9 Days till 7 Years

The excitement begins.
The day’s almost here.
When we’ll raise our glasses to toast
seven wonderful years.

Hard to believe
that times gone this fast.
New homes, friends, and kids;
It has been such a blast.

And now we here sit
on the cusp of the new.
One thing is for sure
I’m so glad it’s with you.

Seven great years have gone by.
Seventy more it will be.
So what should we do
for this anniversary?

For anniversaries I try
to top the year’s past.
So with only 9 days
I’d better start thinking fast.

What’s up my sleeve?
What am I going to do?
Well, check back tomorrow
for your very next clue…

2 thoughts on “9 Days till 7 Years

  1. Wow…**sniffle**sniffle** The apple just doesn’t fall far from the tree! Happy anniversary clue fetching!!

  2. aww…i apparently dont check my own blog…just now reading this today…

    i have a super husband. :o)