Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-12-23

  • I offered to let the kids have Moravian sugar cake 4 breakfast. Grace: "I dont feel well so I dont want to have sugar". They do listen :) 09:20:27
  • From yesterdays pushups: arms are fine but my entire back & shoulders are sore. #pathetic 09:27:26
  • Making a shopping list. Gotta make sure I have all the ingredients for brine. Mmmmm….brined turkey… 10:42:40
  • Groceries done (costco w/kids…good grief), library then hopefully won't leave the house for the next 3 days 12:22:56
  • Woohoo! New contacts. Guy at the eye place made fun with "& those boxes should last YOU about 5 years" 13:43:57
  • @mommyknows cause otherwise when the Christmas tornado hits it'll be double the mess to clean up. + we need room for throwing paper & boxes in reply to mommyknows 16:31:14
  • I think I don't understand Christmas cards. I feel confused that a friend I see regularly just gave me one. 16:36:05
  • RT @ThriftyNWMom Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle -Free kids admission (up 2 12yrs) w/each paying adult- thru Sun Jan 3rd! in reply to ThriftyNWMom 17:44:27
  • @ryan_burns just now seeing the BBQ tweet. Messed up. ;) but accurate since I don't grill. in reply to ryan_burns 20:02:05
  • Everyone disappeared while I was washing dishes (present wrapping) so I'm hogging the wine. You snooze you lose. 20:16:46
  • Pretty messed up since they're wrapping something for me. That's just Now occurring to me. See what @Ryan_burns is dealing w/here? 20:18:06
  • RT @ryan_burns We own this Dyson and LOVE IT. Saw this deal & thought I'd pass along (about $200 less than new model) in reply to ryan_burns 21:11:28
  • So far the only commercial I've seen for Avatar is the Mcdonalds one. Which only serves to make me assume it's dumb. 22:16:29
  • Not enjoying Gilead. Beautiful language, snoozeriffic plot. Keep hoping it will get better. 23:00:57
  • I will admit that it's made me chuckle a good bit. The choosing a book to clutch if he dies waltzing in the office bit got me good. 23:14:46
  • Not sure what changed but after the waltzing comment I realized I have become endeared to old jack. Perhaps it just got better. ;) 23:43:16

Ryan’s Twitter Updates for 2009-12-24

  • RT @JimStraatman: Published 4 Logos developer jobs and 1 developer internship on Bellingham Craig's List… #
  • The @Logos coffee machine has made an average of 83 cups of coffee each work day over the last 14 months. #logos4 // I can claim 4 of those. #
  • Wondering if I have enough batteries for Christmas morning… #
  • @BobPritchett I'm intrigued…and I work here! What did you see? in reply to BobPritchett #
  • @deadwoods strength… or earplugs. in reply to deadwoods #
  • RT @BibleHour: LORD, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth! #
  • This pic has been on my digital frame all day. Love the emotions it invokes in me. #
  • Oh man! Just got off the bus and someone in the neighborhood is mad grillin some BBQ! Seriously doubt it is my house though. Smells amazing. #
  • Am I going to get in trouble for that last tweet? #
  • Tonight's wine. Review coming later. #
  • Drinking 2007 Erath Pinot Noir Dundee Hills — — my notes under burns777 #
  • Asher's rendition of the book "Germs" Pretty good for an almost 5 year old. #
  • We own a this Dyson and LOVE IT. Saw this deal and thought I'd pass along – (about $200 less than new model) #

Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-12-22

  • too much time trying to RT a long message. Just gonna have to skip the middle man @jakebelder (cause i'm not going up to the computer) 08:02:36
  • RT @donmilleris: The apostles, who died martyrs, didn't know about this button: #americantheologykillsthesoul #fb 08:03:07
  • If I drink my morning tea & don't follow it with food in a short Amy of time I get extemely nauseous. Get me a banana quick! 09:03:01
  • Asher talks about the @logos kids Christmas party a lot. Mostly b/c they played Mario games. Was apparently a lifetime highlight. 09:48:48
  • Teaching the kids how to do push-ups. I am out of shape. This is a sad sight. 11:27:29
  • I can do 6 pushups before I lose my form. But the real question is how sore will 5 min of pushup instruction make me? 11:29:10
  • @Terpening no way dude. Just teaching the kids how to do 1. Ha. @Ryan_burns started that a couple yes ago though in reply to Terpening 11:39:21
  • Broccoli cheddar soup w/ leftover mashed potato pancakes for dinner tonight. @Ryan_burns loves soup for dinner. #sarcasm 12:49:05
  • Ooh, he also *loves* meatless meals. But at least in 3 days we're roasting a turkey w/all the trimmings 12:51:30
  • Grace calls my jewelry box my 'dress up drawer' 13:04:56
  • Guess I should be a nice mom & take my kids 2 the playground while it's sunny…. 13:22:36
  • The broccoli cheddar soup recipe I'm (mostly) following is supposedly Panera's. It's making me hungry. 15:38:47
  • – Mmmmm…..bacon fat…. 15:58:12
  • – Gotta let him learn sometime, but I'll be honest that I'm terrified right now. 16:25:33
  • – 36 min later…almost done & no cuts yet. He won't let me help at all. 16:59:26
  • – Meanwhile this one finally succumbed to the nap….now that it's time to get up. 17:02:22
  • "I'll be a fantastic chef once I retire from being a paleontologist" 17:05:02
  • Despite the groans & gagging from the children, Ryan & I thought the soup was very good. 19:36:26

