The Short Version

On Thursday two of my websites were compromised and my hosting company shut down all my websites. Having encountered multiple hacks over the last several months, I decided a clean slate was needed. I thus got a new hosting company and started 4  of my websites from scratch. The other 16 +/- sites… well, I decided to just shut them down. It was a hard decision, but one I’ve been thinking about for some time. This weekend put the nail in the coffin for them.

While I was at it, and due to necessity, I gave The Daily Burns a face-lift.

That’s the short version.

Jenn’s Tweets for 2010-02-26

  • The music for Ryan's alarm sounds like the intro to 'breakfast at tiffany's (by deep blue something). 08:06:20
  • I wish the baby monitor had 2way capability. Have I mentioned I don't like sleeping on a different floor than the kids? #firstworldproblems 08:08:03
  • the flourless sprouted wheat bread is very good…even w/the big chunks of wheat berries that weren't ground up properly. score! 09:12:57
  • grace likes to shorten words to 'sound cool'. more like valley girl, but it's cute in a 3yr old. "hey mom, can u get me some toilet pape?' 09:42:15
  • wondering if my husband has had any food in that past 24 hrs… 10:14:28
  • preschool homeschool math: War & leapfrog math rummy card games. amazing how much they learned about #'s this morning w/o knowing it. 11:12:39
  • Now moved on to fine motor skills, color recognition & imaginitave play. Haven't gotten them dressed though 11:41:17
  • asher was pretending to kill good guys so they could be w/God in heaven. good discussion stemmed from it…..whew. #weirdparentingmoments 12:03:08
  • i should've marked that last post #whymomsneedgoodtheology instead. 12:06:39
  • 'good' implied i have 'good'….ok: #whymomsneedtostudytheology (stereotypical feminine communicator much?) 12:37:42
  • RT @Logos: See our free iPhone Bible app in action. New demo video posted on: // love that demo guy's sexy voice! 14:02:36
  • asher "can't wait till our computer is old" so he can play Opa's Empire on it. (Opa keeps an old computer around to play the DOS version) 14:35:02
  • it's way past naptime, but the kids have been playing Jedi's SO nicely I haven't had the heart to interrupt. 15:31:39
  • aaannd commence fighting…..just over an hour though. that's probably a world record. 15:37:09
  • @dropcam lol, to tell them they're allowed to come downstairs when they call for me in the morning. in reply to dropcam 16:41:18
  • Pizza night in T-minus 1 hour. Mostly I'm looking forward to my weekly beer. 18:06:32

Jenn’s Tweets for 2010-02-24

  • @patioswings My feed reader has not picked up your posts! Here I thought you completely abandoned blogging (as it appears I have…). in reply to patioswings 07:40:14
  • Everyone in the house except me has been sick the past few days. Thankful I have so far dodged the bullet. Praying i continue to do so… 13:09:36
  • Sure sign grace is sick: she asked for it to be naptime. 13:40:26
  • Laundry, food, clean up food, play w/kids. Rinse & repeat on 2hr loop. Usually fun & more intricate than that…today I feel like robot-mom 15:02:49

Jenn’s Tweets for 2010-02-22

  • i boil 2 pots of water 2 give my green tea a 30 sec decaffeinating dip b4 steeping in the regular pot. seems i forgot the 2nd step today. 08:31:31
  • daughter has had a growth spurt. will need to clothes shop soon. 10:34:59
  • In line at store 1 of 3 for our Monday errands & discovered I forgot my wallet. Arg. 10:52:35
  • Playing vowel bingo w/chocolate chips 12:32:43
  • Asher thinks I should enter our craisin-liver pate- rice cracker sandwich in a food network competition 12:56:14
  • fighting urge to nap on the back porch in the sun…today is a workday, i will do work. today is a workday…. 15:39:51
  • thought i'd finally buy the fridge phonics lowercase letters expansion pack. discontinued. would have 2 buy a whole new gizmo. arg. 16:58:33

Jenn’s Tweets for 2010-02-19

  • @marusekmi i REALLY hope there will be pictures!!!! in reply to marusekmi 07:26:41
  • went to bed at 8pm last night. felt like i had taken a sleeping pill or something. that was weird. but nice. slept like a rock. 07:27:44
  • @marusekmi woot!!! that's AMAZING! :) can't wait to see it. will i have to wait or can you sneak me a pic? ;) in reply to marusekmi 08:29:24
  • hate when businesses don't have websites. likely they lost a customer since i can't pre-interview them online while choosing practitioners. 09:14:53
  • yesterday a child that is not one of mine asked me why I 'always' wear rainboots. my answer: "I'm lazy" i don't think he understood. 09:28:35
  • the boy plays violent games to the point of disturbing me. the girl plays "get married" to the point of disturbing me. #StereotypicalKids 10:33:51
  • my kids grumble about food a lot, but i'll give them this much: they do the happy dance when i say liver pate is on the lunch menu. 13:57:07
  • 3rd gorgeous sunny day in a row. A girl could get used to this. Now I remember why I didn't get housework done last summer. 15:39:44

Jenn’s Tweets for 2010-02-18

  • anyone have trader joe's applewood smoked bacon? if so can u tell me if it has garlic? not sure if asher is sick or if he got garlicked 09:15:59
  • nvr mind on the bacon. i called trader joe's & they read the ingredients for me. i suspect a garlic infraction. 09:43:10
  • & here i was getting hopeful & planning to trial garlic in a month or so… guess we've not grown out of it yet… 09:43:44
  • – Guess I should retire these…are cut off shorts still not cool? 14:57:49
  • Just walked by a mirror & saw my mom. 15:18:30