #
  • @lenflack Just my sites. I figure they hacked into my database and the rest is history. in reply to lenflack #
  • Filling out state tax forms for http://www.designsimple.net. Seriously, I don't make enough to warrant this hassle. #
  • @TheCodeFoundry WP is fine. Don't be worried. I'm the only person I know with this much trouble. in reply to TheCodeFoundry #
  • Whew… no "combined excise tax" to pay… whatever that means. #
  • I both like the idea and am scared by it… so, what's the verdict? 1password.com good or bad? #
  • Doing many of the tasks I put off because I didn't want to deal with them… not making for a super fun afternoon. Currently working on HSA. #
  • Pretty sure my CS rep forgot to mute his line while we wait for another department. Pretty sure he's playing a computer game (or iphone) #
  • 25 minutes later… the number you are trying to reach is no longer in service… click. I have no idea what just happened. #StateFarmFail. #
  • "Thank you for calling State Farm Bank. We are currently experiencing system problems. Please try again later." Click. // Ah… nice. #
  • @philgons – I just googled "best bluray movies" and the first result was a squidoo lens. Thought you'd like to know that bit of info. #

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Ryan’s Twitter Updates for 2009-12-27

Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-12-25

  • Merry Christmas! May we all enjoy the rememberence of the miracle of Christ's work today & know the joy of such a love. 07:25:28
  • Now let's cook some bacon. :) 07:25:54
  • http://twitpic.com/v6060 – Had my old watch for 3.5yrs. Ryan hated it the whole time. Merry Christmas new watch. :) 10:06:18
  • RT @ryan_burns They got me. I teared up. Total right of parenthood passage. http://twitpic.com/v5tvl in reply to ryan_burns 10:15:52
  • http://twitpic.com/v63kz – My sister made these. Amazing! 10:22:16
  • Asher "nit flakes? What's that?" Net FIix 11:16:19
  • Just got dressed. Thought you might like to know that. 13:49:46
  • The gravy is smooth but weird. Guess whole grain millet flour isn't a good gravy rue mix. So still have never made good gravy 15:39:13
  • The thing about the huge late holiday lunch is that the kids will still expect dinner & can't fix it themselves while I'm in a food coma 17:03:59

Ryan’s Twitter Updates for 2009-12-26

  • Good morning. Merry christmas. #
  • @KarlIngersoll try installing alpha 8. Indexing much better. Type update now into command bar or grab direct link from logos.com forums. #
  • Reading about Christmas in the Encyclopedia of Christianity on my @logos iPhone app while waiting for kids to wake up. http://bit.ly/L4ipod #
  • @deadwoods yup. But needs wifi. #
  • They got me. I teared up. Total right of parenthood passage. http://twitpic.com/v5tvl #
  • Watching planet earth on my new blu ray player. #
  • Oh yeah! http://twitpic.com/v6lc2 #
  • Turkey is done! http://twitpic.com/v7hbf #
  • RT @edstetzer: Kids got some dinosaur toys for Christmas. Now I have to explain how fossils were put there by the devil to confuse us. / ha! #
  • Reviews have me nervous, but going to trust Robert Parker on this one. http://twitpic.com/v7ix4 #
  • Drinking 2007 Foxglove Zinfandel — http://cor.kz/1Pd9 — my notes under burns777 #
  • Go time! http://twitpic.com/v87s7 #
  • Why does my son always have cooler clothes than me? http://twitpic.com/v8dbs #
  • @KarlIngersoll have you posted in the forums? Lots of help there and the mac team can know about your issue. #
  • @deadwoods what am I exlaining? #
  • Seriously impressed with netflix wifi streaming quality on my new bluray player. #
  • @phpurchase finally have the time… Plus the grandparents appreciate it. #

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