Ryan’s Twitter Updates for 2009-12-23

Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-12-21

Ryan’s Twitter Updates for 2009-12-22

  • At the post office the Monday before Christmas… Yeah, it is as fun as it sounds. #
  • Proof the US doesn't love soccer: "Messi" is trending and I can't read any of the tweets: #
  • Don't tell @jenn_burns I'm at the sushi place. sorry babe. #
  • Red = Salmon mmmmmm #
  • My mac is sitting by the reception desk… waiting to be picked up and shipped back to apple… mocking me. #
  • I love hearing a B3 organ in jazz/blues music. #
  • Encouraged by a phone call from my sister. She and her family are becoming a foster family. Very cool. #

Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-12-20

Bank of America Fail – A Vent

Just got off the phone with Bank of America and I need to vent…

A couple months ago I opened a business account. The rep told me that the account has an $11 a month service fee. However, if I had a Gold personal account, the fee would be waived. The problem with the Gold account is that it requires me to carry a 10K balance or else there is a $15 fee. So, obviously I wasn’t going to take that route. Until the representative told me that if I had two gold accounts then I wouldn’t have to maintain the minimum balance and I wouldn’t have the service fee. Along with that, I’d get my business account for free as well. So, despite the annoyance of having to open a second checking account AND changing my personal account to a Gold account, I went ahead and did it so I could save the $11 a month.

Enter in the November bank statement…

Of course, there is a $15 service fee on my personal account. I call BoA and ask them why it is there. The rep tells me that it is because I haven’t met the minimum balance. I go on to explain that I was told that having the two accounts, plus my business account meant that I didn’t have to keep the minimum balance and would have no service fees. The rep said that this was not the case and that there were no codes she could enter to make that happen. I asked her if I was misled or just stupid because, here’s my logic, I either:

  1. Was led by a BoA representative to believe that changing my account to Gold, opening a second Gold account, and opening a business account would remove all fees or
  2. I’m stupid because I randomly decided to take the time and energy to open a second account that I’m not going use, upgrade my current account, and open a business account all so that I can pay $15 a month instead of $11.

Now, I’m not trying to be pretentious, but I don’t think I’m that stupid. I went to great pains to make sure that the information I was given was true. I confirmed time and time again that I wouldn’t have to carry a $10K balance under this system. I know how my balance usually runs and, as much as I’d like a $10k a month balance, that just isn’t a reality. So, why would I open these accounts in order to pay more? I wouldn’t! That’s the point.

So, after a frustrating call to CS they have refunded my $15, closed my second account, and downgraded my personal checking to a normal account… and my business account now costs $11 a month.  So, Bank of America, thanks for being lame.  And while I’m venting… the fact that you don’t let me make a transfer from my business account to my personal account online is lame and your online billpay system is atrocious.

That’s all. Vent over.

Jenn’s Tweets for 2009-12-19

  • – It would appear this has neither garlic or wheat! Crazy 13:51:15
  • About to get started on 15lbs of mashed potatoes. 'fix freeze feast' style. #batchcooking 14:52:23
  • – Forgot I need to divvy up the pizza sauce from yesterday first. 15:05:16
  • Just calculated that the 6 pans of mashed potatoes I will be freezing cost $1.85 each. That makes me a nerd, right? 16:03:50
  • – 7nights (+ leftovers) mashed potatoes & yeah, re-purposed pie pans 16:59:25
  • Raise your hand if you're making beef fried rice & just remembered you're out of soy sauce. 19:00:59
  • Just now catching up on 'so you think you can dance' finale. need to publicly admit that I love Sonya Tayeh's work. 21:20:25