Am I Found

I’ve been thinking about baptism again lately (no, i have no deep understanding or insight into the subject) & emailing with a friend on the subject. This exchange reminded me of a conversation I had with Asher a couple weeks ago.

i was driving w/asher & grace & he wanted to sing amazing grace. when we sing this he often asks, “what are we lost from momma?”. so we talk about how sin separates us from God ect. this particular instance he focused more why sin separates us & on being “found”.

are you found momma?”

“yes, i am”.


am I found momma?”

So then we talked about what it meant to be “found”….that we Love God & Jesus and that we want Jesus to be in charge of us. He said in that case that he is apparently ‘found’.

along the line of covenant children thinking i’ve thought (thus far, no idea if i’m right) that, well, who are we to judge whether or not our children are really saved? and further, are we to teach them to doubt their salvation/connection to the holy spirit (in light of some not being willing to baptize young children)? i tend to take the opposite approach in that, i don’t expect my children to have a moment of conversion. i will treat them as christians unless/until they prove otherwise. i think in our culture we tend to emphasize the “moment”, thus making it awkward for kids who grew up in strong christian households when it’s time for our “testimonies”. but for everyone it’s a process. even those of us who have an actual date & time that we prayed a prayer (which many adults don’t even have, they just know that somewhere along the line they realized they believed in & loved Christ)…. so perhaps that was his “moment”…or maybe it was just when he recognized where he already stood…or maybe he had no idea what he was talking about and thinks Grace is just an amazing sister. Regardless, it was a precious little conversation.

2 thoughts on “Am I Found

  1. hmm — Interesting — I am definitely seeing what you are saying here. As a product of a Christian home I can say that the building up on the conversion “moment” in Christian circles has been a struggle for me. I think I used to have testimony envy. I did have a conversion”moment” when I was 6 — as in prayed the prayer – but it seemed insignificant to me later in that it was not dramatic.
    However, I have had many conversion moments since then (not meaning praying the prayer) as God has molded and changed me through different struggles, situations, mentoring relationships etc. It seems that the pray the prayer “moment” is significant for some and for others the big moment may be a point in life where that reality starts making a big change in their decisions — where they convert to the mission of Christ and to the importance of bringing it to others etc.
    I say all that to lead up to raising our children — We pray that they will never know a day when they didn’t know Jesus as their Lord.
    However, I also worry about them becoming spiritually dull because that is all they have ever known — or that it won’t mean enough to them if they haven’t had a dramatic conversion. ( I know its sounds crazy — and it is) I have to trust that God promises to guide them and that he will not let them stay dull for long and that if they truly know Jesus as Lord He will work in and through them.
    I guess the best we can do for our kids is pray for them — since they are ultimately not ours — which is what I have to keep telling myself daily because I often don’t act like I believe that. :)