8 Days till 7 Years

So, eight more days
till its been seven years.
What an amazing adventure
full of laughter and (a few) tears.

Like remember the time
when a vegetarian you were
and you decided to quit
and ate bacon galore.

Or how bout the Christmas
when it was just the dog, you and me
and locked out of the house
we watched Colby pee on the tree.

Then there’s the time
when when the rains they did fall;
Flooding our basement… wait
that wasn’t funny at all.

But no matter the case
happy, funny, or sad,
just knowing you’re with me
makes me terribly glad.

So you’re probably saying,
“yeah, yeah, now give me a clue.
It’s 8 days away;
what are we going to do?”

Well, I think that we’ll go somewhere…
or maybe we won’t…
Dinner and a movie?
A trip on a boat?

A night on the town?
Dancing, cocktails, and more?
Put the kids to bed early,
and watch 24?

Any of this sound like fun?
maybe all the above?
Whatever the case
I’m sure we’ll make … uh, cookies …

Yea, I just said that
and on the blog here no less.
I bet that you’re blushing.
Me too, I confess.

But our readers know we have kids
so it should be no surprise
that I’m a sucker for sure
for those beautiful brown eyes

So enough for this post,
people are starting to feel strange.
Tune in tomorrow
and see if my clues you can arrange.

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