7 Day till 7 Years

The days almost over
and weekend was crazy
Its not that I forgot to post
or that I was being lazy.

Work took up a lot of time
and there’s always more to do.
I know it’s not fun when I work so much.
I’d much rather just hang out with you.

But we both know that this
is just the season we’re in;
With this one almost over
and the next soon to begin.

Oh, it’s 11:50 p.m.

looking at the clock,
I’m about out of time
so cut to the chase
today’s clue is wine.

What does that mean?
Well you know I can’t tell…
But something in the last poem
might pair with it well.

So, off I now go
to get much needed rest;
Check back tomorrow
for more of my test.

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