Advent is here! I’ve been looking forward to it more this year than other’s previous as I feel like we’re at the beginning of being able to start our family traditions that the kids can REALLY be involved with. What those traditions are/will be is still TBD, unfortunately. However, for this year we are at least going to do some daily/nightly scripture readings & sing songs. I’d like to steal a fun “nightly christmas book” idea from a friend, but have yet to set anything in stone with Ryan. Anyhow, in general though, we will be ‘celebrating’ advent, not just the actual DAY of christmas…something about building up to and relishing the significance of the birth of Christ is so romantic to me…. Oh yeah and oma & opa sent chocolate advent calendars that we will be opening today as well. :) the kids dont’ know about it yet. Looking forward to opening it.

But I was curious, do any of you have advent traditions? Even if i’ve already corresponded w/you about your ideas via email, if you don’t mind, could you post a comment about them here so we can ALL steal them?

Oh & I have “claude the dog, a christmas story” on hold at the library.

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  1. I don’t! I’ve even stopped buying the calendars because it is a struggle to stick to the one a day plan for the chocolates.

    I am a sad, sorry excuse for a mom. :(

  2. We’re doing little activities every day. They range in complexity from decorating the Christmas tree (which was actually more challenging than we planned, but very entertaining!) to bringing food to a local food bank. Here’s our list of ideas – I love to share/steal ideas from others, so hopefully this will inspire someone else to share!!! Oh, and we have “discussions” with most of these about why we do it and what it has to do with Jesus (you know my kids – you can guess how productive that will be. But I’m more stubborn than them, so I’m trying!).
    Read some Christmas books (interspersed throughout month)
    Garland of people we’re praying for.
    Visit local lights display; go on a driving tour of lights.
    Food to a shelter.
    Watch Christmas movies (scattered throughout).
    Gift for family in need.
    Make own Christmas story book.
    Make angel halos and “be excited”!
    Pretend to be kings (make crowns, go on an adventure through the house).
    Make Christmas cookies for neighbors.
    Eat candy cane – talk about meaning.
    Look at tree in dark, drink hot chocolate sing Christmas songs.
    Make nativity scene.
    Make gifts for family.
    Act out the Christmas story.

    That’s it for this year! Can’t wait to see other ideas!
    Make a decoration.

  3. today we made christmas tree decorations with construction paper. it was our first time using scissors. I think Asher’s hooked. He made a decent snowflake. And not to toot my own horn or anything, but my christmas tree def. was the prettiest of the 3. ;)

  4. 1. We decorate the house and hunt for and set up the tree the day after Thanksgiving, and the kids are presented with ornaments that represent something unique to them each year.
    2. The kids sleep around/under the tree that first night after my husband tells them the story of St. Boniface and the Christmas Tree.
    3. We choose an angel the same age as the 2 older kids (so far) from a tree at church or the community and shop for them and pray for them.
    4. We have a big cookie baking day the first or second weekend of December.
    5. We have Christmasy/wintery books that are wrapped and in a box with the advent readings on them and a sticker showing the countdown. (I love hearing, “20 more sleeps until Christmas!” right before they open the book.)
    6. So…the book/advent reading usually goes like this: we read the scripture (we’re using a combination of advent calendar readings this year), talk about it, pray together, sing a carol, read the wrapped book.
    7. We also have an old english (or something like that) angel chime set that someone gave us a few years ago that we use instead of an advent wreath. We light it much like you would an advent wreath, but the more candles you light as you go along…the faster the angels spin and the louder the chimes get.
    8. We have an advent calendar on the foyer closet door that has pockets for each day with hershey kisses in them. The kids take turns moving the star each day and getting a chocolate.
    9. This year we are going Christmas caroling with a group from the YMCA. SHould be interesting. :o)
    10. That’s all I can think of right now. The kids are continually reminding me of “traditions” that they have established that I keep forgetting about! (Honestly, you do one thing one year and they DO NOT forget about it. For example, 4 years ago…we just so happened to have TV dinners on Columbus Day (not meant to be any sort of tradition) and now the kids expect it every year. I guess one TV dinner a year is doable.) They crack me up!

  5. Oh yeah…and on cookie baking day…we deliver containers of them to the neighbors and wish them a Merry Christmas.

  6. Another fun (and free) thing to do is visit a living nativity or Bethlehem Walk. The Roman soldiers can be a bit intense and you’ll probably leave in tears feeling like you’ve gone back in time…but it’s pretty amazing.

  7. Thanks for the great ideas ladies . . and for this post, Jenn! . . . The only ones I have that are not mentioned already are : pick out a christmas carol each day and dance around like crazy and sing (we usually play it at least 5 times per the kids request) – then pick a slower one when we are exhausted and snuggle up by the Christmas tree. Also, we got one of those Fisher Price Nativity sets (you have to buy the shepherds seprately – but it comes with the wisemen . . hmmm) online a couple of years ago and it is great for reenacting the story.