A post for mom

So, I was talking to my mom this afternoon and she got onto me about not having posted in a while… it felt kind of odd getting reprimanded by my mom for not blogging. Strange times indeed…

Well, the only reason I have a moment to post is that I’m waiting for about a gizillion images to upload for a site I’m building for an artist. I’ll post a link when the site is up. The gig was a barter (site for a painting). The site is turning out to be WAY more work than I anticipated… but I really love the piece that I got out of it… so, every time my brain goes numb from the monotony of creating this page, I simply think of how I will have the painting for many years to come… and that helps me push through.

In other news, the house is getting some action… so that is nice. We had a showing on monday and have another on friday. That is more showings that we’ve had in two months combined. Very sweet!

Um… anything else?

Oh, the company I work for was named one of Virginia’s Growth Companies to Watch, so that is pretty cool.

Ok… pics are uploaded… back to work.

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