4 Day till 7 Years

Well now I’m at work
so this poem can’t be long
but today’s poem is important
for this game to move along.

Today you have a task
one important for sure.
I need you to get ready
to head out the door.

So, pack up the kids
and yourself too
tomorrow morning
we’ve got something to do.

Pack for 5 days
chilly weather in mind
not much more info
will you be able to find.

Except that you should pack
something nice for you to wear
and maybe a swim suit
(can’t be too prepared).

Don’t worry about me.
I’ll pack on my own.
Just be ready to leave
at nine in the moan. <- that’s how you say “morning” so it rhymes with “own” I know its short notice but just wait and see when all the dust settles I sure, happy you’ll be. So the true game begins as my plan now unfold. What happens next? Just wait till you’re told.

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