Animal Sacrifices & Lots of brothers

I have a couple “Asher stories” that I have been sitting on for awhile:

1) The other night asher was looking out our living room window at some houses across the street with christmas lights. He asked some questions about them & i answered them. This brought us to the idea of celebrating Jesus’ birthday. “Jesus doesn’t have a birthday!”…I explained that yes, Jesus does have a birthday because he was born & lived on earth for awhile. Gave me a “processing, please wait” look. Then the following:

Asher: But Jesus is in heaven
Me: Yes, Jesus is in heaven
Asher: Momma, did Jesus die?
Me: Yes, he died on the cross, but then God made him come back to life & then he…um..well, floated up to Heaven, alive
Asher: Oh, yeah. And now, we don’t have to have animal sacrifices anymore!!
Me: um..well…yes…that is true

Indeed. I don’t think i grasped the connection on that one till I was in my mid-twenties. I knew he died for my sins, but the fact that His sacrifice was replacing the previous animal system…i didn’t get it for some reason. Not that I think he fully understands…but still..

2) One afternoon he was telling me about how one family we know has 3 kids and that we have 2 kids. I asked him if we should have more kids. He said yes. I asked how many. He said 5. “You want 5 more brothers & sisters??” his answer? “no, just brothers. I only need ONE sister.”

3 thoughts on “Animal Sacrifices & Lots of brothers

  1. I love your stories about your kids. (And I love the breaks your blog gives me from working on my thesis…)

    Asher sounds like my brothers. They actually had a song before I was born:
    A whole bunch of brothers,
    A whole bunch of brothers,
    No girls allowed!

    At least he’s willing to allow Grace in the family =)

  2. this is why i love asher,
    and why his mind really is a mystery to me…

    its insane how much children can understand and process if you give them the opportunity to by talking to them- even about things you think they wouldnt understand- we just dont give kids a chance!