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I follow over 70 blog (Click here if you want to know how). These are blogs of all kinds. I follow a bunch of blogs for professional web developers and graphic artists. I follow a bunch of theological blogs. I follow blogs by other seminary students. I follow a couple photography blogs. Last of all I follow my friend’s blogs.

Following that many blogs means I have a lot of content to sift through and I rarely (read – never) actually read all of it. Most of the time I’m skimming for articles and information that will help or inform me. Often if there is something that catches my eye I will save it in my reader until I have time to actually read it with some level of attention. This brings me to the point of my post… Live from the Green Room.

Live from the Green Room is a blog run by a friend of mine, Shelby Murphy, and it has been one of the blogs that I always mark his posts to go back and read… and it is always worth it.

Shelby is an artist (of the musical persuasion) and he is also a Christian. As an artist Shelby commonly writes about, you guessed it, art. From movies, to books, to tv, to music… Shelby covers it all. Now, the funny thing is that Shelby writes about a world I rarely engage in and much less at the intellectual and spiritual level to which he does. I admit that if (IF) I go to a movie, I’m typically not thinking things like:

There is also the haunting idea lurking in the shadows of the narrative, in regard to making a “video record” of our lives. It’s wondering what last thoughts or words we’re going to leave behind when faced with our own mortality. It’s wondering about how, or if, we’ll be remembered. Coupled with the indiscriminate death that rains down on the film’s protagonists, their fear reflects the angst of Solomon and something we often try to avoid thinking about: (read the whole article)

Yeah… he’s about to quote Ecclesiastes. But that is my point. Shelby engages art and works it through the gospel. Whether talking about Battlestar Galactica, No Country For Old Men, Gustav Mahler, or just the straight up gospel of Jesus Christ, Shelby writes with passion and depth and always helps me see the gospel in art and in me.

So, if you watch tv, read books, listen to music, or breath… keep tabs on Live From the Green Room.

For all my blogging friends, if you like what you read, please hook him up with some link love on your site and send your readers over to check him out.

Finally, for my pastor friends, this is a must read article on reaching artists… really great stuff.

Keep it up Shelby!

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