Adventures In Reading to My Kids

The kids and I do a lot of reading around here. I’d like to say it’s because we’re all such deep intellectuals, but it’s probably mostly due to the fact that I can sit on my bum & not have to play imaginary games with them. Yep, I read ’cause I’m lazy. And I love books. And I want my kids to love books.  That makes laziness ok right?

Asher has been willing to sit through a book since he was…well I can hardly remember him NOT sitting through one… in fact, when I was pregnant with Grace & REALLY not wanting to run around playing dinosaurs or trash truck (that was his first imaginary game…trash truck), we would literally sit & read books for hours.

Then of course Grace threw me for a loop & wouldn’t sit for a book until she was 2…in fact it wasn’t until we moved here & Asher picked up a “Dora the Explorer” book at the library for her (he literally chose it for her…all together now, “awwww…”) that she sat still for an entire book without pretty much being forced to. As much as I’m not a fan of books spun off from TV shows or lame disney movies (i’m hard on disney aren’t i? I’m sorry disney…), i am grateful to those 3 Dora books we then proceeded to check out. Ever since then she seems to be sucked into the book vortex. In fact the two of them would ASK me to read a rather lengthy version of “The Nutcracker” the past month, and sit attentive the whole way through. I even had trouble with that one.

Anyhow, since I would like to encourage them to enjoy books & also introduce them to “really good” books….ok, that’s all a sham too….i do this because it alleviates fights & allows me to read at least ONE book that I WANT to read. heh. What I do is before naptime every day we have “story time” & we each choose one book (if i’m in a particularly generous mood or if grace chooses a baby board book with no words, i will allow Asher (or myself) to choose 2). I have had to set rules, like “Asher, no dinosaur encyclopedias” (or “Only 1 page of the dinosaur encyclopedia”) or the newest, “Grace, no baby board books with no words please”…. but generally I read whatever they give me. Even if it means I have to read an annoying Pooh Bear book 4 days in a row (thank-you Grace).

Lately MY favorites have been, “The Mysterious Giant of Barletta” (super fun to read with an italian accent…i can’t do an italian accent, but the kids don’t seem to have noticed. I would LOVE to buy this & then make my parents italian neighbor read it for us) and “Hotel Deep. Light Verse From Dark Water“. I have decided that Tomie dePaola is one of my favorite children’s book authors. His stories are just very….enchanting. I’ve never read anything else by the second author, but here’s my favorite line from “Hotel Deep” :

The angulated wentletrap, in alabaster white, is one of many enemies to any sea anemone. If it sees anemones, it always takes a bite. (Anemones regenerate, so everything’s all right.)

Doesn’t that just slide off the tounge like smooth chocolate? (ok, so I’m a reader, not a writer.)  I’m a sucker for poetry books…I just LOVE to read them outloud.  My kids are kind enough to humor me, even if Asher does ask, “Mom, why do you always choose the Ocean book?”.  Heh…..Because we each get to choose one & if I have to read that darn pooh book one more time, I want to read my pretty ocean poetry book too!

2 thoughts on “Adventures In Reading to My Kids

  1. We LOVE reading Tomie books with an Italian accent. My grandfather’s whole side of the family came over here from Italy…so we know the accent well. It’s like going home again! :o) Unfortunately, my kids have trouble understanding him on the phone. I’ve gotten used to it over the years, but it does take some intense listening to figure out what he’s saying. :o)

  2. Jenna always enjoyed being read to by certain people. I was not one of those people she would sit and let me read to her on rare occasions. I have always had trouble with reading and still do even with some kids books so I guess I don’t always make it fun. Halei didn’t like sitting to read until she was 3 or 4, and Kat has always liked to sit and read as long as it is a book that keeps her interest. She has been copying what I read a lot more lately and can actually tell you what happens in short books. I try to be sure we have reading time everynight especially since it’s required for the girls. Sometimes I forget, or get busy doing other things though.