2010 Oscar Nominee

A few weeks ago I was puttering in the kitchen while the kids played in the dining/living room area.  I wasn’t really listening. They were playing one of their many imaginary games but I don’t know what the characters were.  Eventually I tuned back in see if there was play arguing or real arguing going on.  I looked over and Asher looked a little bewildered while grace was sitting on her knees, head in hands weeping.  It sounded like a fake cry, a very very sad fake cry, and I couldn’t really tell if it was fake or not.  I walked over and asked Asher what he did to his sister what was going on, but he didn’t seem to know.  They were “just playing and then she started crying”.   I knelt down and asked Grace if she was ok and head still in hands she sobbed, “I’m just sooo sad…”  Giving Asher the “you better not have lied about not doing anything to her eye” I asked why she was sad.  Looking up at me wide-eyed, tears streaming down face, “Because I am just a poor kid and don’t have any parents.  They died and no one has adopted me.” (or something along those lines.  It’s been a common play scenario for the past 6 months).

“Grace, are you really sad and crying or are you just pretending?”

Complete composure, wiping tears from face, “Just playing with Asher.”

Following that was the oh so common, “please do not REALLY cry when you are just pretending” speech (it sounds very similar to the “you may only scream if you are seriously injured or about to die” speech), and sheepish apology to my son.

Is this a common 3 year old skill or should I get the girl an agent?

6 thoughts on “2010 Oscar Nominee

  1. Ok it is unanamus here, you need to get her an agent. she is too much, and we all thought her aunt Tina was an actress, sorry T I think Grace has you beat :).

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  3. Essie hasn’t reached that level yet, but I have given the “don’t scream unless you are dying” speech about a million times. That girl has some pipes. =)

  4. Um…yeah…Grace definitely wins the Oscar for that one. Simpy amazing. Kids are so awesome. My girls have instant tears (which still amazes me how quickly they come), but not while “acting”. There’s usually something “real” going on. We’re all looking forward to seeing “starring Grace Burns” at a theater nearby soon. :)