Adventures in Poop Land

So I have had 2 posts milling about in my mind the past couple weeks, one about a recently read book, another about some thoughts on sanctification, a topic i’m trying to study and get notes together to help with children’s church curriculum….and i have yet to carve out time to sit and make those thoughts coherent enough to type out into cyberspace. So between not taking the time for that and my brain being over-run with silly things such as figuring out the best strategy for this whole cloth diapering thing (switched over a few weeks ago, no more rashes since the switcheroo) and wondering what it would be like to own my own milking goat (i have a nice list of pros and cons running, and it’s not like this would ever actually happen so why am i wasting brain power on it??)….i doubt i’ll ever get around to posting anything of real significance here… just thought you might like to know. but then again, you never know. we’ll just have to wait and see.

in other news jen tucker called the other day asking me to sing a song to her that i wrote back in the day in the ‘boro… reasonable request i suppose (she wanted to sing it to her husband but forgot the tune)…and i froze. it’s been some time since i’ve sung out loud with the intention of others listening. how weird that i’m weird about that. she doesn’t care if it sounds good or not, she just wanted the melody so she could pass it on. insecure/self absorbed much? so i called today and sang it for her on her voicemail. on that same vein (or vain really..) i started practicing my flute outside so asher could play in the yard and i could have something productive to do while he’s playing. i find myself not practicing stuff i can’t play b/c my neighbors are listening. Seriously, they’re probably not even home. Geez.

one last short story, ‘day in the life’ style. After lunch i came downstairs with Asher Pants (new nickname) to play a little “soccer” with him, and had to change his diaper. so i went ahead and got him cleaned up, then left him bare-butt for a minute while i ran upstairs to get a clean diaper (seriously takes less than 1min). As i neared the stairs to come back down i heard him say, “uh-oh” and saw him backed up to the couch staring at the floor. As i came down the stairs he looked up at me and then at the floor again and said, “poo-poo”. Ah yes, Asher the incredible poop machine….naked on my (off)white carpet. uh-oh indeed. it’s all cleaned up and fine, so no worries. but the sad part of this story is that i found it cute…. not cute during the cleaning part, but the discovery was cute. My how things change.

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