$25 Tasty Mistake

So, tonight Jennifer and I wanted a special treat to celebrate an important event that happened today (to be blogged about later). Anyway, I decided we’d have one of our nicer bottles of wine this evening.

Now, for us, a nicer bottle is one that costs more than $10. Basically anything under $10 is a “daily drinker” and if its over $10 it is for more special occasions. Anyway, I looked in our cellar tracker to see what we had and I saw what looked to be a very nice $15 Cabernet Sauvignon. So, we popped it open, decanted, at let breathe for about an thirty minutes. Upon tasting I was REALLY happy. It was great. Great mid-pallet, good flavor, smooth finish… Ahhhhh.

Later this evening I was waiting for a client to get back to me about a website I was editing and decided to look at the bottle online. I googled it only to find out that the bottle was actually about $25 more than I had recorded in my software. Granted, I entered the price a year and a half ago, but $25 increase in 1 year… not bad. So, while the bottle was far more special than we intended… I sit here blogging and sipping on the last little bit of it. Mmmmmm

A tasty mistake indeed.

Oh, if you were wondering:
2002 Geyser Peak Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon – Alexander Valley

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