Loving Deeply and Well

When we were in Orlando a couple years ago, I had the privilege to take a class taught by Dr. Steven Childers. I’m super embarrassed to admit I don’t remember the name of the class. I could probably look it up, but I just spent all that time finding his bio. Suffice to say, it was about the Gospel of Christ and how it is not something we leave behind at the start of our walk of faith but rather how necessary it is for it to be hammered into our hearts and minds (often by each other) on a daily basis. Yes, it was amazing. Anyhow, He often talked about and prayed for us, that we would so trust God, trust His Word, Trust the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and be so secure in HIS love for us that we would be able to “love [others] deeply and well.” I think about that a lot. I have completely stolen/adopted that phrase into my prayer life, for myself and others.

In that vein, I wanted to point you to a blog post about loving by a woman who’s blog has been a great source of encouragement for me of late. Being a mother of “10 kids from 3 countries”, there is an emphasis on the adoptive parent/child relationship, but it is wisdom that extends to all relationships. I especially appreciated the video link at the end. So please, take a few minutes to click this link, read the post & watch the video clip, peruse the links…. Lord, May we be so confident of Your love for us and in our standing with YOU, that we are free to love others with abandon, deeply and well. Really Loving