A different Drum

I’ve said on more than one occasion that I’m increasingly grateful to God for blessing us with more than one child. Mostly because our first child I’m discovering is pretty darn…different…than most kids. I might be prone to think judgmental like, “if their kid isn’t starting to read by 3.5 then they’re just lazy parents that don’t read to their kids enough” or something ridiculous like that. Then of course they could get me back with equally evil thoughts when he goes off on a screaming fit as we try to leave their house….

Enter Grace. She so far has been….well…i doubt she’ll have a career in engineering. I figure it will be a long time before cares about (if she ever does) coloring inside the lines. And it would appear she’s left-handed (yay! i got one!). This evening ryan is taking me out for a date, and so, I did not cook. The kids were pretty adamant about cereal for dinner (we rarely even have it in the house, so knowing it’s around they ask for it all the time). Just a few minutes ago I walked into the dining room to check on them while i tidied up the kitchen….she was eating her cereal scooping with the spoon handle.

After 2 minutes of debate I caved…she’s just going to eat with a backwards spoon. Gotta choose your battles. What’s funny is Asher is just the opposite of her w/stuff like this. In fact, he was slightly peeved for a few minutes that she would insist on using a spoon “not correct”. ;)

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